When Knowing Is Available, Who is going To Believe?

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Science should open the doors of devices that religions have been keeping closed. There is a vast universe outside you – it is infinite. You can go on and on exploring it, there is no end. But there is a bigger universe within you, and so close – just within you!  And you can go on exploring that too. You will come to know who you are, but that is not the end; the experience goes on deepening infinitely

A person can be both scientific and religious, and that will be the total human being… it is the same energy extending into two polarities. One becomes the object, the other becomes the subject . I would like to call it the science of the inner. And whatever is known as science today, I will call it the science of the outer. But the inner and the outer are two sides of the same coin. The outer cannot exist without the inner, the inner cannot exist without the outer. So there is no separation and there is no question of bridging.

The question of bridging science and religion arises because we tend not to think of a science that is half, and of bogus religions that depend on belief and not on inquiry.  You have to be inquirers. And that is your only responsibility to know yourself…

So I teach only one responsibility, and that is towards yourself. Everything else will follow of its own accord without any effort on your part. And when things happen effortlessly, they have a tremendous beauty to them

  • Science has to accept that it has been neglecting the most important part of existence: human consciousness. And once science starts moving into man’s interiority, religions will start disappearing of their own accord. They will become meaningless. When knowing is available, who is going to believe?

    You have within you the secret key, and now it is science’s responsibility to help you find the key. My vision of religiousness is scientific. That’s why I don’t offer any belief system. I offer methods, just as science has methods. They explore objects by their methods; we explore consciousness with our methods.

    Our methods are called meditations. They are absolutely scientific. No prayer is scientific, because you first have to believe in a God and only then can you pray, because a prayer has to be addressed.  Meditation is not to be addressed to anybody; it is just a method of digging within yourself. And you are there! There is no need to believe you exist

    Everything in the world can be denied, except you. You are the most fundamental reality – undeniable, indubitable. And finding it is a scientific experience.

    In the coming world, the new humanity, we will not have to bother about how to bridge religion and science, how to bring them together, how to stop them fighting and destroying each other – there is no need.

    Osho, The Book of Understanding, Chapter 2

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