Is This What Successful Peaceful Protest Looks Like?

Isaac Davis
Waking Times

As worldwide protests against the avarice of the banking elite and the brutality of conflict-driven governments escalate globally, we see how all too often this results in violent conflict between the forces of the State and its own unarmed citizens.  Sadly, this is the norm, and we wonder if peaceful revolution is even possible in a time when police state technology and organization is as robust and fearsome as it is.

So, what does effective peaceful revolution look like?

Last weekend in the economic center of the European Union, Frankfurt, Germany, 20,000 peaceful protestors marching against austerity measures, achieved a small yet meaningful victory in this emerging global struggle.

Defying government orders not to assemble, activists and dissidents showed up to defiantly occupy St. Paul’s square and disobey recent laws aimed at outlawing protest.  Early on during the day it seemed as though police would do what they are paid to, which is harass and brutally oppress dissenters, as a few confrontations erupted.  However, later in the day when the police were ordered to move the protestors out of the square, they were met by a defiant peaceful charge, which caused the police to back down and abandon the crackdown.

  • In the video below, footage from this protest emerges showing first the typical modern design of a militarized metropolitan including checkpoints, helicopters, police boats, and thousands of hired riot police fully adorned in body armor and military style clothing.

    However, in an inspiring anomaly, many of these militarized riot cops have removed their headgear, taken up relaxed formations and in some instances even appear to be escorting protestors in a casual manner.  The faces of police officers can actually be seen and they appear, for a change, as normal people, although oddly clad in black BDU’s and protective gear.

    If the majority of people in the world are to create a new order where the interests of people are considered before the interest of blatantly corrupt institutions and governments, then it is absolutely necessary that the police lay down their arms and join with their protectorate in recognition of solidarity with the peoples of their own nations and communities.

    Is this is what a successful peaceful protest looks like?

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