Letting Things Pass in a Vampiric World

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I’ve had a few weird mornings recently that extended into the day that seemed pretty different. Granted, things are fundamentally skewed in so many ways impressions are bound to frequently appear wonky at this juncture in history and cosmic change. But these sensations and accompanying thoughts I was getting were displaying a different aspect that wasn’t right.

I’ve learned not to stare  or fixate on what I’m going through. It’s exactly that – something passing through you or you through it – so just let it go. It’s often just stuff, junk, spiritual debris, flak from all this spiritual warfare going on. Don’t take it too seriously. Get your mind off of it, move on despite it.

If it has any merit it’ll stick around and make itself apparent in a positive sense, even if it’s a sense of warning of some sort.

Noticing the Darkness of the Mist

I went through this super funk one morning; demotivated, a serious “why bother” kind of feeling, but it didn’t feel like it was me. It’s not at all my nature and I very rarely get that down anymore, if at all. I analyzed it a bit and it went nowhere so it appeared to be more of a distraction than something to sit up and take notice of. So I just got busy feeding and playing a bit with my sweet pup, made some kick ass tea, hung out a bit and finally started touring the net. I decided to watch some fun videos, interesting clips on various topics, and just relaxed.

  • Before I knew it I was back in the saddle and doing super. It was gone. It did take 3 or 4 hours to fully pass, but it did and I had a terrific, fun and productive day with lots of energy.

    As I tried to explain this weird funk I’d gone through I saw more and more it was like a passing field of some strange composition of dead energy, distracting and misleading feelings, and absolutely nowhere leading thoughts and impressions. Very strange. Maybe I’ve just grown into a heightened state of sensitivity but it just didn’t jive with anything I’m accustomed to, so I kept it at arm’s length rather than “get involved” in trying to figure it out. It didn’t “deserve” the attention it was hoping to get, as clearly said by my my gut, intuitive feeling.

    As I mused on it more and tried to describe what passed through me I realized it was just that, passing through. Just by what I sensed and its effects on me I instinctively knew the passing sensations and the thoughts they would lead to weren’t worth my attention.

    The seeming energetic swarm clearly had nothing to do with me except to drag me down and get my mind on all the wrong stuff – not just the negative but this  place of deadness, where nothing is worth anything, a spiritual desert with no water in sight. No point in continuing on.

    Clearly A Spiritual Fog

    I had had a good night’s sleep and wasn’t going through anything physically that I know of. I can usually tell if something is of that nature and recognize it as that. You deal with it accordingly but it’s part of your collective experience. This thing that morning just came out of nowhere. It might sound like I’m making a mountain out of a molehill but it struck me how we can probably expect this sort of thing more and more frequently in this age of extreme spiritual warfare.

    We need to be aware of and responsive to the influences that affect us. It’s not rocket science, it’s easy to diagnose by its effects. Are they good or bad? Where is this coming from? Do I take this “on board” or let it pass?

    Let it Pass

    We’re going to be seeing and sensing a lot of crazy stuff as things continue to escalate, some things breaking down, other things recreating before our eyes. We’ve addressed this for some time that we need to be prepared to experience some wild rides. Well, they’re here. It’s a little late for surfing lessons when the churning, hurricane surf has already hit but we can learn to finesse some of the crazy and more subtle energies and phenomena that are coming at us.

    And this phrase “let it pass” is one of the wisest sayings there is.

    It applies to so many life lessons. In this case it is negative energetic, mental, spiritual and vibrational influences that only serve as distractions, forms of  energy loss, and ultimate weakness and discouragement. When you recognize them for what they are, shut them down. Take positive action, flush your mind and heart with love and inspiration, and move on.

    It’s a distraction. A distraction from your light source to a place where you potentially cannot find your light source. That is a personal attack.

    Are you in or do you frequently visit a place like that?

    Shake it. Snap out of it. These are lying, vampiric energies out to take out whomever they can persuade. Once you look away from the Truth the Light loses its power. Whether you see these influences as mental proclivities, spiritual attacks or wandering thoughts, we’ve all experienced them.

    Remember – you are in charge. You are in control.

    Never forget that, and steer your ship rightly.

    Much love, Zen


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