Is Cannibalism the Solution to Food Sustainability in the Future?

Sergey Baranov, Contributor
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Sci-fi has a track record of telling us what’s next. Video phones, digital tablets, self-driving cars, helper robots, space travel and Artificial Intelligence were all envisioned by Jules Verne, whose 1865 novel From The Earth to the Moon tells a story of Baltimore Gun Club, a post-American Civil War society of weapons enthusiasts who shoot 3 people onto the Moon using a big cannon. Moon landing happens a century later. Herbert G. Wells predicted lasers, biological warfare and automation in his brilliant novels War of the Worlds and The Time Machine.

  • More modern sci fi writers such as William Gibson gave us the novel Neuromancer, in which cyberspace is already seen on the horizon, and Artur C. Clarke’s novel The Sentinel inspired the 2001: A Space Odyssey, a science fiction film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. Then there are the brilliant novels Brave New World and 1984 by Aldous Huxley and George Orwell respectively, which precisely predict the pharmacological mind control and digital surveillance which are seen today.

    How about the dystopian science fiction novel Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison? This inspired the sci fi movie Soylent Green, in which cannibalism is introduced as a solution to feeding people in an overcrowded world. It is rather unlikely the author himself could imagine that such a gruesome scenario would ever become a reality. However, 46 years after the production of the movie, this repulsive concept has made it into the mainstream news.

    A Swedish behavioral scientist and marketing strategist, Magnus Söderlund, from the Stockholm School of Economics, proposed that in order to tackle the effects of climate change, we must “awaken the idea” and break the taboo on eating human flesh. I have to admit that even to me, a relatively informed person who is aware of the new waves of insanity which are rising now on a daily basis, this was hard to believe. I had to ask a friend of mine who is currently visiting us from Sweden to watch the interview the Swedish professor has given to Channel 4. We sat together and carefully went through the 4 minute interview a number of times to ensure that the translation is correct. My friend could not believe his ears. Through the laughter, he has translated the scientist’s talk.

    Here is a transcript:

    Reporter: Why did you start to explore the possibility of eating human flesh?

    Scientist: It’s a part of a series of different studies, exploring the limits of nontraditional types of food.

    Reporter: Do you explore ways to eat food or do you explore our attitude towards eating certain types of food? Which are you most interested in?

    Scientist: There are many taboos around eating human flesh and these are hard to break. I don’t think it’s going to be a big thing for people in the West and our generation. However, even though many people have this taboo around it and think it is extremely weird and gross, it’s important to explore why some people don’t want to do certain things. It’s a study about things humans avoid doing.

    Reporter: Why do many of us react strongly to the idea of eating human flesh in order to save the planet?

    Scientist: The first thing is that the person who is going to be eaten has to be already dead; that’s the normal thing when you eat people. To kill people in general is taboo even though others do it and it has been done for a long time. The other taboo is that you shouldn’t defile the dead body. I think we have a harder time breaking the second taboo than the first one. People in general are a bit conservative when it comes to eating certain foods that we are not used to. And all these taboos make it difficult for those who want to get into the human flesh industry.

    Reporter: You don’t believe this is going to be a big thing like eating insects, which many famous chefs is a good way to go about tackling climate change?

    Scientist: Insects are not very popular to eat in the West. Two billion people eat insects but they are not in the West. There are studies about how people looking at eating insects and very few think it’s exciting and want to try it. You have to think that eating human flesh would probably have a bigger gross factor. But if we have to turn every stone when it comes to the issues of climate change and sustainability, it’s important to awaken this question.

    End of the interview. You can watch it here.

    It was an effort for me to listen to this utter garbage.

    Most certainly the vast majority of human population are appalled by an idea of consuming human flesh and even thinking about it as a distant possibility makes one want to throw up. But what would this majority opinion mean if we are not united? If we don’t stand up together and collectively resist this human madness, we will be forced to eat corpses in the very near future.

    Of course, you can argue that one madman does not represent the whole scientific community, therefore, there is no reason to be alarmed. In a different time, I would agree with you. However, today in the times of mass climate psychoses such a statement coming from a behavior scientist and aired on a national TV must be taken seriously. It is one thing to propose consumption of insects but quite another to talk about consuming humans. The good news is that he admits that anyone to be eaten must normally already be dead. But how long will it be before people will figure out that eating other humans fresh – like sushi – may actually be healthier? And still other perverts and psychopaths might think that eating veal made of humans is even better. Thus, children go on the menu. Madness is as infinite as the Universe itself.

