Living in an Ensouled Universe

Linda George, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

We exist in a system where our beliefs are continually manipulated to induce a programmed ‘reality’ – one we are conditioned to accept is reality.  It is the ‘reality’ of the physical, five-sensory, finite world. In reality, reality is not this! In reality, we are living in an ensouled universe – a universe immersed and enfolded in Soul. It is a compassionate, creative, intelligent living being, this universe of ours. And it has our ultimate wellbeing at heart. The ancients knew this. We have largely forgotten – or rather, been convinced otherwise.

Our ancestors were genetically manipulated to experience and respond to a low vibratory energy frequency – it seems around 200,000 years ago – through the disconnection of a large chunk of their DNA. DNA serves as an aerial (it is a receiver-transmitter), attuning us to higher vibratory frequencies coming in from our Sun – and beyond.  We were birthed into a system in which the world of the ego (separation) reigns supreme.  The  Soul, (our individual connection to Spirit), having been largely severed,  lies somewhere distant in our awareness.

Prior to this manipulation on a grand scale, by  intelligent off-planet beings (intelligent, but bereft of wisdom and compassion) a series of cataclysmic events was set in motion – ripping apart not only the physical world  in our solar system, but the metaphysical one as well.  This ‘fall’  – as it is called in religious history refers to the fall of our ancestors from a world of harmony – a Golden Age, into a world of separation.

  • With the disconnection of our full repertoire of awareness, and consignment to the five-sensory world of the physical, we ‘fell’ from oneness and unity, into separateness and duality. No longer able to tune into the Spirit realms, or the higher vibratory frequencies where we knew the universe and everything in it was ensouled, we were forced to experience a world where we stood alone and apart from everything else.  At this time, the ego was born. The ego has been on its own evolutionary trajectory.  We needed egoic awareness (managed from the reptilian brain) to help us survive in a place where every moment we felt the fear of not surviving.  Our ‘fear of not surviving’ of course, was part of the program or manipulation that cut off our awareness of our infinite nature as cosmic beings.  We have never fully recovered.  We never will. Not until the reconnection is made.  Every one of us is born into separation and everything we perceive in the universe answers to the call of duality. The more sensitive we are, the more we hunger for Oneness, the unity we came from.  We know this is not who we really are or where we belong – this body, these thoughts, these emotions – and this insane world!

    We’re here, in the programmed part of the time loop called 2013, and the darkest, most dense of ages in the Hindu system  – the Kali Yuga, where the greed and cruelty of the materialistic egos, and the intensity, desperation and cruelty of the controllers are literally making the world a living hell. The ego is truly at its nadir. It can go no lower.  From the depths of the depths, the only direction is up.  And this time of ‘transformation’ has been widely prophesized.  We are in it!  It’s time to move out of the ego and its domain of the left brain – and into the heart.

    Between the forces that manipulate and control this reality, and our individual ‘skin-encapsulated egos’ – lies another possibility:  reconnecting with Spirit through consciousness.  Consciousness is the aspect of us that vibrates at the highest rate.  It is anchored in our physical bodies, (though it exists in many dimensions),  through the heart.  The heart is therefore the interface between body and soul, and it connects us to Spirit, via consciousness.

    So, despite the archons, greys, reptiles – those ‘beings in the shadows’ who are manipulating our reality here in the physical world (largely through non-physical means)  – we DO have the power of consciousness, the use of our free will – and so we can choose to stop playing the game and wake up to our true heritage, as cosmic beings living in an ensouled universe.

    Vehicles to assist the awakening are many.  Astrology is one. The stars and planets are receivers, decoders and amplifiers of frequencies.  On another level, they are living, intelligent beings – they too, are with Soul. Our ancestors knew this, as they looked heavenward and studied the movements of the stars, and their corresponding terrestrial events.  The planets and suns are ‘electrical and vibrational energy fields’, emitting electromagnetic energy as they interact with each other and move through the backdrop of the changing fields of the cosmos.  Earth’s magnetosphere, or energy field, is affected by these shifting vibratory fields and because our fields (holographic in nature) are so connected with the Earth’s – planetary movements which affect the Earth’s field, affect us as well.  Our natal chart is a bio-field that represents  a pattern of this planetary or field energy – one that was active at the time of our first breath.  With that breath, we ‘locked in’ to this pattern and as our life unfolds, our destiny unfolds in accord with the ‘character’ symbolised by the chart. It’s complicated – and the point here is, we are affected by the Sun, Moon and planets, via our bio-chemistry, which is altered by the shifts in our holographic fields.

    Learning about our personal astrology helps us understand the forces that are affecting us, emotionally and physiologically – and in fact on every level of our multi-dimensionality.  Becoming conscious of these energies means we are not ‘compelled’ by them.  We can choose to respond to them in a higher way.  Having said that, avoiding them altogether seems not to be an option – at least not at this point.  It is part of our evolutionary imperative to learn to exercise our free will, to grow our consciousness and explore the nature of our nature.  And it is our nature to become more conscious!

    Consciousness is precisely what we need now, in these transitional times to unhook from the manipulated programming, the mind-numbing control and the general insanity of the world. Once we see beneath the surface into our own nature, and we see how many of our responses and reactions come from ‘outside’ (the Moon and Saturn in particular), we gain an objectivity that can truly be our saving grace in these dense days.

    The power of the ego (ie greed, selfishness, service-to-self ahead of service-to-others, vanity) will fall away in direct proportion to our awakening consciousness.  When we look around us and see the mess that this beautiful world has become – how can we not get it?  How can we not get the fact that we are all in this together?  The pain of our brothers and sisters battling for survival in war zones, or stricken by poverty and disease – is our pain.  Let’s hasten the demise of this egoic way of life, see the fear and desperation for what it is –  the handiwork of the manipulators/controllers – and come home.  Home is the heart;  the place we came from and the space we will return to. We are cosmic beings, we are infinite consciousness, living in an ensouled universe where the ultimate, pervasive energy is creative intelligence and compassion.

    About the Author

    Linda George is an writer and astrologer living in New Zealand. She has been deeply involved in astrology, alternative health, spirituality and metaphysics for decades. She has a background in journalism is currently committed to joining with others in ‘spreading the word’ in these waking times. Linda works as an evolutionary astrologer, writer and yoga teacher. Her last book ‘Sun Signs and Soul Mates’ is available on Amazon.

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