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“The true destiny of man is to realize the truth of the divinity of one’s source and creator which is ever present within that which has been created and is the creator of the Self.” – Dr. David R. Hawkins

Mysticism is as old as reported history. Various cultures and value systems have experience with their own religious mystics. Many vary on their concept of religion, but most share a common approach towards knowledge. Wikipedia provides the following attribute of mysticism as “the knowledge of, and especially the personal experience of, states of consciousness, or levels of being, or aspects of reality, beyond normal human perception, including experience of and even communion with a supreme being.”

One modern person renowned for a technical tracking method to gauge levels of consciousness is Dr. David R. Hawkins.

David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D. is author of “Power vs. Force”, “The Eye of the I”, “I” , “Truth vs. Falsehood” and “Transcending the Levels of Consciousness” by Veritas Publishing. He is Director of The Institute for Advanced Theoretical and Spiritual Research. He is a life member of the American Psychiatric Association and had 50 years clinical experience and his research is outlined in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World. He has been knighted and honored in the East with the title “Tae Ryoung Sun Kak Tosa” (Foremost Teacher of the Way to Enlightenment).

  • Spiritual teachers introduce the seeker to Doctor David Hawkins’ method by which one can gauge truth (or consciousness): on a scale of 1 to 1000, where 1 is simply being alive and 1000 is an advanced state of enlightenment. An overview of the origins of kinesiology is available from this link.

    Two YouTube videos attempt to advance an understanding of the Hawkins teachings. Dr David R Hawkins – A Key To Making Love Unconditional (Transcending The Consciousness Level) and Dr David R Hawkins Karma and Soul’s Destiny & Lord Byron’s Poem acquaints the viewer into the realm of conscious mysticism.

    Dr David R Hawkins – A Key To Making Love Unconditional

    Dr David R Hawkins Karma and Soul’s Destiny & Lord Byron’s Poem

    Understanding the Levels of Consciousness explains the Hawkins system accordingly.

    Psychiatrist, consciousness researcher and mystic Dr. David R. Hawkins developed a “map” of the levels of human consciousness (also called the Scale of Consciousness) that uses a muscle-testing technique called Applied Kinesiology (AK) to document the nonlinear, spiritual realm. The research was scientifically-validated and published in Dr. Hawkins’ doctorate dissertation titled Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibrations of the Level of Human Consciousness, an elaborate discussion of the Scale of Consciousness and its significance as outlined in his groundbreaking book, Power vs. Force: The Anatomy of Consciousness (Veritas Publishing, 1995).

    Briefly, each level of consciousness (LOC) coincides with determinable human behaviors and perceptions about life and God. Each level represents a corresponding attractor field of varying strength that exists beyond our three-dimensional reality. There’s a critical point within each LOC from which its field gravitates (or entrains).

    The numbers on the scale represent logarithmic calibrations (measurable vibratory frequencies on a scale which increases to the tenth power) of the levels of human consciousness and its corresponding level of reality. The numbers themselves are arbitrary; the significance lies in the relationship of one number (or level) to another (e.g., Dr. Hawkins’ scale is from 1 to 1000; a similar scale could be devised from 1 to 10 where 2 is courage and 5 is love).

    The continues.

    Dr. Hawkins points out that the two greatest spiritual growth barriers seem to be at level 200 and 500. Two hundred, the level of courage, represents a profound shift from destructive and harmful behavior to life-promoting and integrous lifestyles; everything below 200 makes one go weak using kinesiology. Currently, approximately 78% of the world’s population is below this significant level. The destructive capacity of this majority would annihilate mankind without the counterbalancing effect of the 22% above 200. Because the scale of consciousness is logarithmic, each incremental point represents a giant leap in power. As such, one person calibrated at 600 counterbalances the negativity of 10 million people below 200.

