“Monopolies Are Wrong” – Elon Musk Declares It’s “Time To Break Up Amazon”

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
Waking Times

A couple of weeks after telling his followers to “take the red pill”, Elon Musk is throwing his support behind a former NYT reporter whose new book about the coronavirus outbreak has just been ‘censored’ by Amazon.

Musk, who just the other day declared that he would be “taking a little break from twitter”, replied to a tweet from Berenson with a screenshot of an email he had just received from Amazon, claiming it wouldn’t carry his book about COVID-19.

  • “This is insane,” Musk replied, tagging his fellow tech CEO, Jeff Bezos.

    Musk followed that up with a tweet declaring it’s “time to break up Amazon. Monopolies are wrong!”

    Berenson is perhaps best known for his book “Tell Your Children” which told what he described as “uncomfortable truths” about the impact of today’s super-potent medical marijuana can have on the brains of developing children who have a natural disposition toward mental illness. Though we disagree with his claim that marijuana legalization is wrong, we acknowledge that the research and his basic argument,  namely, that research which suggests there are drawbacks to marijuana consumption (ie that it’s not “harmless medicine”) is deliberately suppressed by the media.

    His new book purports to offer evidence that lockdowns were a strategic mistake, just one day after the architect of Sweden’s strategy claimed it led to too many deaths (though, to be sure, he didn’t offer a ringing endorsement for extended strict lockdowns either).

    We imagine President Trump will be elated by Musk’s tweet, as he welcomes America’s most famous CEO to the GOP fold.

    It’s nice to see Musk talking down the shares of one of his rivals for once, instead of complaining about Tesla’s overvalued stock price.

  • By Tyler Durden / Republished with permission / Zero Hedge

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