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You can increase your cyber security skills with the CISSP certification. Getting this credential proves that you have professional abilities in the field. You can design effectively, manage things well, and implement a best-in-class cybersecurity program. With the CISSP certificate, you endorse your expertise and turn into an (ISC)2 member. With this, you get to unlock a wide array of exclusive resources, educational tools, and various networking opportunities. All you have to do is to prove your skills, move your career forward, and get the support of any community of cybersecurity leaders so that they can support you throughout your career.

  • Defining (ISC)2 CISSP

    (ISC)2CISSP certification is appropriate for many positions. They include consultants, managers, and etc. The credential emphasizes and focuses on the operations side of security in information and responses on threats. You should develop some competencies, including network and communication security, asset security, identifying management, security of software development, software engineering.

    The ISC CISSP Security Certification is acknowledged and accredited by the Department of Defense for the application in certifying its employees. The agency demands all military and civilian personnel to have access to the sensitive DoD systems that have specific commercial security certifications. A point to remember and consider is that due to the certification being highly technical, those individuals who have a basic understanding and knowledge will have to put in more time and effort to grasp the concepts covered in CISSP so that they can pass the exam.

    Who is an ideal candidate for (ISC)2CISSP exam?

    The professionals who usually take the CISSP exam include IT security practitioners. They are security consultants, network architects, analysts, auditors, system engineers, and aspiring CISOs. The CISSP certification is amazing and ideal for the security practitioners who have experience. It is useful for those who have an interest in proving the knowledge they have over a wide range of practices related to security and its principles. These specialists occupy the following positions:

    • Chief Information Officer
    • Chief Information Security Officer
    • Director of Security
    • IT Manager/Director
    • Security Systems Engineer
    • Security Manager
    • Security Analyst
    • Security Architect
    • Security Auditor
    • Network Architect
    • Security Consultant

    However, CISSP is not the best option for every cybersecurity professional. Before you start walking on your certification path, it is important that you do not miss out on the chance to carry on a CREDENTIAL that is more aligned with your final career goals.

    Key points of (ISC)2CISSP exam

    The CISSP exam evaluates your skills and expertise in the eight security domains. You can think of these domains as topics that you need to learn and understand well. They are:

    • Domain 1. Risk and Security Management
    • Domain 2. Asset Security
    • Domain 3. Security Architecture and Engineering
    • Domain 4. Communication and Network Security
    • Domain 5. Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Domain 6. Security Assessment and Testing
    • Domain 7. Security Operations
    • Domain 8. Software Development Security

    How to register for (ISC)2 CISSP exam?

    Do not delay and wait. If you are ready to go on into the CISSP certification, tie yourself to the commitment and register immediately for the test. Schedule your exam by forming an account on Pearson VUE. This is a worldwide provider for computer-based testing for certifications and other license exams. You can find more details on the locations, accommodations, policies at the Pearson VUE website.

    Do practitioners need (ISC)2CISSP certification?

    There are many advantages of having the CISSP certification. We will look at three main areas where it holds importance.

    First of all, it is universally recognized. The certificate is respected greatly by a majority of global companies, such as P & G, Google, IBM, and etc. These organizations attest to the fact that CISSP has value.

    Popular: (ISC)2 reports that over 93,391 people attained the CISSP certification in over 149 countries globally in 2014.

    Age: This is the oldest IT security certification presented in the world and is considered to be the pioneer of certificates. It has had almost three decades to grow and develop.

    Salary: Global Information Security and Workforce study shares how the CISSP professionals earn around the world. The average salary is 25% more than that of their non-certified counterparts. Other professional organizations show the CISSP employees to be earning more with the certification in hand (SANS and IDC).

    Besides, surveys demonstrate that the salary-gap among members of the (ISC)2 and other non-members continues to increase. According to a survey carried out by Certification Magazine, 48% of security professionals who got their certification report have had an increase in their salary within one year. Still, 68% of people said that the increase was less than five percent. A quarter of respondents mentioned a 20-25-percent augment in the salary.

    Therefore, this credential is worth obtaining. To pass the exam, prepare adequately, use practice tests, and different materials.

    Final thoughts

    Information security is a very important department of any organization. (ISC)2 has also mentioned that the CISSP certification gives a marking point for the candidates as it provides chances to enhance their marketability and credibility as a professional. Moreover, with this department becoming an essential part of all companies, it is true that the holders of this credential get better welfare packages than the non-holders.

    This is a well-renowned fact that the CISSP exam is not a child’s play, and the individuals need to be prepared properly and adequately. They need to go through their coursework thoroughly and need to be aware of the structure, content, and layout of the exam. Visit the official website to be more informed. If you study hard, focus, and stay determined by planning out your study and exam effectively, you can excel in the exam. Remember that CISSP has a great deal of benefits to offer to you!

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