    The second great barrier is level 500—Love. Love in this context is a way of being in the world—not an emotionality as most of us perceive it. According to Dr. Hawkins, the reason the level of love is so difficult to achieve is because our ego is so rooted in the physical domain as opposed to the spiritual domain, which emerges at 500. The 400s represent the level of reason, guided by the linear, mechanistic world of form (our modern society that includes advancements in medicine, science, government, etc). Interestingly, the top echelon of intellectual genius, including Einstein, Freud, Newton, Aristotle, etc., all calibrated around 499. The 500s represent a very difficult hurdle as only four percent of the world’s population calibrates in the 500s. This level denotes a shift from the linear, provable domain (classic physics or Newtonian physics) to the nonlinear, formless, spiritual realm.

  • It is important to understand that no level is better or worse than another. There are no opposites. The Map of the Levels of Consciousness represents a gradation of consciousness—degrees of the experience of Reality, the existence of God, and the level of lovingness that is present. The 500s (love) are not “better” than the 400s (reason); they simply represent another gradation (and a higher level of truth) on an infinitely growing scale.

    A less than flattering account of this approach provided in David Hawkins’ absolute calibration of truth, needs to be read in its entirety.

    1. Hawkins’ use of Applied Kinesiology’s (AK) muscle testing procedure is entirely misappropriated and an abuse of that diagnostic system.

    2. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest that muscle testing can be used in any way as a reliable truth detector, even by those proficient at it, despite Hawkins’ false claim that “peer reviewed” evidence (in the usual academic sense of the expression) exists.

    3. Hawkins presents some questionable academic qualifications and claims such as his PhD in Health and Human Services from a private unaccredited distance-learning university called Columbia Pacific University (CPU) which was closed by court order for failing to meet standards set for private universities.

    4. Hawkins misuses scientific terminology and concepts in his books and teachings, and in so doing demonstrates a lack of scientific and mathematical understanding.

    5. Hawkins dismisses those who criticize his theories with the ad hominem argument, stating that they calibrate below 200, the basic level of integrity, and so are not in a position to criticize him.

    6. Hawkins is politically right-wing.

    7. Hawkins is a cult leader and his organization is a cult.

    8. Hawkins can never have had a true mystical experience because any experience of oneness with the universe (which is what mysticism essentially is) could never result in the formulation of a system of philosophy or map of consciousness that rejects 80% of human beings on this planet as below basic integrity.

    The conclusion from The Emperor’s New Clothes states additional reservations on the method to quantify levels of consciousness.

    “The most damning are the first two which completely pull the rug out from under Hawkins’ whole philosophy by invalidating the muscle test as an objective truth detector, taking away Hawkins’ justification for absolutism. Without arm-pressing, Hawkins’ whole objective calibration theory crumbles to the dogma it actually is, as does the authority he has mustered by writing the highest calibrated book in history (and by implication being one of the highest calibrated beings of all time). Take away muscle testing and suddenly Hawkins stands before us as the naked Emperor he actually is — a right-wing, opinionated and contradictory New Age teacher trying in vain to objectively justify an assortment of personal dogmatic beliefs and opinions.”

    The next assessment from the Mystic Reality provides context and balance that helps to draw a valid assessment.

    “Historically The Mystic Reality or mystic consciousness, especially in western countries, has been highly misunderstood by general levels of consciousness in society. Instead of the mystic body being cared for and nurtured, often the mystic has been alienated, or worse, hunted and killed. This lens describes how to recognize the mystic reality, how to understand where mystics are coming from, what the Presence of God and the mystic aura, or “benediction” means, what the mystic reality is, how it is that “Self-Realized” mystics are different from typical society members, and how to nurture and care for them.”

    Comparing the mysticism from an Eastern perspective, like that of David R. Hawkins with Middle Ages religious figures such as Bernard of Clairvaux, Meister Eckhart, and Thomas á Kempis is problematic. The differences between Western and Eastern philosophy have built a wall of distrust and rejection of the other for centuries. Dr. David R. Hawkins draws praise from some unconventional searchers of truth. Although strict advocates of the scientific method may dismiss an attempt to gauge levels of consciousness, their misgiving about the validity of mysticism, warrants their own criticism.

    This short presentation of the Hawkins map of consciousness may inspire your own journey into a higher spirituality quest. The lack of a mystical connection is the scourge of modern society. Hawkins’ method may not appeal to you; however, closing the door to an elevated level of spiritual connection is a guaranteed path to an unfulfilled life.

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