Mayan Prophecy and Our Shift in Consciousness

Barbara Lynn-Freed, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

According to the Maya, the December 21, 2012 Sunrise marks the first time in 26,000 years that our Sun, on its ecliptic path, will be in conjunction with the intersection of the Milky Way at the Galactic Center. This alignment forms a cosmic cross, and is considered by the Maya to be an embodiment of the Tree of Life, a sacred tree that is remembered globally in all spiritual traditions.

The Maya also say that this alignment opens a portal that allows cosmic energies to flow through the earth, purifying her and all her inhabitants, and raising everything to a higher vibration. The Maya call this the beginning of the Fifth Sun or the next World Age. They say that this Fifth Sun will be dominated by the influx of Stellar energies, the element of Ether, and changes in the fabric of time.

  • However, like in all astrological phenomena, things don’t just happen, there is always a period of transition before and after an occurrence. And in this case the lead-time has been building for approximately 25 years and creating a subtle, though powerful, shift in our consciousness and vibration.

    There have been many Planetary Configurations during those 25 years that have helped this shift to develop. However, since this article is limited in scope, I have selected a few that are either occurring now or will be occurring in the near future, which may help you to understand what’s going on.

    The New and Full Moons are extremely important, as they give us a huge download of Stellar energy every month that helps initiate us into this shift. In the last few months, their themes have worked with releasing duality and our old emotional patterns, while helping us to move forward by offering new perceptions of reality.

    In February 2012, Neptune moved into Pisces (the sign that it rules) and will be there for the next fourteen years. From this we should expect to see the advancement of spiritual awareness, providing more peace in the world, along with many of us developing clairvoyant faculties.

    Although Pluto/Uranus remain square to each other until 2015, this year they formed two exact squares on June 24th and September 19th. Squares denote tension and challenge, and this configuration is bringing up our core issues to be healed. Pluto is the planet that tears everything down first, and then builds something new from its ashes of destruction. Uranus is a planet that needs unbridled freedom to initiate the new.

    Together, Pluto and Uranus are associated with cultural upheaval and change. It’s a time to know how you want to transform your life to move forward. The main message here is go with the flow and don’t get caught in the undertow. In this way we can ride the wave instead of feeling submerged in fear or resistance.

    An Extremely Rare Mutual Reception between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn forms when Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5th and continues until Christmas Eve 2014. A Mutual Reception means that two planets are in each other’s ruling signs, which indicates challenge that must be overcome before success is accomplished.

    The challenge denoted here focuses on power struggles between people and government to gain authority, and further unrest in the global economy. However, once these energies are balanced, there is the promise of reorganization of financial structures and government that serves humanity instead of serving itself.

    And finally on Winter Solstice 2012 we have an astrological configuration called a Yod, or sometimes named “The Finger of God or Destiny.” A Yod is comprised of two quincunxes (difficult & awkward aspects) and a sextile (easy flowing aspect), however in a Yod, the difficulties of the quincunxes are transformed into something special. In this case, the Exact configuration of Dec. 21st, 2012 has Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn and Saturn at 9 degrees Scorpio sextile to each other, while both are quincunx to Jupiter at 9 degrees Gemini. Jupiter is the Apex planet or focal point for these energies.

    Generally speaking, a Yod entails a choice of two roads, yet not knowing where either one will take you. Following instinct, we simply find ourselves veering off onto another path and changing the course of our lives. Although undefined, the new direction has actually been gathering strength for many years. And after activating the Yod, you soon realize that you have a hidden knowledge of how to proceed and be successful.

    So it looks like humanity will be able to act on transforming and restructuring its philosophy of life and move forward in a new direction.

    Coupled with the Pluto/Saturn mutual reception, the Yod of 2012’s Winter Solstice alludes to a time when we have the power to regenerate ourselves and the world from unrest and chaos through discipline and hard work, while we learn to look at situations realistically, release our fears and dogmatic attitudes, and move toward new opportunities. This reflects the Mayan prophecy of a time for awakening and moving into a higher state of consciousness.

    Although the Sun’s conjunction with our Galactic Center has been widely publicized, most do not know that the Mayan elders and day keepers also say that on the Winter Solstice 2012, our Sun will be in exact alignment with the Center of the Universe.

    Agreeing with the ancient Vedic seers, the Maya feel there exists a massive energetic network that travels throughout the universe and transforms every 13,000 years. Although, masculine Solar rays from our Sun, and feminine rays from our Galaxy’s Core are our primary connections to this network, we also receive neutral rays from the Universe via our Galaxy’s Center. According to the Maya, this is a time of transformation for this stellar network.

    These ideas are also supported by the decrease of both the Earth’s magnetic shielding and our Sun’s Solar Wind, an idea that is reflected in NASA’s 2008 report on the increase of “Space Weather” due to the instability of the Earth’s magnetic shield. NASA also states that the solar windshield that protects us from stellar radiation has been decreasing since the 1990’s.

    As a result of these phenomena NASA warned that we should expect much stronger geomagnetic storms in the future.
    With the increase in Stellar Light coming to the Earth in the form of cosmic and galactic radiation, our planet’s vibrations are moving into a higher frequency, thus catalyzing an evolutionary shift with all life on Earth.

    So what are these evolutionary implications? With the element of Ether (Spirit) coming into focus during the Fifth Sun, there will be an upliftment of everyone’s energy, enabling us to transform darkness into Light.

    As this shift inevitably raises your consciousness, you will learn to live life, as Spirit, without separation between the two, become closer to nature, become sustainable in all facets of your life, and change your perceptions, allowing you to see the sacredness of all life.

    Releasing emotional conflict will also become a priority, as well as, taking full responsibility for all of our actions and non-actions. As we change, we will become more Heart Centered, learn from a place of joy, release the drama from our life experience, and feel unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and humanity.

    And we will also sense a dimensional shift of time and space. Although material form will still persist, our rigid belief system of linear time will be transformed to living in the present moment. Here, our conditional perceptions, judgments and reactions will shift to a more enlightened approach, by becoming an observer of life, instead of being emotionally attached to our dramas with people, situations and events.

    We will achieve a sense of ease, wondrous possibility and positive thinking. As our higher consciousness develops we will also choose to respond to our environment, instead of reacting to it.

    By allowing the new Light frequencies of this shift in consciousness to clear away your old emotional debris and thought patterns, you will be transformed into a new State of Being that will magnetize people, opportunities and circumstances that mirror your new perceptions.

    About the Author

    Barbara-Lynn Freed is the Founder and Facilitator of the Center for Transformational Studies where she helps people heal their core issues through her twenty-year old spiritual healing practice called Awakening the Heart!, and her Transformational Astrology readings, that focus on your Karmic challenges, evolutionary goals and your life’s true purpose. She also helps shamanic students connect with the spirits of nature through her three-year, cross-cultural, shamanic apprenticeship, called Resurrecting the Old Ways: Walking the Land & Honoring the Spirits in Right Relationship. Please visit her website for more information at

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