It’s Time To Treat All Life As One, As Equal and As Part of All That Is

Micheal Forrester
Waking Times

Millions of hearts and minds are now moving away from separateness and distancing themselves from this virtual reality — the feeling that we are all apart from each other. In reality, we could not be apart if we tried. But we have played this game called earth very well and the facade has been very successful. It’s now time to move on and see all life as it really is, rather than what it appears to be.

We have devised a veil which keeps us from remembering our true history. It keeps us from remembering our true origin of who we are and where we came from. The true power of humanity is so great that it was necessary to create this reality full of limitations and duality. Otherwise, it would not be a game at all. We would realize our true power and the game would be over.

  • Think of an elephant who is tied from birth with a rope to a pole by its circus trainer. When it is young, no matter how much that elephant struggles, it cannot escape. As this elephant grows into a mighty and powerful adult, it still believes it cannot escape. For its entire life, the trainer has conditioned the elephant into believing that a rope can prevent its escape. If the elephant knew of its true strength, it could snap the rope in an instant, but instead the conditioning reinforces its limitations.

    Humanity is very much like the elephant tied to a rope from birth. We place conditions on ourselves and agree to them. We agree we cannot stay young, so we get old. We agree we cannot be happy, so we remain unhappy. We agree we cannot be healthy, so we remain diseased. We agree we cannot be rich, so we remain poor. The list goes on. We even agree to the terms of gravity, so we remain grounded. However, there are some human beings on the planet who do not agree to the terms of gravity and thus they can levitate. When it comes to the physical and natural death of the body, it is only our belief systems that take our lives…nothing more.

    We have built these conditions so that we can have experiences and learn. Learn that we are limited human beings in our physical form. Many who become aware of the veil would like it removed. However, the instant the veil is removed, we would leave planet earth and move on to other experiences. There would be no further purpose for being on the planet. When there is no veil, we remember who we are. We have full awareness of our unlimited power and that is not why we came to planet earth. We are all living at this moment for a reason and must accept that we are here to learn and experience, as difficult or simple as those experiences may be. We are collecting a wide variety of experiences, some painful, some pleasurable and some in the middle of both extremes. Every single one of those experiences is extremely valuable to the soul and collective of humanity. When we are finished learning, we will know because we will no longer be here.

    One of the most important lessons is that we are all one, interconnected and a unified living system on the planet. It may be difficult at times to appreciate this fact, but this is who we are. We are connected to every single thing on the planet whether it be a rock, an insect, a whale or another human being. So when we feel superiority over a specific life form, it is only a consequence of our ego and the mind not fully understanding where the heart is. When we torture, maim, or kill other life forms, it is only a reflection of what we are feeling within. Essentially, we are doing those acts to ourselves.

    Those who have gone above and beyond this vibrational level understand this concept very well. They feel the pain of other life forms and could never harm other living creatures as the pain would be felt within themselves. Many who feel this pain more intensely will also soon embrace a higher form of consciousness. The positive and negative energies felt within the positions of duality are making a transition. Instead of only seeing right or wrong, black or white, there will be a transitionary attachment which will allow many to see why those experiences along the path of duality are so integral in the learning process. To put forth extreme examples, they will see and understand why a child is killed or why an animal is tortured, rather than the pure physical pain created from such events.

    The polarity of love and fear is slowly descending. The options are ascending with our vibrational alignment. We will see things from much larger perspectives and positions more closely connected to our source energy where more transparency is available. Simply put, perception is changing.

    In order to experience love on our planet, it must be somewhat conditional from humanity’s perspective. The kind of unconditional love we experience from dogs for example, is real love that we will only know once the veil is removed. Until then, we must find ways to evolve love so that many of our conditions are removed.

    We will start connecting more with not only other human beings, but other life forms. We will see their connection to our own growth. Our hearts will begin to function much better than our brains. The magnetic field of the heart will increase and emotions will take on a new meaning. This in turn will move humanity into a place of accepting all life as equal and as one to fulfill our hearts desire.

    The new perspectives are upon us and in time the entire planet will see life in a totally new way. A place of love.

    Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

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