Is the World is Run by People Who Are Acting Out Childhood Trauma?

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

The impression that we have of world leaders is false, as it is based on media representations of the external actions of these people. We are given the image of professional, tempered leaders with whom we can trust to make important decisions for the betterment of our world, but we never really can know what is happening inside their minds, spirits and in their consciousness.

  • We don’t know who these people really are, but when you consider that so many of them have warped and traumatized backgrounds, like so many of us, its easy to see that the world is governed by people who are acting on unhealed childhood trauma. War is perhaps the most grotesque manifestation of this process.

    In a recent podcast, Russel Brand talks with leading author and expert in addiction and trauma, Gabor Maté about the traumatized nature of those who occupy positions of power in our world today. Speaking about Tony Blair and other world leaders who are capable of dropping bombs and initiating wars in far away lands, Maté notes that these people are traumatized, and as a result are traumatizing other people.

    “These are traumatized people, otherwise they couldn’t do it, they wouldn’t be that split. And these are the people that our society rewards with power. Well that’s a sign of a traumatized society.” ~Gabor Maté

    Dissecting the nature of a system which is built to withstand the pressures of real change, Maté talks about the differences and similarities between Barak Obama and Donald Trump, both of whom are masters at manipulating people.

    “Obama was as ready as anybody to kill people abroad. He was as ready as anybody to send troops overseas…. Along comes  a Trump, he’s egregious. He’s a highly traumatized, utterly self-unrestrained, troubled, school-yard bully.” ~Gabor Maté

    Maté notes that Obama was traumatized by a father who left him, that Trump had severe issues with his father and other members of his family, and that behind the headlines, many of our most prominent leaders share similar stories of traumatized childhoods.

    In the end, when we look out into the world and wonder why everything is so screwed up, we can see the patterns and imprints of severe human trauma, which has been building for the entire human experience. Where we collectively go from here is anybody’s guess, but for the individual, a great way to take action is to make the choice to look within and to uproot your own personal trauma and find healing in order to represent a different possibility than the endless perpetuation of violence and trauma.

    The full episode can be heard here…

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