Interview: How Growing Food Can Diminish Stress and Evoke a True Sense of Security

by Waking Times

In the interview below, Marjory Wildcraft of The Grow Network shares how growing food can diminish stress that stems from worry about societal issues, such as the toxicity of the food industry and the possibility of an economic collapse.

In addition, Dylan Charles and Marjory discuss how learning to grow your own food can be miraculously therapeutic. They get into the physical and spiritual benefits of gardening, as well as why it’s important to know how to cure infections without antibiotics.

Finally, Marjory gives us a glimpse at a new system that teaches how to grow half of your own food in less than an hour a day. A viewing of this system will be airing for free starting March 20.

Come to find out, growing half of your own food less complicated and takes less time than people think. Marjory’s new system – How to Grow Half of Your Own Food in Your Backyard in Less than an Hour Per Day – will be available for free from March 20-22. CLICK HERE

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