Is the Truth Toxic?

Zen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

The truth is only toxic to some. Namely those it exposes. It sure can knock just about anyone for a loop, but it shouldn’t be discouraging.

I’m seeing somewhat desperate reactions more and more lately via comments, correspondence and internet postings and it’s a concern worth addressing. People really do need to get a handle on what’s going on both externally and even more importantly internally. This has been addressed many times and we’ve been warning this challenge was coming and going to continue to grow, so now it’s time to put what we know to be true into action.

It’s not a time to withdraw, whatever we do. We have to face this head on and not pull back into a bunker mentality, although wise personal preparations are certainly in order. I agree it’s lousy “out there” and it gets all of us down at times, but we can’t stay there. The longer we do the more it envelops and disempowers us.

Granted it’s disturbing information coming at us incessantly, from mass surveillance and artificial intelligence being given the reigns by psychopaths to our deliberately degraded environment and encroaching police state, it’s certainly not pretty on that level. But despite all of this, being aware of what’s going on doesn’t have to mean dwelling on the negative. It’s ours to choose how we perceive our surroundings as well as how we spend our time and give our energy and attention to.

As world conditions continue to close in, remaining vigilant is simply necessary, but we have to see through and past it as well as practically deal with the consequences of these social, economical and geophysical machinations being waged on humanity.

  • Like Swimming – We Have To Keep Paddling

    Once we take the bait and fall for their isolation and dark agenda tricks it can all be downhill from there, but only if we let it. Staying above it is imperative for spiritual as well as physical well being.

    When swimming you can’t just stop. Perhaps you can float for a while but eventually you have to head where you are going and get back to terra firma to rest up. But once we embark into the sea of change, whether swimming or by boat, there’s work to be done to keep things afloat and moving in the right direction.

    That may sound moot but it’s that reality of the struggle we need to get a grip on in new and more conscious ways. This is a very tumultuous time with a lot coming at us. The temptation to drop and fold our hands in despair is strong when the battle rages on seemingly indefinitely, but these surges always pass and we find respite intervals from the storm eventually. We’ve all experienced this.

    Being mindful that “what we knew in the light should not be forgotten in the dark” is crucial during these episodes. One of the simplest solutions is to simply unplug from the information that is distressing you as necessary. Get out in nature, change the channel, create. This often brings the breather we immediately need.

    Gravity Pulls Down – Eject Baggage in Body, Mind and Spirit

    It feels like increased gravity (interesting word) comes over us. If we’re carrying a lot of baggage of any sort that can add to our problem. This is why detachment, both physically and spiritually, to those things that can be affected by these lower level vibrations is so essential. It’s simply practical.

    If you’re going into a race or battle, you don’t want to carry anything that isn’t essential, of any sort.

    The more subtle applications have to do with personal hang-ups (another interesting term) that cause us those kinds of attachments to either negative sounding news, personal circumstances or mental and spiritual proclivities. If we’re prone to debilitating unconscious mindsets, these can hang us up big time during stormy conditions where the assailing winds will catch anything and everything superfluous to a vessel, swimmer or truth warrior, and cause hindering as well as potentially dangerous conditions.


    Develop Your Intuitive Capabilities

    One place of peaceful and constructive refuge during times like these is spiritual strengthening and creativity. This can come in the form of meditation, art and music, being with those you love and like to hang out with or having extended time in nature. Let yourself follow your passion and spiritual hunger.

    It’s my conviction that the next frontier, in addition to connecting locally, is developing our intuitive and spiritual capabilities. We’re in a warfare, and our weapons are spiritual, not only for our personal survival and spreading of the truth, but allowing ourselves to become equipped more fully with the gifts and capabilities we each inherently have but have not been fully developed yet that are needed in these increasingly challenging times.

    So many of us have woken up to the reality of the vast infinite resources available to us. It’s time to tap into them and discover how to utilize these untapped capabilities at this crossroads of ages. It’s clearly part of our progressing development and something we all sense and know to be right at our fingertips. I don’t have any shortcuts for finding these, but they’re shared in our connectivity while also being individual to each one of us. To tap into these vast resources at our disposal at this juncture is imperative, be they healing technologies, psychic capabilities or simply manifesting more fully our light body, if you will.

    Taking Positive Action Cures Confusion and the Blues

    When we take initiative to confront any situation it puts us in charge. While the playing field is clearly being manipulated and we often have to operate within certain confines, we need to make the effort to participate in realms that inspire and empower us as much as possible.

    This is done by helping others and being proactive in the information and community action arenas. Those fainting in their minds are often those who aren’t active in any way to help expose the reality of our situation nor actively promoting the power of conscious awareness that is available to all, least of all transmitting or participating in it in their local communities. At least to a sufficient degree.

    As so many wise teachers and examples have said, making others happy and sharing caring words and deeds bring happiness right back. It’s the law of love.

    I know this is easy to say, and we all have our moments when it gets us down, but we can’t stay there and wallow in our self pity and get further overwhelmed by the lower vibrational barrage that’s besetting the planet at this time. We need to constantly realize this disabling and deliberately disempowering spectacle of world events and the accompanying fear and hopelessness propaganda barrage are designed to do just that.

    Coming Into Focus

    Uniting in common cause is also tremendously empowering. So many of us have been doing so and quite wonderfully using the internet which has served as such an amazing catalyst to our awakening age. We’re making new friends traversing the same path, discovering wonderful realities and seeing what true information and communication can accomplish in strengthening and encouraging humanity.

    But it’s time to come out from “behind the screen” lifestyles and meet up. The human touch has been neglected to a large degree as we’re witnessing in epidemic proportions with social media and portable devices completely disrupting normal human to human interactions.

    The human touch has not entirely been neglected, as wonderful gatherings, conferences and community action events have been happening across the earth. But there needs to be much more. Millions are looking for the next step and it’s time we took it and helped others to do the same.

    But it’s all up to each of us to do what we can.

    Wrap Up

    Taking the next steps will clear the cobwebs. Don’t let the information overload and machinations of the dark agenda immobilize you and make you a target instead of an agent of change. There’s plenty for any and all of us to do.

    Let’s take this to the next level, in any way we are called. Activation cures personal problems by focusing our energy on what really matters to the greater good of all. Our personal happiness easily follows without even looking for it.

    As I like to say, the rudder (steering your life’s purpose and direction) cannot take effect unless the boat is in motion.

    Paddle on – and see you upriver!

    Much love,


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