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Zen Gardner, Guest
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The so-called shift is actually a continuum of experiences as we let go into where we’re being drawn. However there do appear to be some delineations that we can identify and hopefully learn from. Similar to a ladder, the two poles clearly point upward, but we need intermittent rungs between them in order to make progress one step at a time.

Such is the shift, as I see it. Maybe this is more a collective phenomenon we experience individually yet concurrently, I don’t know. That’s a kind of chicken or the egg type of paradox. But just as we encounter similar localized weather challenges, we do seem to share the influence of so many factors in this planetary experience.

We never stop learning – ever. That’s a long time. Funny how we tend to be so goal and outcome oriented. “I want to find myself.” “I need to know the answers to the big questions.” “What is the meaning of life?” Strange, really. Like life is a problem to be solved instead of something simply to be experienced, as the expression goes.

  • Shifting in experiential and even mental perception is a remarkable thing. It implies coming out of something into a new awareness and life experience. It changes everything, and all from the inside, not the external. Yet the external experience subsequently changes in sympathetic vibration to our perceptive awareness. Again, paradoxical in nature essentially, which doesn’t make any sense according to the low level thinking we were conditioned with.

    It’s much like the counter-intuitive slit experiment that quantum physics stumbled upon, the influence of attention on space/time matter, along with the discovery of particles resonating simultaneously with extremely remote “sister” particles. If you think about just those discoveries it should alter the entire world view of humanity, it’s approach to science, philosophy, spirituality and most of all day to day living.

    But it’s hasn’t, by design. Except for those who are making the shift and take these things on board along with a plethora of other new awakenings to more full on awareness. The sages of all time have said the same things in various ways. It’s been in plain sight all along.

    Stops Along the Way

    It’s very easy to get tripped off, side-tracked and waylaid on our way to greater and greater awareness. The overall spiritual milieu is so charged with tricky cling-ons of egoic attachments of every sort it can feel like flying thru an asteroid belt of velcro balls just waiting to latch on to whatever they can. That’s actually good for us, as whatever “sticks” and distracts or upsets us is always a mirror, something to learn about our inner corresponding velcro and to release.

    That’s the trick to all of this. Judgement is a very clever prankster. It self-righteously points out faults and issues in others it thinks it sees oh so clearly while exalting the ego of the observer. Lots of stuff works like that.

    It’s similar to this good/evil, dark/light game so many  are involved in. The fighting, finger pointing and judgmental antipathy is again ego feeding. When in fact these polarities are provided to give us contrast and catalyze our learning on this plane of existence. Dualism is just part of the overall, as there is a unified consciousness that supersedes any mental conceptualization and inherently connects us all.

    These aren’t new thoughts or realizations, yet now is when this awareness needs to be integrated into our lives in order to transform them into a new “vibrational” existence. Enough theory and mental chatter, shifting is all about living in a so-called higher dimension, if you will. Although again, language and word encapsulations don’t do any of this justice, something we all will continue to run up against more and more as the shift takes hold.

    Categories, Broad-brushing and Mental Prejudice

    I think this is a very important point. Where we derive our inspiration and learning from can come from anywhere. In this information age where we can find youtubes, articles and podcasts about almost anything under the sun, it can be quite the minefield. It takes a lot of discernment, but that grows as we learn to find what resonates and what doesn’t.

    But just because something does not resonate with us we shouldn’t claim it’s therefore not true for everyone in some fashion. We don’t know what is really going on fully. We’re all on individual learning curves. I find this broad brushing of anything conveniently labeled as “new age” is really stunting a lot of peoples’ growth. This goes for any categorizing for personal convenience. It’s usually born out of fear and ignorance of the unknown and very easy to do. Sure the new age movement was co-opted to a large degree, but the truth still gets out. So was the awakening of the 60’s and today’s alternative information and research “movement”, if you can call it that. But right there “movement” has a collective tag and freeze frames mental conceptualization.

    Where’s the fluidity?

    It’s the egoic mind that seeks comfort and context, but it operates at a very low frequency. It only tracks past events. Only imagination and spirit led understanding and aware perception can really grasp the essentials. It’s so much like settled science, tracking and mapping and dissecting in an effort to get the mind “around” things for a sense of control and egoic superiority. It always points back to the same thing. We have to let go of all that. It’s interesting and may bring some understanding, but more than anything it should inspire awe and wonder and a humbling sense of being part of such a wondrous natural experience that we all share.

    We have deeply set ways of thinking and such old, worn out ideas of perceiving to let go of. It’s a form of mental prejudice. Being conscious is a full time experience as we learn to trust and let go at much deeper levels than we have yet perceived. And there’s no arrival point – we’re in this for eternity. In fact, we always have been.

    Moving Into the Next Phase

    There is a collective mindset to be wary of. It too evolves but it has influence on each of us. These incre-mental changes can be good in some aspects, but more than anything they’re deceptive – as if a slow reformation will somehow fix the existing paradigms.

    Not gonna work.

    We’re talking about a total shift in perception and hence experience. It has nothing to do with the old. The only thing we can learn from the past is that it’s always more of the same.

    It’s destined to fail, to contain, to limit, by its very nature. Breaking out of that lower dimensional miasma is so very new, so different, virtually all of our old programming and understandings must be scrapped and left on the trash heap of history. It’s that new, that different, and totally breaks from any sense of self, the biggest hurdle to overcome.

    This is why so few are willing to let go into it. They want to have their cake and eat it too, prisoners of their own paradox. It’s the limiting nature we were born into and are here to transcend. We of course can still enjoy the amazing experience here, but without ignorance or attachment to it. It’s not escaping, it’s living our fullness in remembrance of who we are while enjoying the gift of this strange vacation-land, school of higher learning, and natural park.

    That some have built rides and control mechanisms and seek to distract us from our true nature is a side show and should be treated as such. When we really see that it loses its power and eventually can no longer exist, once it’s served its function in teaching us and we let our fascination for it go. Until we do it will continue on. This is why many talk about moving into 5-D while the others continue to learn in 3-D or however you want to conceptualize it. In some fashion we can move on while the others continue to learn what they need to.

    It’s painful to watch as it affects so many, but it’s been this way for millennia.

    We can offer guidance and some instructions but it’s their free will and up to them what they do with it. To enter into the contest with them is completely contrary to what Source is showing us. It reminds me of how the subconscious can’t hear negatives, so bombastic pronunciations against things only affirms what we are saying not to do. Dualism is a very tricky construct if we don’t see it for what it is. So much is embedded in language. Handle with loving care.

    Our highest form of so-called “activism” is to simply live as well as be in our highest potential by example. At the same time and something to take great heart and encouragement in, those of us entering into this next stage of the shift are massively affecting the morphogenic field which changes everything and further facilitates others “catching on”.

    Every change changes everything. So make conscious ones and follow your excitement. That’s true zero point energy!

    It’s the only way.

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