The Language of Symbolism: How to Recognize These 3 Symbols Hidden in Plain Sight

Cassius Methyl, Guest
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On the path of trying to figure out what this world is really about, many people ease into the study of symbolism.

When one recognizes the deliberate nature of power, and the characteristics power displays in various activities, they can begin to recognize deeper, more subtle layers of truth about power. For example a government being the power, participating in psychological warfare against its own people, the government being composed of people who have histories with fraternal orders and secret societies who value symbolism, etc.

This video explores connections between fraternal orders and secret societies to high levels of power: an extremely thorough examination, well past the well-known ones such as Skull and Bones at Yale.

  • Understanding the cult-like behavior of people in power, from royal blood lines, to banks and corporations, to governments, one can reasonably deduce that their choice of symbolism is often well thought out. Symbols have historically been very important to people in power.

    Symbols almost always have multiple layers of meaning: one layer of symbolism may be explained as a simple thing to the public, when it actually alludes to something deeper that only initiates to the symbol can recognize.

    Understanding how symbols are deliberate and purposeful, suddenly meaning can be recognized in all kinds of things we see every day. Of course, they are also prone to being misunderstood, or having false meaning attributed to them. Certainty can be scarce in the study of symbolism.

    Logos of different corporations and businesses, government flags, emblems, and more are rich with symbolism that speaks a language only those who pay close attention can understand.

    Here’s an example I always think of: why do so many flags in the world display 5 pointed stars? Other symbols such as crosses, 6 pointed stars, 7 pointed stars, crescent moons, and more also appear on flags across the world.

    (click to zoom in)

    Why would so many various factions of power across the world all unanimously decide that a 5 pointed star would best represent them on their flag? Why do countries (China and the US) that appear to conflict with each other both have 5 pointed stars featured prominently on their flags?

    It’s like an inside joke: there must be something that common civilian populations do not understand about the significance of the 5 pointed star. I don’t think so many governments and corporations unanimously decided a 5 pointed star is aesthetically pleasing for a flag. It has to mean something more than we know.

    It’s not difficult to make the case that some natural shapes and geometric formations are used as symbols simply because they look good. However, I think there are many more layers.

    I believe shapes such as squares, octagons, triangles, and others are astrotheological references: references to the angles that planets make in the sky, and a system of esoteric knowledge that has been successfully hidden from most people. It is through understanding astrology and its significance to these people in power that I’ve come to this conclusion.

    Some videos online can be found about astrotheological symbolism (essentially astrology related symbolism).

    This video in particular examines symbolism in the auto-industry. Aries the Ram on the Dodge Ram logo, a Ford Taurus, a Mercury, the Mars symbol on Volvo: the astrotheological references are endless. In addition, Marty Leeds explored what may be a reference to Pi (3.14…), symbolism about the mathematics of creation in auto-industry logos.

    To understand the 5 pointed star as an astrotheological reference, one would have to look at an unusual aspect of astrology that seems to have been hidden from mainstream astrologers: the quintile, a 72 or 144 degree angle between two planets. If 5 planets were locked into quintiles, that would make a pentagram in the sky.

    There may be some hidden esoteric information in this 5 pointed star, but as of right now, I haven’t figured it out at all. People say the 5 pointed star represents the 4 elements (fire, air, earth, water) and spirit, but I don’t think that’s where the rabbit hole ends. There must be deeper layers of meaning to this strange symbol that appears everywhere.

    However, the symbols that have my attention the most are probably the symbols that seem to represent slavery. The octagon, the 8 pointed star of Inanna, the oblong square, the hypercube: these symbols are said to represent slavery, being boxed in and trapped, never-ending loops, and things of that nature.

    It would make sense to me, considering the malefic aspects in astrology are squares and oppositions. When planets make squares to each other, bad things happen, to sum it up briefly. Trines and sextiles, multiples of the 6 pointed star are functional, positive aspects in astrology: and I’m starting to believe that’s why the 6 pointed star is chosen for some business logos and flags. Perhaps it’s a symbol of their effort succeeding or coming to fruition with ease.

    The Octagon, or 8 pointed Star of Inanna

    The 8 pointed star or octagon is thought to be a symbol of slavery: of being boxed in and trapped, controlled or things of that nature.

    The United Nations logo is an 8 pointed star engulfing the planet. It can be found on many more government logos in particular.

    In Stanley Kubrick’s final film Eyes Wide Shut, which is essentially about a psychopathic ruling class of people, the 8 pointed star is featured prominently in the first scenes of the movie. Kubrick was known for his meticulous attention to detail: we know for sure the placement of this symbol was not an accident.

    The square, or oblong square, hyper-cube

    The oblong square is a square that is positioned sideways like a diamond. It appears on many corporate logos, and all over architecture and things we see in everyday life. It is said that it’s a symbol of boxing people in and trapping them at base consciousness.

    However, it’s nearly impossible to have certainty recognizing the oblong square as a symbol meant to depict this. It’s everywhere, so differentiating coincidence from intentional symbolic representation is very difficult. Over time, a person looking into symbolism can begin to make this distinction. It seems obvious for example, in the Chase Bank logo because it’s a square inside a octagon, making a sort of swastika shape.

    The hypercube is thought to represent a never-ending loop, a prison of consciousness. Researchers such as Mark Passio have presented this theory.

    The 6 pointed star, or triangle

    While for some reason, certain governmental, corporate, or institutional entities choose seemingly negative symbolism, such as the squares that seem to represent people being boxed in, other entities choose symbols that point to a focus on success.

    From the Wal-Mart logo to the 6 pointed “Star of David” found on the Israeli flag (which is of course a symbol older than we could ever know), this symbol can be found everywhere.

    Some claim that it represents a cube, since a cube looks like a hexagon if you look at it from an angle.

    Theories about symbolism depicting the “Black Cube of Saturn” have circulated widely, and I think they are credible because something certainly is being represented by all these monuments in the picture below.

    One of Saturn’s poles has a hexagonal storm on it, depicted below. However, somehow Saturn symbolism involving a black cube has been around for longer than the public has known Saturn has a hexagonal storm on it.

    What do these symbols actually do to people? I’m not completely sure. Perhaps they work against our subconscious in a way we don’t understand. Perhaps they don’t do much to us, and people in power just have a belief that they do.

    Whatever the reason, this much is clear: people in power care very much about symbolism, and meaning can be found in it that tells us about the world we live in.

    About the Author

    Cassius Methyl is a researcher and writer from Sacramento, California. He is the founder of Era of Wisdom, writer/director of the documentary “Toddlers on Amphetamine: History of Big Pharma and the Major Players,” and a writer in the alternative media since 2013 at the age of 17. He focuses primarily on identifying the exact individuals, institutions, and entities responsible for various forms of human slavery and control, particularly chemicals and more insidious forms of hegemony: identifying exactly who damages our well-being and working toward independence from those entities, whether they are corporate, government, or institutional.

    This article (The Language of Symbolism: How to Recognize These 3 Symbols Hidden in Plain Sight) was originally created and published by The Mind Unleashed and is re-posted here with permission. 

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