Italy and Switzerland Ban Novartis Flu Vaccines

Lisa Garber
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Amid political controversy, the Italian government took the highroad last week by suspending sales of flu vaccines when their quality and safety were called into question.

Novartis AG (NOVN) told Italian and Swiss authorities that their products were safe, although the shots did contain particle buildup. Citing Novartis’ failure to provide adequate information for the safe sale of the shots, however, the Italian Health Ministry has banned the 488,000 doses in question.

Swiss drug regulator Swissmedic followed Italy’s example and halted distribution of the vaccines just in case. Novartis is based in Basel, Switzerland.

No illnesses have been reported—a far different outcome than the fungus-contaminated steroids spreading meningitis across the United States.

Delayed Notification to Authorities

Italian Health Minister Renato Balduzzi met Novartis executives late last week to discuss the company’s delayed notification of proper authorities. (Novartis knew of the buildup back in early July.  The company said in a statement that particles can occur in vaccines and that they are “confident that there is no impact on safety or efficacy of the vaccine.”

  • This, of course, smacks of the same kind of confidence Monsanto has about the safety of its 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T herbicides (half the recipe for Agent Orange) and genetically modified crops. One wonders why, then, they paid $93 million in a settlement to residents of Nitro, West Virginia for dioxin contamination and related injuries. An incensed biotech scientist did recently say GMOs’ ability to cause fertility problems was ‘awesome,’ as well. Some corporations just see the world in terms of dollar signs.

    Innate Dangers of Vaccines

    The downside of most vaccines, however, is simply this: they don’t really workThe Lancet published a study involving 13,095 unvaccinated adults, only 2.7 percent of whom developed the flu compared to 1.2 percent of vaccinated adults. The flu vaccine’s efficacy was a humble 1.5 percent.

    Meanwhile, even low doses of vitamin D—either through the sun, diet, or supplementation—reduces risk of contracting the flu by 42 percent according to a Japanese study involving 430 children. Vitamin D in moderate amounts has none of the horrible side effects that often occur after vaccination, including but not limited to Type 2 diabetes-linked inflammation, autoimmune disease stimulation, and a deadly nerve disease known as Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

    Natural Ways to Prevent Sickness

    Please remember through the cold months that there are far cheaper and more effective ways to ward off the flu than harmful vaccines. If you’re already congested or have a sinus infection or cough, look for natural solutions right here on Natural Society. Similarly, don’t hesitate to implement these 9 ways to boost your immune system.

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