Mainstream Media – Patient Zero in the Fear Pandemic

Fear Pandemic HazmatSigmund Fraud, Staff Writer
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It may just be that fear is more contagious than ebola or any other disease, and becoming immune to the mass hysteria and irrational pandemic fear constantly being stoked in media and ‘current events’ is imperative.

Our natural, most beneficial state of being is one of stillness, joy, and attention to the present moment. We know this to be true when we sit in meditation, quiet the mind, and effortlessly tap into a divine, unshakeable and eternal peace. Science has proven that calm mental states are extremely beneficial to human health, fortifying the immune system, dissolving anxiety, reducing stress, and bringing happiness. The human being functions optimally when in a positive emotional state, free of stress.

Today, though, life is anything but a meditation, and popular media has become the pulpit for psychological terror and for the dissemination of maximum anxiety and confusion. The result of this is chaos in the mind, chaos in the body, disconnection from spirit, and mass hysteria in society at large.

  • Kings of Persuasion 

    The man who orchestrated the commercialization of our culture, Edward Bernays, felt that public relations was an ‘applied social science,’ and with it, he proved that it is possible to dramatically and rapidly influence public opinion, buying habits, fashion habits, voting habits, attitudes, and anything else.

    “He regarded himself as a professional opinion maker who, by following precise principles, could produce desired changes in attitudes.” [Source]

    A nephew of Sigmund Freud, his work in public relations and military propaganda revealed the most important secret of effective persuasion: you have to make the right type of appeal to the target audience, and that is, a visceral connection that reaches beyond rationality, speaking directly to the most base level of human senses and into sub-conscious thought. The best way of achieving this is to color the message with sexual innuendo or with fearful overtones, triggering the primal instincts of survival, and activating the reptilian brain.

    The bulk of popular media has now become the tool of corporate and political propagandists, an orgy of ulterior motives, which is why human events are most often framed in terms of fear of loss, or shrouded with the false promises of notoriety, security or conquest. Choose your nightmare: terrorism, war, disease, famine, crime, car accidents, loss of property, loss of status, and heaviest of all, loss of life… our culture has become a petri dish for social experimentation and trauma-based mind control.

    Psychological Quarantine & Disruption of Peace in the Matrix

    The matrix, as so many refer to it, is a cultural paradigm, an intangible system of restraints and limitations on human potential, and fear is the primary weapon of enforcement in this.

    Fear, of real danger of course, is critical to survival, but the continual, over-stimulation of our worst fears is debilitating and disempowering, confounding our ability to think rationally and assess risks properly. It distracts us from how we are living life, instead, keeping us focused on pain avoidance, depressing our will to thrive and overcome any real challenges that may indeed come our way.

    Like a psychological quarantine, when corralled into inaction by the fear of death, the masses are confined to predictable, reptilian behavioral responses, tossing logic and compassion aside, willing to acquiesce to anyone who offers a perceived solution, ready to abandon values, ideals, rights and opportunity in favor of a false sense of security.

    Fear makes people contradict their self-interests and distracts them from the evil exploits of the men behind the curtain. When we are afraid of each and every adversity that comes our way, we are simply incapable of giving proper attention to our biggest problems, like those presented by the money changers, the Orwellian permanent war, and the heartless opportunists that continue uninhibited in their slaughter of the environment for personal profit.

    The Awakening – Fear is the First Thing to Go 

    Death is life and life is death. There simply is not one without the other, so what is there really to fear?

    So many people in the world today are experiencing a shift, an awakening of sorts, compelling them to live life more fully and more fearlessly, while learning to see through the propaganda of the media matrix, recognizing it for what it truly is, a method of social control and not much else.

    Once awakened, however, the illusion of this culture is exposed, the mainstream news feed seems like a never-ending joke, hysteria is not something worth participating in, and courage comes naturally and joyfully.

    At its roots, spirituality in any form is about recognizing and accepting the inherent fear of being human and the natural doubt that comes with not knowing what happens at death. Fear of death dissolves as consciousness awakens to the greater spiritual nature of all things. Spirituality is immunity from fear, and the absence of fear is true freedom.

    Consciousness and awareness play a fundamental role in creating reality, meaning, in essence, that thoughts become things. In our fractal universe, what we think about and focus our attention on becomes manifest in some way, and whatever picture for the future we conjure up in our heads, will ultimately contribute to our destiny. This is true for both the individual and for the collective, therefore, it is critical to our future that we opt out of the mass hysteria and mind-numbing fear propaganda that has become a ubiquitous part of our culture.

    We, as human beings, could be entertaining any grand possibility for our future that we wish, but instead, we have the dead weight of the media horror machine holding us back and hijacking our collective vision.

    If you wish to survive the fear pandemic, stay away from patient zero.

    “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” –Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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    Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for where he indulges in the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for mankind.


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