Kratom and Its Possible Effects on Dreaming

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Kratom is a tropical tree (Mitragyna speciose), native to Southern Asia, whose leaves are used as a recreational drug and by some people as a medicine. Its leaves are said to have a psychotropic effect on people, and they are mostly sold online in the form of a green powder, an extract or a gum. Kratom also goes by the following names: Baik, Ketum, Kakaum, Thom.

  • Dosage

    In reasonably small dosages, of 1-5 grams, Kratom can act as a stimulant, giving its users more energy. They feel more awake, alert, social, and talkative.

    When taken in higher doses, of 5-15 grams, Kratom can have fairly sedative effects on the human body. These effects cause its users to feel euphoric and calm at first and followed by a particular body fatigue. A large dose of Kratom can also interact with the receptor systems of the human body and produce specific stimulant effects.

    Kratom’s effect on Dreaming

    A lot of people using Kratom have regarded this substance to change their dreamscape to a pseudo reality, dream sequences that are incredibly vivid and memorable. Although there have been varied reports regarding the intensity of the feeling, most of that has been accredited to the size dose a person takes. In short, the higher the dose, the greater the likelihood of evocative and exciting dreams.

    Most people have also said that they have had the most lucid dreams when they have taken a dose of lab tested original Kratom capsules or powder, which are very hard to find. If you want original Kratom capsules or powder, head over to the golden monk to get your hands on the very best Kratom leaves in the market.

    Kratom and Vivid Dreams

    Most people, who have experienced this drug, say that they don’t actually sleep very great when on Kratom. They often go in a state of twilight/half sleep. Their dreams feel broken where they see still images, puzzles, and riddles. These experience are more common when a person has just started taking Kratom and reduce overtime with constant usage of the substance. After the dream sequence, most people say that they feel a certain energy and freshness inside their body.

    Kratom and Lucid Dreams

    Kratom causes its users to have a particular awareness and control in their dreams. The drug leaves a blurred line between reality and dreams. The experience differs from person to person. Some have regarded it as a series of event where they feel like their brain is working at 100% of its potential, and they can see and sense things they normally don’t. Context of these dreams become meaningless, and you can do whatever you want.

    People have also said that there has been an increased rate of nightmares and even sleep paralysis. However, it feels like they are in a horror video game, and they can control most of the dream. Like if they don’t want something in the dream, all they have to do is imagine and *poof* it is gone.

    The Bottom Line

    Taking Kratom is apparently safe for most healthy individuals, and the dreams caused by it are mostly harmless. However, it’s a good idea to start with a tiny test dose to see what kind of effects it has on your body before moving to large doses.

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