Maya Wisdom and De-Bunking 2012 Doomsday Scenarios

David Lowe
Waking Times

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Don’t believe everything you read. One of the most transformative experiences I have discovered to relieve the so called “catastrophobia” of imminent doom and gloom that has been falsely associated with the Mayan End Date, is a video of an interview conducted by Carl Johan Calleman, a scholar on Mayan time science, of Don Alejandro Oxlaj, international representative of the Guatemalan Mayan Council of Elders. The various misinterpretations of the meaning of the calendar of the Maya are many and varied, but this interview, available on YouTube, is a perfect summary of the real meaning of the end date once the media distortions have been stripped away and we are left with a core of truth from a Mayan indigenous elder.

Simply put, he describes that as the current chronology comes to an end, a new cycle comes into effect and in refreshingly simple terms goes on to explain how the world will be at peace. The first thing he states in the interview is an emphatic “Do not be afraid”, and explains that all the end date is meant to represent is analogous to a “changing of the seasons” where one cycle ends and another begins.

But what has happened to this simple message that the Maya left us? Why are people flying around in a frenzy about a “seasonal” change. Well, some of the interpretations, such as Calleman’s analysis of the Transformation of Consciousness, are consonant with what the Maya believed: A coming Golden Age where our suffering would be put behind us and we would coexist harmoniously with the Earth (which incidentally is a worldview common to all Native American Indian tribes). This describes how the Mayan Calendar essentially provides a framework, or “roadmap” for all evolution, and in the most recent cycles the evolution of our consciousness, with the ultimate culmination at the end date of in the “Long Count Calendar”, of a state of unity consciousness in the new age, or “Sixth Sun of Maya”.

However, other interpretations could not be further from the truth of what the originators of the calendar intended. Amongst the worst are the preset doomsday scenarios dreamt up by over-imaginative Hollywood producers, hysterical fire-and-brimstone New-Agers and religious fanatics. Some of these institutions, or the people operating in the background, are hell-bent on fear-mongering humanity into a state of myopia and compliance with many new freedom-busting regulations, but, ultimately their scare tactics have no foundation and there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest any truth in this interpretation. There is nothing in any of the sacred Mayan temple-cities, or in any of their sacred literature (for example the Dresden Codex or Popul Vuh) that bears any mention of a preset doomsday at the end of their calendar.

  • Furthermore, a significant point that further debunks the 2012-doomsday scenario, is the latest interpretation of the Mayan chronology, suggesting that the Gregorian calendar equivalent of the end date is in fact Oct 28, 2011, meaning that the turning point has already occurred and we are on our way to sculpting a world of unity and peace.

    I would also like to clarify what I mean by the term “unity”. Unity as a way of life and relating to others is distinct from centralization and uniformity, where all diversity and self-identity has been stamped out in favor of faceless conformity. Unity, by contrast, describes a situation where our inherent “oneness” is actually recognized in the diversity that exists, and people (or nations) of a diverse background can relate to each other because they recognize that they are all part of the same continuum of pure consciousness.

    I would like now to discuss what a future of unity consciousness may look like in detail, as a projection of the Mayan cyclical chronology.

    Generally, I would suggest that following a model of indigenous peoples across the world, especially the Native American groups, would not only lead to a world in balance, but is actually the ONLY way that humanity can be sustainable. The example set by Native Americans of how to interact with the earth can, I believe, be applied on a larger scale and made to integrate into modern society, in a way that keeps our infrastructure thriving while also being sustainable.

    Firstly, I believe that all institutions characterized by hierarchies of control will break down, and be replaced by a system resembling a “true democracy”, or even a divinely guided anarchy. Although the word “anarchy” sometimes invokes militant or chaotic implications, by its use here I merely intend to express a lack of central governance, and a societal co-operation, in which laws are created to serve the greater good and the system of common law (or law of the land) is favored over statute law (or maritime law). Statute law, the system of infinitely changeable legalese to be comprehended purely by those steeped in law terminology, is a much more recent distortion of the system of common law. Common law traces back to the days of our tribal ancestors and were laws set in stone and unchangeable – the law of the land – which is logical since these laws were basically common sense laws.

  • Secondly, all Native Americans are by tradition born into a “Sacred Contract” with nature, or with their Mother Earth and Father Sun, where it is stated “Do not take from the Earth more than you can give back to her, and do not live with more than you can carry on your back”. The trouble is, the modern lifestyle leads the individual to complacency in their ignorance of the destructive influence their daily activities. This applies to a lesser extent to the individual and more to the network of corporate entities that the “western” nations have become, and the people behind them fueling the avaricious extraction of natural resources all in the name of the fool’s gold known as “economic growth”. As another Indian saying goes “When the last tree dies, we will realize that we cannot eat money”! Therefore, mass awareness of this “sacred contract” with nature can only lead to a vast transformation in attitudes to the extent that corporate greed will be a thing of the past. In line with Mayan Calendar prophecy, the perspective of the individual with regard to his or her role as a resident of Planet Earth will transform from the Conqueror, the Pacifier or the Exploiter, to the Child of Mother Earth, the Steward, and the Protector.

    Lastly, and on the most speculative note, I believe we are entering the era of Conscious Co-Creation. This essentially means that up until the end of the Mayan Calendar, whichever Gregorian date is ascribed to this, humans have been for the most part puppets of a divine plan, and have had the freedom to create only within the framework set by the structured evolution described by the calendar. When it ends, however, we have free reign to create as we wish with no restrictions as we never have before. Cutting edge research into the nature and potency of human consciousness has shown, through extensive experimentation, that our consciousness, or mental activity, affects both physical systems and social trends. The Global Consciousness Project, instigated by Princeton University, is one example. Another is the Maharishi Effect, named after Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the initiator of the TM (Transcendental Meditation) movement. Others include the worldwide “Intention Experiment” designed by Lynne McTaggart, studying the effect of directed intention on specific subjects.

    Without going into the specifics of the experiments, there is only space in this article to state the common finding within all of them. This is simply that coherence of consciousness (or thought) within a group of people, where the intention is common to all participants, will have a much greater effect than conflicting consciousness within the group. So the effect of a prayer, or a mass-directed intention will be greater the larger number of participants. This is not an argument for the effect of prayer in the sense of invoking a higher power to accomplish a goal, but rather an argument for our own coherence in intention setting, where everyone is agreed on the best method to improve a situation, and what the new situation should consist of. Such a process would necessarily require a cohesiveness of thought rather than a clash of interest and hence the process itself would inevitably bring people together. But also, through a process of synchronised group meditations on specific goals, a better world can be created piece by piece. I am not suggesting that these goals will manifest automatically without any proactive input, but once a “tipping point” has been achieved where enough people are agreed on the intention to be set, the physical action to accomplish it will follow naturally.

    A mass-awakening is occurring. It is inevitable. Creation is now in our hands.

    Here is the link to the interview featuring Don Alejandro Oxlaj.

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