Your Mind & Body Are Not Separate

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How often do we go about our days feeling things within our body and trying to figure them out yet never really find the answers? We might go to a doctor and explain what’s going on. We might say we have tightness in our shoulders, pain in our knees, constant stomach or abdomen issues or maybe pains in our feet. There’s no doubt that sometimes these things can truly be the result of something we did physically or something we might have eaten etc, but there is also a lot to say about our state of mind and our emotions and how this translates in our physicality.

We are energy beings, this isn’t some new-age spiritual concept. Our body has electricity that runs through it and it flows based on the cleanliness of the paths in which it travels. This is the premise behind meridian points or acupuncture points made popular in Chinese medicine. So if we are energy and we need our energy to be flowing well throughout our body to stay healthy, is it possible for us to have blockages? Can experiences we have create dormant or ‘stuck’ energy within the body?

The illustration below is a general depiction of how energy, experiences, emotions or beliefs we have can get energetically stored within the body. As “out there” as this may seem to some of us, it’s really a simple concept when you begin to understand the fact that our thoughts, body, emotions and feelings are all energy related. And yes, allow me to be the first to say that not every single disease or ailment is going to be directly related to some emotional distress, however it’s always a chance or experience for us to take a look at what might be playing out. After all, what’s the harm in exploring your emotions and getting to the bottom of how you might feel about something?

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    Next time you have a pain somewhere, notice tight shoulders etc. Take a moment and see if any of these can trigger some internal reflection. Of course, you can always go to a practitioner to find out what might be going on physically as well, but I believe the emotional and spiritual side of our health is just as important as the physical, it’s just been greatly avoided as we tend to set aside personal development for the quick fix.

    Keep reflection simple, you can ask your self questions about what you might be feeling in that area. The first step is to rid the doubt you might have about getting to the bottom of the feeling and the next important step is being open and honest with yourself. You can also have someone be a sounding board for you if it’s easier that way. Again, it is important to be open and honest with this. When you start to figure out what you might be feeling in those areas, question how it got there, why you might feel that way and ultimately accept it for what it is. After you accept the feeling, know that it’s all been an experience and now there’s a chance for you to move beyond it.

    Once you are aware of how you are feeling, you’ve already taken a big step. The issue will not have the same power and you can now choose how you feel about whatever was creating the blockage. At the end of the day, the body can be a great tool in showing you what you might be holding onto emotionally, energetically and spiritually. With an open mind, personal honesty and reflection, you have the tools to get to the bottom of your issue and leave it behind for good.

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