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There are some difficult problems facing us that threaten not only our fundamental rights as human beings but also our very survival. We can and must tackle a seemingly endless stream of issues in a struggle for truth, freedom, security and justice. But unless we can get to the underlying causes of these issues, they will not only keep repeating, but will continue in their slide to a dark abyss.

The wars, environmental destruction, mounting debt, poverty and so on, are symptoms of deeper underlying causes, which have their root within each individual. If the problem was only limited to a handful of sinister people, then the difficulties facing the world would never have got this far. Corrupt institutions for example, are often a symptom of large numbers of individuals who are easily bought off, and are willingly ready to serve their own selfish interests before those of the people. Huge corporations often have their foundation upon the greed of populations who almost demand an endless stream of cheap, fashionable, throw-away goods. Even some who want world change can alienate and become aggressive towards others who don’t fit in with their future world view – so once any current oppressive force is defeated, will we all then just magically get along?

Empires, dictatorships and entire civilizations have risen and fallen throughout history. Therefore I see the struggle to bring about positive change in the world as being not only about providing the information on what is happening, but perhaps even more importantly, how to address the root causes of it within each person.

I’m sure many others, who look from their own perspective will see other causes that I‘ve left out, but here’s what I see as some of the main causes of the problems we face:

  1. A lack of inner awareness of what drives us psychologically as people.
  2. A lack of awareness of the mechanisms behind society.
  3. The inability or unwillingness of individuals to change.
  4. The loss of guiding principles and values.
  5. The devolution of our brains?
  6. The network of darkness (evil) and the lack of an equally organized and matched response from light (good).

  • I believe we need to acknowledge these problems and deal with them, as we are already paying the price for neglecting or being unaware of them and I feel unless large numbers of people change radically, the situation is only going to get worse. My perspective on the underlying causes is from my own spiritual angle, but the spiritual to me is life and consciousness itself, rather than being of a fixed ideological or religious perspective.

    Here are the points in more detail:

    1. A lack of inner awareness of what drives us psychologically as people.

    This to me is the root of the problem. Everyone is driven by subconscious drives and desires. Because by definition the subconscious is something beyond ordinary awareness, its effects are unseen and yet profound. It affects how we think and feel, and that in turn determines how we act. So it’s important to shed some light on it. That light is conscious awareness or consciousness; it’s the light within. To shine that light, to be aware of what’s within, requires self-observation and that gives self-knowledge. When we become aware of what’s within, we uncover its hidden effects and from there we can begin to be free of them.

    That means for example being able to make rational decisions without the coloration of out of place emotions, as inner awareness allows us to uncover the secret motivations behind attitudes or feelings towards other people, situations or things.

    When we don’t have this, we are not only driven by unseen desires but other people can influence our own thoughts or behavior by manipulating our desires, and desire can be related to pleasure or pain, as in the struggle for survival for example. Institutions and corporations know this and spend lots of money and research discovering how to manipulate the population. This is what most product advertising and even political campaigning is based upon.

    2. A lack of awareness of the mechanisms behind society.

    We all know there’s more going on behind every society than is immediately obvious, and yet most won’t look too deeply if at all. At the same time the mainstream media, who many trust to inform them of events, often covers up truth and promotes untruth. And it’s so easy to believe more or less what everyone else believes and to live a lifetime seeking pleasure. But this is to live a life asleep, not just in terms of the awareness of the material world, but spiritually as well. It’s necessary to awaken from slumber to live a fulfilling life, as not doing so brings awful consequences not just to oneself but to others as well.

    As pleasure and desire lead people from within, the result is that most people love the sleep of consciousness and don’t want to wake up from it, and so it’s inevitable they won’t wake up by themselves. The information is available for most to discover more about what’s going on than the usual ways of thinking that society presents, and it’s every person’s responsibility to see how their actions affect other people’s lives. Unfortunately most people are choosing ignorance, and that has its repercussions not only for themselves but upon society.

    The awareness of society extends further to an awareness of life, as we live in a multi-dimensional universe and have within us the ability to perceive far more of it than ordinary waking consciousness allows.

    This spiritual awakening is mostly substituted by religion for the majority of people, which often presents a simplified version of cosmic principles rather than empowering an objective study of them. Moreover, religions often become embroiled in the politics of nations and can become instruments of oppression rather than purveyors of cosmic truths.

    Anyone can go into higher dimensions using astral projection and meditation and have an out-of-body experience. Whoever does this would have access to truths that are hidden from view, giving a greater perception of reality than just a material perception brings.

    Everyone has a responsibility to discover how their society works, as knowledge of it empowers good and uncovers evil. And that can only lead to the empowerment of good people and the establishment or preservation of good principles and values in society.

    3. The inability or unwillingness of individuals to change.

    Most of this has already been covered, but the problem is that not only do most people not want to change their lives but even fewer want to change themselves. And moreover the knowledge of how to fundamentally change has been lost.

    The cosmic principles governing the spiritual development of humanity have been lost in the mists of time. What remains are religions containing fragmented and often incorrect remnants of those principles.

    The alternative to religion is often seen as science, but due in part to the inflexibility of the scientific community we have a very material based science, which is unwilling to understand the non-physical realms of our existence.

    Spirituality and science should be part of one study of life. I hope we can get to that one day.

    4. The loss of guiding principles and values.

    Unfortunately we are no longer capable of creating truly spiritual civilizations with an understanding of cosmic principles, such as those that existed in ancient times. This indicates that spiritually the human race looks like it’s not evolving, but is devolving, and has been for some time.

