Has Lady Gaga Really Experienced An Awakening? Nope

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Lady Gaga has recently taken a step back from the music industry, and gave rant about the music industry that is causing a huge ripple within the truth movement.  Some people say she has “woke up” and some say she has “exposed the darkness” within the music industry.  It was getting passed around everywhere and has went viral on a number of large blogs and Facebook pages.  Here is the video right here:

With all of the positive attention this is getting from the New Age and truth movement, I think that it important that we take a closer look at what she is apparently “exposing”.  As we will talk about later in the article, Lady Gaga might just be the most overtly Satanic pop-star in history.  She talks about how we “communicate lies” while remaining deceptive and silent about her affiliations with Luciferianism and Satanism in Hollywood.  This is not a video exposing anything about the music industry.  All it is, is a minor existential crisis.

  • Here is a list of everything she has a problem with in the music industry listed in order:

    1. She doesn’t like to sell fragrances and perfumes.
    2. She doesn’t like shaking people’s hands, smiling, and taking selfies with people all day.
    3. She doesn’t like being used to make other people money.
    4. She feels sad when she is overworked and becomes a money-making machine.
    5. She feels unhappy when her passion and creativity take a back seat.
    6. She didn’t like having to go to events she was supposed to go to.

    Numbers 1, 2, and 6 are problems that only privileged 1%ers have.  She doesn’t like selling perfumes, mingling with fans and fellow celebrities, and going to celebrity events, and it’s somehow worthy of our applause that a pop star with a new worth of $290 million dollars doesn’t like selling her own perfume line and wants to opt out of celebrity obligations that many people would kill to have.  She doesn’t like some of the perks and unspoken personal duties of being a pop-icon.

    Numbers 3, 4, and 5 are things every human being in the history of planet earth has experienced.  Sometimes in life, we don’t always get to do the things we want to do.  This is true whether you are an employee for someone else or are self-employed.  When you have a networth of over a quarter billion dollars, you will obviously find yourself in a position where companies and agencies you work with want you to do things that put your passion and creativity in the back seat, and where you find yourself producing content to help make other people money.  How is this exposing the darkness within the music industry though? This is true of every single job in the entire world.  It’s literally an inescapable bi-product of making a living.

    It seems like everyone is romanticizing a pop-star for basically saying “some parts of being a celebrity conflict with my personal desires,” and “sometimes I do things I don’t want to do at work and it makes me feel out of integrity and unhappy.”  So why is this special? Why doesn’t she expose some of the juicy secrets she has learned from working close with Hollywood?  Why doesn’t she talk about the evil and darkness working through the music industry?  The answer is because she is a part of it.

    Lady Gaga is a Satanist


    Who are you Lady Gaga? What do you stand for?  According to the staff at London’s Intercontinental Hotel, Lady Gaga left her room’s bath filled with blood. Her room’s housekeeper stated that Gaga was “bathing in blood as part of a Satanic ritual”.  An insider said: “All of the hotel’s staff are convinced she was bathing in it or, at the very least, using it as part of one of her new costumes or weird stage routines.”.

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    Michael Pooter, Lady Gaga’s former stylist, quit his high profile job with the superstar, because he claimed that he couldn’t stand the way that she looked at him. Michael became uneasy at the way that Gaga would stare at him, at he asked her to stop, to which she replied that she would eat her babies. This caused him to ultimately leave his job and brand her a “Devil worshipper,” due in part to another incident:

    “One day, when she was mumbling more than normal, which I found out later was her actually speaking in tongues, I saw the number 666 on her scalp and I quickly asked for God to protect me. She rose up out of her chair and floated 3 feet above the ground while yelling…..’YOUR GOD IS NOT HERE MICHAEL. NOR WILL HE EVER BE. NOW GIVE ME SOME MORE HIGHLIGHTS AND TRIM MY BANGS YOU WORTHLESS *beep*’ “

    In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel where she is dressed like a satanist, the says “I swear to Lucifer” in the same way we might say “I swear to God”. Why would she say this?

    In her song Judas, she talks about how she is “in love with Judas”, the disciple of Jesus who Satan worked through and compelled him to turn Jesus over to the authorities to be killed.  “In the most Biblical sense, I am beyond repentance. Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind.  I wanna love you, but something’s pulling me away from you. Jesus is my virtue and Judas is the demon I cling to.”

    And what’s up with all the Satanic imagery and hand signs?:

    Lady Gaga dressed as a satanist with implanted devil horns on the Jay Leno show in 2011:


    Lady Gaga dressing up as Baphomet for photoshoots, concerts, and events:

    Lady Gaga’s album cover for her album “Born This Way”, shown with a 666 hand sign and symbolizing the all-seeing eye of Lucifer:


    Lady Gaga symbolizing the all-seeing eye of Lucifer and flashing a 666 hand sign:


    Lady Gaga mimicking Baphomet. One eye is let open to represent the eye of Lucifer, and she has another all seeing eye in the palm of her hand:


    Lady Gaga at the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards:


    Lady Gaga in a bloody sex scene laying on the blood and bodies of her victims in the show “American Horror Story: Hotel” in an episode from October of 2015.  This is about the same time she “woke up”.  I guess this is the “creativity” that was being suppressed by the music industry when they wanted her to sell perfume?:


    Why is she being praised?

    I just don’t understand.  A satanic Illuminati puppet with a networth of almost 300 million dollars comes out and complains about her first-world celebrity problems and the internet erupts like she is somehow pushing the envelope for human enlightenment.

    gaga-5She is arguably the most dark and demonic pop-star within the last decade, and  everyone is sharing activism blogs of her recent rant as if telling the world she didn’t like mingling with fans, being used to make others money, or being overworked is somehow a revolutionary reveal.  She probably has more inside knowledge into the REAL dark satanic horrors of Hollywood than anyone in the music industry right now, and she keeps her lips nice and sealed about her Luciferian and demonic affiliations.

    I’m sorry if I am being overly blunt, but I am really confused as to what is being celebrated.  “We are unconsciously communicating lies”.  All she is saying is that people have their identity wrapped up in social approval too much and try too hard to make impressions on people.  We all knew this the first time we heard “My dad can beat up your dad” on the kindergarden playground.  Feel like you are going a little out of integrity on social media? Solution: be yourself.

    We get that sometimes obligations in life make us do things we don’t always want to do.  We get that having a job suppresses creativity at times.  We get that sometimes we lose our sense of individuality in our job.  Such is life.  The only difference is, we don’t have the privilege as self-made multi-millionaires to complain about having our own beauty line, taking selfies with fans, or going to high-profile events.  A spoiled satanist has a minor existential crisis because being a rich celebrity compromises her personal desires at times, and the entire world sympathizes with her as if she is some kind of victim or hero.

    Stop complaining about the minor occasional disadvantages of being a self-employed celebrity, and let’s get to the part where you tell us about your experiences with Satanism, Freemasonry, and devil worship in Hollywood.

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