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Rosanne Lindsay, Contributor
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If you have been distracted and bogged down with the necessities of living day to day, you are not alone. The purpose for distractions is so that you fail to see the change that are taking place around you.

Without fanfare, a new world order is taking shape under Agenda 2019: Loss of Identity. You may have not heard of this agenda but you can follow the crumbs that have been left over the last year in the headlines. These crumbs are disclosure.

  • Many changes have already taken place in California to set the stage for the rest of the country. California rolled out the country’s first vaccine mandates (see SB 277) that remove philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions, as well as informed consent. Despite Americans voicing their opposition to the fascist law, the mandate stands. Currently, all state legislatures across the country are following California’s lead in introducing similar bills which include denying tax exemptions for children not fully vaccinated.

    Understand that the agenda to conform humanity is well underway. And Hollywood actors are working overtime to normalize and influence you, starting with the PR stunt that played out in the audience during the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. This mock ritual of forced flu vaccination by “white coats” armed with syringes even included dissenters, in Keith Urban, who pretended to be outraged. All an act to prepare everyone for the main act, the U.N Healthy People 2020 Act. More on that below.

    The New Rome

    Global mandates are coming. They fall under the auspices of the United Nations (U.N.). The U.N. seeks to concentrate power for a select group who are represented by world leaders to do their bidding. They have no use for plebeian identities. Plebeians are citizens of Rome. In ancient Rome, these citizens were not members of the elite patrician, senatorial, or equestrian classes. Plebeians were the backbone of the country: the farmers, bakers, builders or craftsmen, who did the work to support their families and the country. Plebeians still form the backbone of this country, because the Roman Empire still exerts its power.

    Rome never fell. The city of Rome has only expanded its power, thanks to all of us. The New Rome goes under cover as the U.N. The U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals, are part of the 2030 U.N. Agenda. There are 17 U.N. goals, all meant to UNdo the freedoms that modern plebians have enjoyed since America was founded under the Declaration of Independence in July, 1776. If you have been asleep, you are now waking up to the New Rome. Like a thief in the night, change has arrived.

    Lost Identity Under the Guise of ‘Unity’

    Lost Identity is hidden because it falls under the mask of “unity” rhetoric. Unity, under the guise of uniformity and conformity, looks like a genderless society. Genderless means males and females no longer exist. When males and females no longer exist, true humans no longer exist. The creation of this society is part of the U.N. Agenda as Goal #5 Gender Equality.

    The UN message is this:

    While the world has achieved progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment under the Millennium Development Goals (including equal access to primary education between girls and boys), women and girls continue to suffer discrimination and violence in every part of the world.


    Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

    Note: the words”progress toward” means that the end objective of equality is never achieved because true equality between men and women already exists. As humans, equality is inborn. There is no law written that changes the truth that we are all born equal.

    However, the U.N. ignores truth and plans to implement “new legal frameworks” to bestow rights, which are really privileges, to end gender-based discrimination in every country. Privileges are not inherent rights. What does the U.N goal look like in reality? The answer is disclosed in the news headlines, which are codes that set the stage for the outcome. The UN counts on you not seeing the Big Picture to connect the dots to the loss of your identity.

    In the headlines, in case you missed it, here are the dots to connect for yourself:

    The UN works its way through the fashion industry, too. The U.N. wants you to know that clothes have no gender!

    Hollywood celebrities, led by Celine Dion, are blowingSmart Dust everywhere to cast their spells on the plebeians to let everyone know that babies are non-binary and should dress appropriately in gender-neutral clothing.

    The Internet of Things

    To tie things together, the Telecom industry is rolling out 5G, in addition to 4G, as an integral component of the Lost of Identity Agenda. By its structure, it tells you that you will assimilate and resistance is futile. 5G, or Fifth Generation, is less about communication speed and more about weather control and mind control. After all, once your mind is not your own, you can accept anything. See my 2017 article, Are we losing identity to the hive?

    You will be connected as part of the Internet of Things. Remember, you are no longer human, you are a thing. RFID microchips are being implanted in people all over the world. More than 3000 Swedes have already tagged themselves with microchips. Others have been implanted without their permission …. well, they did sign a document but didn’t read the fine print. Microchips are small enough to also be injected via vaccines and breathed in via chemical fallout as “pollution.” Hospitals have been tagging babies with microchips through ankle bands for years. Why not, instead, add them in those first vaccines? Chips are marketed so employees, like those in Wisconsin who accepted the chip, will be able to merge with machines to open doors, log into computers, store health information. Your body is not only the property of the State, but now it is suddenly hackable, too. Just look at the number of accidents from those self-driving cars:

    Self-driving car accidents will keep happening. We need to learn from them

    Self-driving car Kills Pedestrian in Arizona: Where Robots Roam

    Was Uber’s fatal driverless crash avoidable? 

    Microchips and nanochips will place every American citizen on an electronic leash with the federal government holding the other end. Short of the chip, there will be the National ID card which will likely contain your fingerprints, a scan of your iris, and even your DNA profile. This national card will allow pleibians to be tracked while they travel. These agendas also tie to food. The U.N. wants food conformity and are encouraging everyone to eat crickets! See more about The Cricket Devolution, here.

    One world. One currency. One food source. One mind.

    Go Rogue!

    The UN message is only real if you make it so. When you look at your body as a divine creation, is it stamped with the logo of the U.N.? No.

    In Nature, which is where you live, there is something called balance. We see that life always strives for balance, as part of nature. This attempt toward balance shows up in the news headlines as one or two rogue states, which attempt to buck the system that binds them to conformity. For instance: South Dakota may ban gender identify instruction in public schools. In Virginia, one teacher refused to use trans-pronouns.

    In Indiana, a school teacher who refuses to call trans-students by their chosen name says, “I’m fine to teach students with other beliefs, but the fact that teachers are being compelled to speak a certain way is the scary thing.”

    If you can know your own mind, you can control your own body.

    The loss of identity means we conform to a mindset dictated by an entity that is not human, known as the UN, aka Rome. Under a genderless society, where male and female become obsolete, there are also no inherent rights to choose for yourself. The group mind will choose for you, which is controlled through a chip by the Roman elite.

    Without gender, there is no need and no way to reproduce. Everyone becomes part of a blob identity. From this new set-point, those who wish express themselves differently will be deemed U.N.-American, U.N.-Patriotic, and U.N.-Acceptable. The same will be true for those who choose not to vaccinate.

    Speaking of vaccination, get ready for the U.N. Healthy People 2020 Act, a cradle-to-grave Act where everyone will be rolling up their sleeves to get the shots deemed necessary by Rome. These medical records will be recorded on your chip. No celebrities needed. Hollywood’s efforts will have had its effect. New Romanesque laws being tested in Australia would punish vaccine skeptics with ten years in prison. No joke.

    As the Loss of Identity Agenda becomes normalized, be aware of who you are. Are you a cog in the wheel of a genderless, mindless system heading toward Artificial Intelligence? Are you a citizen of Rome? If not, you better find a safely and quietly way to exit the Empire. The time for revolution has passed.

    About the Author

    Rosanne Lindsay is a Naturopathic doctor and Tribal healer under the Turtle Island Provider Network. She is a writer, Earth keeper, Health Freedom advocate, co-founder of Wisconsin For Vaccine Choice, and author of the books The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet.and Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally. Find her on Facebook at Rosanne Lindsay and Natureofhealing. Consult with her (Skype or Zoom consults available) at natureofhealing.org. Subscribe to her blog at http://www.natureofhealing.org/blog/.

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