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I haven’t been writing that much lately. I decided to go stealth for a bit.

So I contemplated a while under the Bougainvillea.

Sometimes the best way to plug-in into the vastness of the universe is to go introvert, which pretty much could support the reality I subscribe to: It’s all inside. There is no outside. The grand illusion.

It may sound pretty bold to state that we can have a dialogue with the universe. We can. Sometimes it tricks, and it’s more an internal dialogue between one’s higher self, subconscious or the ego.

I often use melancholy as a vehicle to plug into the universe, since melancholy is a positive feeling, most people don’t like it, and they translate it as sadness. It is not. Melancholy holds a longing. Sadness doesn’t, it holds a sorrow.

Mostly, the last couple of weeks with the internal dialogue has been me trying to understand the sufferings I see and are confronted with.

It seems to have this blueprint right now:

– People feel disempowered.

– People suffer a lot on three levels:

The Intellectual/Spiritual, the Emotional or the Physical.

Maybe it goes with the spiritual territories to put all sufferings into a spiritual context. Everything can – but my debate was: Is it so?

Not always I think.

We just seem to have a need for an explanation, where maybe there isn’t that grand spiritual design involved after all.

In other words: Shit happens.

  • And we dig in for the reason, for a broken leg maybe on a physical scale.

    Spiritual default explanation: You need to take it easy. Uni’s talking. Okay, maybe on occasion it is so, but the folks I know who broke a leg, were pretty lazy – so I don’t think…… So there is ‘events’ and there are spiritual ‘events’.

    Think it’s all about empowerment and the Karma Yoga. Karma Yoga, as in plugging into real 3D.

    I have a friend in Oregon, who really goes: Karma Yoga. Works his butt off and wishes the day had 30 hours to it.

    I know a lot of ‘orbiting spirits’ that have no clue of the Karma Yoga.

    Karma Yoga is empowering in 3D reality. That is why many spiritual traditions go for: ‘Getting water and chopping wood’ as a part of the spiritual training.

    Grounded, is the keyword.

    Many might want to dodge the dishes, shopping for groceries, cleaning the house – they are way too spiritual for that. If you ever hear yourself thinking such thoughts – please bang your head against the wall. Not a healthy place to be.

    A place of disempowerment.  And a very contradictive place to be, since Karma Yoga is masterings life’s practical aspects.
    If that is not in place, the spirituality never will be ground based.

    On an esoteric note the 3 vehicles inside are not in balance:

    The physical

    The emotional

    The intellectual.

    And the outcome is: Sufferings of being unsettled inside.


    There’s a big difference between being sentimental and ‘goody goody do right’ or being heart based.

    Sentimental is a matrix sentiment:

    They want you to ship your $20 to the starving areas around the world, while they molest the countries resources and pay nothing to the dollar in slave-labour-wages. So they target sentiment your way.

    Another paradox, since I’m all into helping where needed, but I won’t support their bloody rape of natural resources in third world countries. Maybe being heart based upon it, is to observe it, and point to the suffering and its background, instead of band-aiding the matrix wounds.

    And that attitude can surely get me in trouble, but I stopped caring about getting myself into trouble. Since it’s fear based.

    My point being that sentimentally will get us nowhere. The heart will.

    The heart can go action mode, and while I’m at it, the heart not only holds Love, it also holds: Social Indignation. It also holds rage. The broken heart does, either on a collective scale or on a private.

    Anger can be a very healing emotion, but since the spiritual ‘shadow-overdrive-religion’ sticks to its points of: every emotion that is not looooving is a shadow; it can really confuse the concepts.

    My heart, not my bloody sentiment, feels rage over status quo, in third world countries, over The Syrian matrix, they want Aleppo for its Mesopotamian treasures, like they wanted them in Iraq. Like they want them in Iran, like they wanted them in the caves of Afghanistan and they wanted the opium. Items probably to be used in nasty Sumerian/Babylonian rituals.

    Frankly: It pisses me off.

    So rest assured, that you in fact are very healthy and in a good place if you, at the present, feel like going ballistic in order to challenge the status quo either in your private life or in the collective.


    I surfed the headlines as usual.

    Normally I don’t go on the ‘wake-up’ sites to find them, since they are already out there. I like to find the stuff myself.

    But I surfed a few very big ‘wake-up’ sites. What really struck me were all those pop-ups of ‘like us on Facebook’ – while the same sites do their best to expose what Facebook’s all about. Looks like a joke that’s tired of laughing.

    A bit silly eh?

    Yes, I know I have social media buttons, but no: ‘Likes’ for the counter of The Almighty Suckerberg and all of his profits.

    The reality of things can be a bit confusing sometimes. Get real in 3D, then orbit the higher altitudes.

    Have fun…

    The Bhagavad Gita on Karma Yoga:

    “Therefore, without being attached to the fruits of activities, one should act as a matter of duty, for by working without attachment one attains the Supreme”

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