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A couple of years ago I went to a health fair where I was giving a talk. In the corridor this woman came toward me and said:

– You are like me.
– Okay, what are we?
– We are the chosen ones , we’ve got a propeller in the brain inserted by the space people.
– No, I don’t think so. (I knew a band called the Propellerheads, though) and no, couldn’t find the vent-switch.

She continued:

– I can see you need love. I just have been to a clairvoyant, and she said I should say what’s on my mind, not restraining myself, and I should go to a propeller seminar with her and learn to manage it.

My weary eyes started to stray to the horizon.

– OK, what’s the going rate for propeller management seminars these days?
– $2800.
– OK.

To say it very nicely: She has no bloody propeller mounted in the brain.

On top of this encounter, I met: Shipwrecked star people, people from 20.D, overseen Buddhas and the cosmic consciousness expanded and what have we.

  • All sort of “Wal-Mart everything has to go” – Black Friday spiritual sell out.

    I met a group that thought everything is a projection.

    Why the heavens, did they take the trip to the fair when they thought they participated in a projection anyway, and why did they need so badly to sell their stuff that it became the cosmic quick fix for all illnesses, known and unknown to mankind!?

    It remained to be seen later that it was only when people were not in agreement or caught up in their washed-out Veda principle that everything was a projection. Their belief system was real enough.

    That’s not a hard Zenny-nut to crack, is it?

    Everything is an illusion, but at a whole other level, folks!

    We need to sober up spirituality!

    Got a better word for it: Heartfulness! Go with that…..It’s free.

    And a seminar in eating a salad in a Mindfulness way…..C’mon…we’re not that tasteless…..
    Got a better word for it: Heartfulness! Go with that…..It´s free.

    Just thought I would throw that in the bonfire too.

    So many in the Karaoke bar have replaced an old judgmental, punishing, guilt-fixed God with a judging law of karma. Smart trick. Karma doesn’t judge. It’s neutral. An impersonal mechanic.

    It’s not interested in propellers, how much you can debate theosophy, projections, and so on.

    It has no personal favors, since it’s impersonal, it’s more “take it or leave it”.

    And maybe you really don’t need to be pointing out to people that you are a highly developed spirit that’s really not supposed to be here if it wasn’t for the “fact” that some big Kahuna Mothership dropped you off due to a greater cosmic GPS mistake…nor that you have planetary or galactic consciousness…that´s a very false tune.

    Get sober… Feet on ground, head held high.

    On the other hand I can see the dangers of coming close to the spiritual neutral field and connecting with it.

    Not a pretty reality check, but they seldom are.

    Luckily most people find their legs again, and it’s my belief that they have legs because they are a smart device for walking, or did I miss out on the wings? Looked, but no, I don’t have ’em.

    I look forward to the day the “spiritual” world dares to plug in to reality. And actually wants to go out and create a favorable and sober spirituality for the benefit of everybody and not only the ones that listen attentively in “the parish hall”.

    If somebody needs a congregation — they have a problem. If you feel you’ve ended up in one, because you bought the glamour, delusion and tinsel, same thing goes for Crows — they collect it.

    Maybe look for the exit sign and run for your life.

    On the other hand: Do what makes you tick, but don’t stuff it down anybody’s throat, and maybe that is the key:

    Genuine spirituality we don’t have to be persuaded into.

    We will find it.

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