Monsanto Funded Pro-GMO Group Launches New Website to Promote Poison In Response to GMO Backlash

monsanto-GMO-cornChristina Sarich, Staff
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As protests against Monsanto and other biotech giants mount, we can be sure they will fight back with the resiliency of deep pockets.

Ready to rebuff any scientific evidence that has proven GMOs are deadly toxic, harm the environment, and tarnish the world food supply, a group of biotech giants have launched an online forum to stand up against activists who are making the evil face of GMO famous. The website is backed by US biotech bullies: Monsanto, DuPont and Dow AgroSciences, according to Reuters.

Supposedly, the website, aims at ‘answering your questions about GMOs no matter what they are’ and to ‘open the lines of communication and offer more transparency,’ but with the GMO giants and biotech companies, this has not been their track record. More likely, this is an attempt to respond to the overwhelming backlash in the US and elsewhere to GMOs, and specifically the requests to label this poison food.

Boycotts of known GMO-producing food companies are becoming rampant. As tighter regulations are being considered in the US, and implemented in countries like India and throughout Europe, Monsanto, Dow, and DuPont are probably nervously wondering if their evil plans to destroy the world with GMO will be fumbled to the point of extinction.Some very intelligent questions being posted on the forum still have not been answered. For example, someone from Newton, Pennsylvania with a screen name of Sorgfelt posted a question on the site inquiring if he could trust the research done on GMOs since much of it is funded by the Missouri-based company. He wrote, ”from practical experience [I have learned] that, in order to get a job with Monsanto, or do any research that is supported by Monsanto, or even to publish research on Monsanto seeds, that all of my work would have to be approved by Monsanto. This makes it very difficult to have legitimate third party research to rely on.”

  • The President of DuPont, Paul Schickler told Reuters, “This is an effort to increase dialogue.That is all we want.” This is an interesting claim since the biotech industries have spent millions on lobbying and marketing against GMO labeling campaigns. Just last year, Monsanto and other industry members spent $40 million to defeat a ballot initiative in California to require labeling of GMO foods.

    Are the biotech giants trying to combat the growing sentiment against their number one product – one that rakes in billions for them, while poisoning people, the soil, and bees, or do they really want to express the truth about GMOs? The executive Director of Food & Water Watch, Wenonah Hunter, wonders with the rest of us – why not just label the foods that are made with GMO – that would be transparent.

    Monsanto recently had to withdraw bids to grow more GMO seed crops in Europe since Italy, France and Germany said ‘no’ to the GMO giant. India has refused Monsanto’s recent patent requests and more grassroots efforts to oust GMO from our food supply are growing daily.

    A spokesperson from Monsanto says they will only offer the seeds to the countries who want them: “We’re going to sell the GM seeds only where they enjoy broad farmer support, broad political support and a functioning regulatory system.”

    As protests against Monsanto and other biotech giants mount, we can be sure they will fight back with the resiliency of deep pockets. It behooves us to keep our activism going, so that propaganda does not win out over reason.

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