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There are times, in my books and articles, when I talk about an external control system that many of us are aware of, and others are awakening to. I ask readers to examine how we are socially and culturally conditioned, and programmed by messages that manipulate our emotions and base desires.

The obvious truth is that it benefits the system when we think what we ‘should’ think and do what we ‘should’ do. In fact, our adjustment to the system is so vital to its continued existence that a great deal of effort goes into exerting influence and control over our thoughts and beliefs and behaviors, either by soft suggestion, skilled trickery or hard force.

Now, a benign matrix – which we’ll just visualize as a vast geometric network of self-supporting intersecting energy – might be naturally formed and just a part of 3-D life. That’s not a bad thing. So what is a bad thing? A usurped, corrupted, unnatural, anti-life matrix. If this corrupted network of intersections consumed the vital energy of humans and the earth… well that would be a nightmare that we’d all be wise to wake up to.

We can look back and see times when beauty and virtue and honor were lauded in certain cultures, and we can also look back and see times when an elitist greed, fear and survival-based vampiristic energy took over a network. The people suffered fear, barbarism, slavery, war and darkness as a result. We’re in one of those dark times now, perhaps the last one of the Age. It’s global, and we can see it, feel it, know it.

Occasionally I hear from readers that ‘dark times’ talk is too negative, taking away from the peaceful vibe that we all really yearn for, and the happiness that we all wish to feel as we go through the day. Well, I don’t mean to take away from happiness… we’re alive, we’re conscious, we’re connected, we’re creative, we’re so capable of miracles in our ‘spirit dwelling within human’ existence.

  • To my mind, knowing about the existence of the matrix with countless ties of money/energy flow doesn’t have to be a dark thing. Humans have lived within a system of control for a long time. Our ancestors acquiesced to the system and/or believed in it. Up until the time when people began to awaken, it successfully controlled, directed and manipulated many aspects of our lives. We can see now… it’s degraded and corrupted to the degree that we can’t acquiesce. Our spirits won’t allow it.

    Earlier I stated that the system manipulates our emotions and base desires, and it is essentially vampiristic. So what does it feed on? Obviously our labor and money is consumed, but there is so much more of us that is energy, and useable: our fear of death and suffering, our cultures and religious beliefs, our insecurities, our anger and even our anger directed toward the controlling power, our frustration and capability of violence, our ego’s desire and our competitive aims, our ill health, our laziness, our sexuality, our consumerism, our admiration of ‘success’, our outrage against injustice, and even our hopes.

    If the point of our existence is for us as individuals to live a fulfilled life while learning and evolving, then does seeing the matrix and detaching from it matter? I wonder… how could it not matter? We’re dinner… and in order to not be a meal, we need to be conscious of ‘what is’, aware of what we’re projecting, just and humane in our behavior toward each other, wise about places and things that degrade our energy, and able to serve the renewal without anger, outrage or reaction that can be manipulated.

    One might think there are plenty of good people serving the system, and we only need to make them aware of the immorality of their actions. But really… when has that ever worked? None of us can stand finger waggers. People have their own measuring stick, and life is very gracious in bringing awareness to the human heart, especially if there is clear and factual information available.

    I think most of us are already using our best strategies in lightening up the matrix: 1) the controllers devour profits, and they feast on our degraded energy, so we deny them both as best we can. 2) we remember that they are incredibly interconnected… like a sweater where one string unravels another and that unravels another. Unraveling is happening on quite a few fronts, and who knows, we just may see them turn on each other.

    Now we might say… “We want no more wars.” How is that possible when the entire grid pulses with war profits? To take down war would be to diminish the power of all… hence the insignificance of us AND the importance of us.

    We are saying no more wars, no more war on drugs, no more prison industry, no more GMOs, no more pills, no more vaccinations, no more chemtrails, no more fracking, no more nuclear energy, no more robotic education, no more TV, no more consumerism, no more rainforest destruction, no more voting for corruption, no more believing in you… we want to live! We believe in truth, and love, and respect for all people. You read us wrong. We actually are able to expand our consciousness beyond your confines.

    Non-participation is pretty vital. What if nobody showed up to cheer the queen? What if we realized that food is medicine and we started preventing cancer before it could take root? What if we un-celebrated the ‘holidays’, didn’t buy a thing, and started celebrating our own? What if we started building greenhouses and feeding our neighborhoods? What if no decent person would ever cover their floor with Brazilian hardwood? What if we didn’t use a single plastic bottle?

    You and I know that when we change our behavior, they try to adapt and profit from our changed behavior. Let’s watch them try. It’ll be good for them.

    I know these are small things, and there are great problems looming. But I do believe in our creativity, and in the earth’s restorative capacity… as well as our own. We’re working on ourselves, developing our perception, meditating as a means of connecting, raising our energy for self-healing, getting off the drugs, talking to each other, protecting and communicating with our children.

    We may feel insignificant, but oh how significant we are. We are our own matrix – a life-loving and life-sustaining interconnected grid between humans and the earth that doesn’t come from manipulation or force… it comes from us happily contributing our energy to a beauty that we all know can exist. It can exist because it is in us, and we exist.

    “Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God; But only he who sees, takes off his shoes – The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    About the Author

    Ida Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has contributed to and edited two books on racial justice and human rights, and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment and related subjects. Her latest book is entitled The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. Ida has also published a companion book of blog favorites from http://talk2momz.com/.

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