Mind Control or Controlling Your Mind – Which Do You Choose?

Makia Freeman, Contributor
Waking Times

Controlling your mind is key as we head deeper into the 21st century. The mind is the new frontier – and from a military standpoint the new battleground – as governmental-military-corporate organizations become enmeshed with each other to push the same AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven agenda of a NWO (New World Order). Research is feverishly underway with the aim of completely understanding and decoding the brain, with the idea that such an understanding will lead to many ‘useful’ benefits (but not for the average person), such as governments being better able to control their citizens without threats or force, and military forces being better able to defeat their enemies without firing a single shot. Do you realize you and your mind are being targeted? And, on the other hand, do you realize you can harness the power of your mind to achieve your potential, including lifting yourself out or poverty, creating deep and strong relationships, and fulfilling your dreams?

  • Broad Mind Control

    Mind control is a term with broad and specific meanings. In the broad sense, it refers to the widespread propaganda and programming (mostly doled out by the MSM [Mainstream Media]) that aims to brainwash people by limiting their perception of Who They Are and what reality is. The idea of this broad mind control is always to manipulate and disempower the individual, so that his/her attitudes and behavior come into alignment with what the Controllers want. It is said that Americans are the most propagandized people on Earth.

    Specific Mind Control

    In the narrow or specific sense, mind control refers to the projects started by the Nazis and continued by the CIA that sought to influence and control people’s minds to the point where they would become programmable robots, rendering themselves with docility into the hands of their manipulators. This would include doing whatever they were told and in some cases not even remembering it, because the programming involved splitting up the person’s mind into different ‘altars’ or personalities which were tightly compartmentalized in their brains. Each altar had no idea of the existence or actions of the other altars. A handler would then use certain triggers to activate a particular altar and bring it to the front, in order to get the mind-controlled victim to perform certain actions. In this way, mind-controlled assassins were created and used in major political assassinations, such as with Robert Kennedy and the dazed and confused Sirhan Sirhan. Mind-controlled sex slaves (e.g. Cathy O’Brien, Brice Taylor, Arizona Wilder, Cisco Wheeler, Svali, Kathy Collins and many more) have also been a common theme. The CIA’s notorious MK Ultra began in 1953. It is stated that it was shut down in 1973. When it was later declassified, the public learnt there were an incredible 149 sub-projects!

    Advanced Overt Mind Control: Neuralink, BMIs, Nanochips, Neuro-enhancement

    If you think the CIA, the government and other military agencies had a change of heart and suddenly stopped their mind control research, think again. Mind control continues today and has become even more advanced. Big Tech corporations like Google (Alphabet) and Facebook, which are not really private companies but rather a fusion of government-military-intelligence money/direction with corporate execution, are investing millions of dollars into developing technologies that can read your thoughts and devices which make a computer mouse and typing obsolete. They want to access your thoughts and make it so your brain is directly connected to a computer, to the internet and to AI (Artificial Intelligence). The USG under Obama launched the BRAIN initiative, estimated to cost $6 billion over a decade ($4.5 billion to the NIH alone). Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and founder of the Neuralink Corporation, is developing a device (like a neural lace) which he claims will basically read your mind. Dr. James Giordano (who worked at the DoD and DARPA) reveals all the areas the military is exploring – and it’s scary. In his own words, this includes stuff like neuroimaging, cyber-linked neurocog manipulation, directed energy devices, implantable BMIs (Brain-Machine Interfaces), nanoneurotechnologicals, nanochips and the neuro-enhancement of soldiers. Yes, he actually admitted the existence of directed energy devices – DEW was used on 9/11 and in other crimes such as the engineered fires in Paradise, California.

    Advanced Covert Mind Control: V2K, Dream Hacking, Forced Speech, Synthetic Telepathy, EEG Cloning/Heterodyning, Cybernetic Hive Mind

    These things are the admitted, overt brain research, and when it comes to exposing the conspiracy, there’s always one thing we are told and another thing that is actually happening. The covert brain research is even more shocking. Ex-CIA officer turned whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan, an engineer who built many of these systems, has for years exposed numerous covert current mind control techniques. He confesses that he worked on the V2K (Voice to Skull) ‘Voice of God’ weapon, which had 4 different techniques that can pipe voices into people’s heads. This was used in the Iraq War against the Iraqi soldiers (“Lay down your guns, this is Allah”). He reveals how dreams can be hacked and people can be made to speak (forced speech). He also exposes how the following area are being researched and weaponized: remote mind reading, synthetic telepathy, cybernetic hive mind experimentation (multiple people sharing the same mental ‘space’), the existence and use of a technology for remotely ‘cloning’ or copying thoughts, emotions & other states (e.g. intense pain) onto a target (EEG cloning or EEG heterodyning). He also confirms that people can be targeted and tracked remotely via their energy signature or ‘brain print’.

  • About the Author

    Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com (FaceBook here), writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance. Makia is on MindsSteemit and FB.

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