    Of course, getting us to eat each other would serve well the evil eugenic agenda whose only aim is to depopulate the planet as fast as possible and at minimum expense. Wars, vaccines, GMOs, chemical and radioactive pollution of our water, food and air it seems, don’t kill people fast enough. Let them now eat each other!

    For the uniformed this would be simply shocking and for good reason. But for those who are aware of the Agenda 21 depopulation plan, it does not come as a surprise.

    Depopulation is at the top of the globalist agenda.

    We are just too many people to control. If you look at Georgia Guidestones, you find an exact number at which the unelected rulers of our world want humanity to be. The stones state that population should be maintained at under 500 million people. That means that over 90% of the current world population has to die. And this is a very generous number in comparison to Bill Gates’ vision of the future.

    But who has the moral ground to decide who lives and who dies? How did we arrive at a point when one human being assumes the power to mass murder? Did we not finish this with Stalin, Hitler and Mao?

    Of course, big money and influence can do this but this power is immoral in essence and should be refused by every human being. A century ago, a resistance to such evil was difficult to form but today, with the immense power of the internet, all barriers have been removed. The Internet is the true power of the people, which is of course under attack as we speak. This is a tool we can and should use to denounce madness, evil and stupidity and unite sane, descent, like-minded people.

    This obviously mad scientist – who is also a professor of marketing – is pushing cannibalism as a solution to climate change. According to him the taboo on eating human flesh should be broken and we should eat dead people.

    There are taboos in our world that should be broken. Such as the taboo on sex and nature. A religious taboo on sex is oppressive, restraining our natural desire for sex which is our basic instinct. We came here through sex.

    Same goes for the use of medicinal plants which are also tabooed by the law in the most parts of the world. In fact, what should be tabooed is the very prohibition on using medicinal plants for personal healing. It is simply a crime to forbid a person to seek healing by any means. Such taboos are installed to control the people and such taboos must be broken. But a taboo on not eating human flesh? This is not even a taboo, rather a common sense.

    As any law begins by a representative sponsoring a bill, so any new social norm starts with a proposal by the social engineers. Using science as a cover is a convenient way to convince the masses who believe that science is an authority. This is a weapon of mass destruction that is delivered in words. It’s like an intellectual jab that has to provoke a legitimate response via a series of jabs until the opponent is knocked down. If we allow this intellectual virus to proceed without any resistance, it will simply infect more people and turn them into living zombies. The Pentagon’s preparations for a zombie apocalypse look very different from this perspective.

    At least we know where this will start. Even without imagining the zombie pathogen that might escape a bio lab onto the streets of New York, the ongoing chemical and pharmaceutical pollution of our water, food and air is already enough to precipitate all kinds of destructive behavior. People are going mad. Triggering violence among confused, disconnected, dissatisfied, mentally disturbed individuals is so much easier these days. Many of them are restrained only by the legal consequences and are waiting for the system to collapse. The moment they learn that eating people is now a new norm and that no jail sentence will follow this gruesome act, a wave of new crimes will flood our cities.

    The very proposal of cannibalism is a sign of a decaying society. We have reached a point where insanity is normalized on a daily basis and speaking against it is not politicly correct. The political correctness, of course, is a mental poison that is designed to control your thoughts.

    Just imagine a near future where your spouse goes to the supermarket and asks you what would you like for dinner. After answering “human leg, honey,” you would ask them not to forget to bring an intestine for the dogs.

    Apart from it being simply disgusting to even imagine eating your granny, cannibalism has been proven deadly to humans. A Papua New Guinea tribe called the Fore, who customarily ate their dead at the funeral in order to liberate their spirit, brought upon themselves an epidemic of a disease called Kuru, or laughing death, which was caused by ingesting human meat.

    It seems that the neoliberalism is the Kuru itself which has already begun spreading like wild fire. The world is about to eat itself, literally. What amuses me most is to think that while consumption of medicinal plants is illegal, eating dead humans is apparently OK.

    If this is not madness, I don’t know what madness actually is.

    We are losing our world, folks, and its time to stop being a coward and to stand up and speak your mind. We all need to come together and denounce this idiocy once and for all.

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