The Microcosmic Orbit – Taoist Secret of Higher Consciousness

Dylan Charles, Editor
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The human body is endowed with spiritual anatomy, using energy to support life and consciousness. As a microcosm of the universe, the energetic circulatory system of the body mirrors the patterns we find in the cosmos, flowing in orbital patterns along channels often referred to as meridians.

As planets move in orbit around stars, so too electrons orbit the nuclei of atoms, creating bio-electricity, forming the matter which makes up our bodies. We are electric beings, and when our circuitry is operating efficiently, our personal energy, health and wellness increase exponentially.

  • Material science is catching up to this understanding, acknowledging practices like acupuncture as effective methods of addressing health concerns. However, while we hold out for a concrete explanation of our bio-circuitry, we can draw on centuries of work done by the esoteric scientists who’ve developed a broad range of systems of meditations and physical exercises to cultivate, strengthen and refine one’s chi, or life force energy. Most notably with the practices of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kundalini Yoga, and energetic meditations, which focus on the development of chi and pranic energy.

    “But what is this “chi”, and where does it come from? The chi is the primordial life force itself. It begins in human life with the piercing of an egg by a sperm cell. From this original fusion an enormously complex new human being develops. “Chi” is the continuous flow of energy linking the various tissues, organs and brain functions into a unified whole — a person. Chi also links this person to his environment.” ~Mantak Chia

    Living heir of ancient Taoist philosophy, author, teacher and healer Mantak Chia works with a unique system he calls Universal Healing Tao. Included in this comprehensive approach to wellness is a specific practice for opening the Microcosmic Orbit within the energy body, offering dedicated practitioners an easy and profound way to directly experience the movement of chi in the body.

    “‘Opening the routes’ means clearing all obstructions that impede the flow of chi energy in their natural paths. Most obstructions take the form of physical, mental, or emotional tension.” ~Mantak Chia

    The Microcosmic Orbit is a concept familiar to many energetic practices, especially Qi Gong, and many exercises can be found to develop this particular aspect of the energy body, however, Chia’s method, as explained in his book, Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao: The Taoist Secret of Circulating Internal Poweris particularly accessible to beginners and those looking to explore chi development for the first time.

    Essentially, the practice is a self-guided meditation focusing on the two main routes of chi energy in the body, the ‘Functional’ vessel, which runs from the the base of the torso near the perineum flowing upward across the major organs and glandular systems of the body to the throat. The ‘Governor’ vessel begins also at the perineum, and “flows from the perineum upwards into the tailbone and then up through the spine into the brain, and back down to the roof of the mouth.”

    Comparing the planetary orbits of the celestial bodies in our universe to the energetic system of the body, Chia explains how this meditative practice opens up the primary body’s primary bio-electrical route, allowing an orbital flow of energy to move effortlessly through and around all the major vital organs of the body.

    Here, Chia compares the energy meridians to the electrical wiring of a house:

    “The two main energy channels of the body can be compared to the main wiring of a house. Imagine a trunk line which brings power from outside into the building’s service panel. This panel contains the circuit breakers that protect the inside wiring from short circuits and overloads. It also has the switches that control the current to all the rooms inside the house. This inside wiring is like the “six special power routes” in the body used in higher levels of Taoist meditation that branch off from the Microcosmic Orbit. In higher levels there are additional “wires” for especially heavy loads of energy that might surge into the system — the “thrusting route” in the middle of the body is one such wire. Once your house, like your body, is properly wired and all the safety precautions have been made, it is ready to connect to the main utility company trunk line for power. You are ready to receive the power that comes from above and from beneath you without harm.” ~Mantak Chia

    Final Thoughts

    Anyone has the capacity to increase their personal energy, develop their chi, and directly experience the profound effects of practices such as this one. The benefits for those who diligently cultivate chi are numerous, including peace of mind, higher awareness, emotional balance, more radiant health, better sleep, stronger immunity, increased psychic and intuitive powers, and most importantly, an increased capacity to heal.

    For more further explanation of this subject, as discussed by Mantak Chia himself, take a look at the following presentation.


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