    It is deceptive because we have advanced so much technologically, but each individual is learning the information of those who went before. The human race has developed technology and advanced institutions but lacks the intelligence to use it wisely, and our whole existence is threatened by it.

    Society is developing in certain ways but few individuals show much independent thinking outside the norms of society. And, while the ability to process information has been developed, so too have the tendencies to follow, be led, believe and be told what to do. The majority of people within any single society are unwilling or even incapable of thinking outside the box and are developing many of the characteristics of sheep.

    The principles of universal cosmic spirituality that give a society its strength and support it in good have to a large part been lost. Not knowing many of the values and laws of light, society follows those of darkness without realizing it. Society nurtures darkness, ignorance and animal drives without even knowing, and it can’t lift itself up because it doesn’t know many of the principles which could elevate it nor the ones that cause it to decline.

    And the individuals within society go through the same thing in their own lives, feeding darkness within and staying without light, without realizing what’s happening. The result is a society that falls from within, and becomes prey to those of a sinister nature who are more aware of reality, who take advantage of the ignorance of society to extract from it what benefits them. The end result of this for a society can be catastrophic.

    A set of guiding principles define a society’s values and give it a secure platform to stand upon. These should be based upon principles of cosmic spirituality, goodness, truth and justice. If an area is missing or not covered by these principles, darkness takes its place, and darkness spreads without anyone realizing it, until its bad effects become obvious. For the principles to be founded and upheld requires knowledge and that comes from freely seeing, interpreting and sharing information.

    The blind spots in both principles and perception have been exploited by evil and have become so great as to deeply condition the way we think and act.

    Speaking of becoming like sheep:

    5. The devolution of our brains?

    Scientists say that the human brain is shrinking; it has shrunk by the size of a tennis ball in the last 20,000 years and that if it continues at the same rate, in another 20,000 years it will be the same size as that of homo erectus – ape man.

    This is due to the process of domestication. It happens to many different types of mammals due to specialization, where development occurs in specific areas due to use; decline also occurs due to non-use. Compare the intelligence of a dingo (early domestication) with other dogs and you’ll see what a difference domestication makes.

    Could this be a reason why we’re becoming more sheep like?

    In us, our intellectual capacity has been reasonably well developed, but that’s a small part of what a brain does. The faculties required for intelligence are much more than that and they are being lost. Could this be part of the reason why so many people today are so passive and are so easily distracted with entertainment and the simple slogans of those with power, by those who know how to manipulate and control the domesticated majority?

    Spiritually, the shrinking of the brain could be a disaster, as the areas of the psyche required for spiritual development are most likely to be atrophied and diminished, as they are amongst the least used and therefore probably the first lost.

    It’s very unfortunate that most people don’t experience much in the way of profound spiritual or esoteric realities today. If people are not actually capable of perceiving a wider reality, it explains why most don’t have an interest in it, and why many people blindly follow religious institutions, which tend to promote simplistic versions of cosmic truths. It doesn’t seem as though the majority of people are capable of anything more. Many unfortunately seem to be domesticated humans, and appear to have little interest in living for a higher cosmic purpose.

    6. The network of darkness (evil) and the lack of an equally organized and matched response from light (good).

    Here’s something that can become apparent with a little research and also with out-of-body experiences. One of the main things going against us is that those who wish to do evil in the world have a powerful connection with the forces of darkness. Behind the sinister controlling elements doing evil in the world are not just evil people, it’s the forces of darkness itself. Those who fight for truth and freedom in the world fight this, without even realizing it.

    You would think there would be a corresponding group of people of light and goodness that could counter this, that could be a positive influence on society, but there’s not at the esoteric level. There used to be in the past and these kind of people worked to instil and uphold benevolent principles, but through the passing of time they have been lost to the world. Some exist today as remnant semi-secret societies which retain many of their symbols, but for whom the knowledge of their meanings is long gone, while others have gone into dark practices or have been infiltrated and become vehicles for the spread of evil.

    Today cosmic spiritual knowledge is not valued by society in general and those fighting for truth don’t realize what they are facing. Ironically while ignoring esoteric knowledge, so many fighting for truth are being defeated by the occult knowledge of those using it in its negative form.

    In conclusion.

    Good and evil are locked in an eternal struggle through which consciousness learns in the school of life. Those who participate in the struggle for good are the active learners in the school, and benefit personally in life’s difficult journey even if the cause they fight for is not successful.

    I believe everyone working for truth and good should in some way form a unity to counter the large network of evil. That means understanding that others have differences and views that may seem confronting and even strange, but to put aside these differences for the common good, and to create a strength that is capable of pulling its weight against the force of darkness.

    In the long term I don’t believe it’s enough to do good without understanding what is propelling events. We need an awaking of consciousness not just in the material world but within as well – an inner awakening that facilitates not only love, but also the courage to face the darkness both within and without. It’s difficult for all of us to do, but I believe it’s absolutely necessary.

    About the Author

    Belsebuub is an author and practitioner of esoteric knowledge. He writes primarily on the transformation and exploration of consciousness from over 30 years of dedicated metaphysical experience. He has authored a number of books on out-of-body experiences, consciousness, and spiritual awakening, including The Astral Codex and Gazing into the Eternal, which are free to download on his website www.belsebuub.com

    Belsebuub is the name of his spirit/soul/consciousness. Everyone has their own unique spiritual name; it’s a matter of knowing it.

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