Is ‘The New Normal’ Total Control?

Anne Gordan, RN
Waking Times

It appears that food, air, water, power, pets, and your physiology, etc., are targets for control. Think about it. We have already unknowingly eaten GM food, been victims of toxic environmental disasters, un-leashed depleted uranium upon the earth, yet we sit on the sidelines watching total control unfold.

Today we have diseases that did not exist in the past, with odd symptoms.  Clever people name them something and they become a new normal ‘abnormal’. For example, fibromyalgia, was not a popular diagnosis in the 60’s, yet today, it is more common, than not. We see ‘run away’ morbid obesity, and people who become helpless pharmaceutical repositories obediently following their prescribed chemical path. Each in hopes to actualize their dreams of being healthy and happy again.

For a few years, genetically modified mosquitoes have been released as experiments in the Cayman Islands, Malaysia, and Brazil. Today, that manufacturer of these GM insects want to release millions in Britain, but not just mosquitos. This company has been recently working on genetically modifying the diamond-back moth in addition to the already released mosquito. The large British corporation has been working on the GM insects designed to kill off pests feeding on cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, fruit, and olives.

This sort of insect manipulation is being sold as a ‘green’ alternative to spraying. (As if spraying would stop). The technology involves inserting a ‘lethal’ gene into male insects (to prevent the females from reproducing) which is passed on to offspring, such as caterpillars that die quickly….this theoretically boosts farm yields (profits). The original idea was that reduction of the mosquitoes could reduce Dengue fever to humans.

  • Perhaps there is a benevolent intention to create a new form of agricultural control to reduce crop disease by introducing unnatural insects. On the surface, in fact, it sounds good…like the mosquitoes won’t breed as much. However, were the people of those lands consulted prior to the release?  I doubt it. What about the introduction into the food chain? What happens when bats become the new lethal rat, or some unforeseen result of tampering with the natural order?

    Air throughout the world appears to have been sprayed, and continues to be sprayed. This can be witnessed as lingering grid like lines, sometimes forming X’s. In scientific circles it is discussed as ‘geo-engineering’ and referred to as persistent contrails. So-called conspiracy theorists have called them ‘chemtrails‘.

    Our water, is becoming more toxic, and, in many places, after being tested, pharmaceuticals are detected.Fluoride is added to water supposedly for our teeth, but how about the studies s showing what ‘drinking’ fluoride does, for the long term. How about the leaching of BPA, a toxic by product of many plastics, that we unknowingly drink? We see ‘chipping’ today in our debit card, animals, and phones,medical ID tagsChipping, is a new normal keeping us safe, right?

    The commercialization of GM insects world over is chilling.  Adding GM insects seems to be a final nail in the control saga in the food chain. We might be begging for GMO in the future, or NANO altered food. A potato of the future might look like one, taste like one, but, might create new tumors (like test results on rats). Mandatory labeling of GM products didn’t happen recently (in California) and people are still arguing about it.

    Workers and many scientists believe this will be the only way to feed the world. They also believe the ‘safety tests’ that were done.  But, where are the long-term safety studies?

    Are we next for total control? A future of commercialized designer obedient people, fed secret ingredients in fake food, and tainted air?  We already have zombie bees, GM processed food, nanotechnologysneaking in between our cells…seriously, what’s next? Is anyone screaming yet?


    About the Author

    Anne Gordon is an RN, an Author, Researcher, and a computer artist. Fascinated with societies, and the future, she is drawn to medical health trends of tomorrow. What will health look like? Will we be more mechanical than spiritual? These are some of the concepts she is looking at. Many of her articles like her art, are slightly outside the mainstream box, aimed towards thought stimulation. She is also extremely curious about how the ‘business’ of healthcare, and wellness intertwine today.

    Her artwork, is a combination of photography and painting, and is publicly shown. In her spare time, she teaches in a local community college.

    This article originally appeared at GreenMedInfo, an excellent source of news and information about natural health. 

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