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Kirlian photography has a well-established diagnostic purpose in the field of alternative and Eastern medicine. The images produced have a profound effect on the ability to heal. Let’s take a look at what Kirlian photography is and how it can be used to heal.

What is Kirlian Photography?

Discovered accidentally by Semyon Kirlian in 1939, Kirlian learned that when an object was placed on a photographic plate and connected to an electrical source, a radiant image created by an electrical field around the edges of the object showed up.

Kirlian photography is also known as electrography, electro photography, and corona discharge photography due to the connection between electricity and the images. One common Kirlian experiment is to tear a leaf in half and take a Kirlian image. The resulting image will be the surrounding electrical field of the full leaf. The theory behind it is that the leaf leaves an energy field behind and the electrical current adheres to the residual energy producing the image.

The image is the ‘life force’ that every living thing possesses and Kirlian photography is the practice of capturing that energy on film.

  • How Kirlian Photography Helps Heal

    Many common eastern medicine traditions including Reiki and acupuncture are based on energy fields in the body. Kirlian photography, because it gives a practitioner the ability to visualize these energy fields, is a useful diagnosis and evaluative tool.

    Acupuncturists can, for example, take an image of a person during an initial evaluation and see specifically where their energy is out of balance. It isn’t a replacement for an acupuncturist’s traditional diagnostic skills but rather a supplement and a way for them to demonstrate their assessment to a patient visually.

    Scientists and practitioners also theorize that Kirlian photography has a role in detecting cancer and other devastating diseases. For example, plants with cancer show up with a very vivid corona or electrical field than healthy plants – this is due to the high metabolic rate of cancerous cells.

    Kirlian photography may also be able to treat patients under psychiatric care. The images have the ability to exhibit the emotional state of the person being photographed. Based on numerous studies conducted by Dr. Thelma Moss of UCLA in the 1970s, she determined that states of relaxation lend themselves to a blue-white corona and states of arousal, tension, anxiety, or emotional excitement, a red blotch consistently appears superimposed on the fingerprint and may dissolve the coronal boundary.

    Kirlian photography, while it has skeptics, also has a strong foundation in the scientific and healing world. Professionals have used this ‘accidental’ discovery to help the lives of their patients around the world. It is hoped that it will become embraced by traditional western medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of major diseases like cancer. In the meantime, alternative healers are a great way to tap into this diagnostic and healing tool.

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