Intention and the Rite of Disengagement

Break the ChainsZen Gardner, Guest
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What we participate in is pretty much the name of the game. What do we spend our time, energy and intention on? What are we consciously and/or subconsciously empowering that’s leading to our own dis-empowerment? Where attention and thus intention goes, energy flows. Where is ours going, collectively and individually? Something to seriously consider on a continual basis in this massively manipulated energetic world.

I’ve been blown away recently by the rapid rise in consciousness we’re witnessing and it’s hitting me between the eyes. The awakening is clearly on and reverberating as new waves of energetic truth continue to pervade every area of society. I’m receiving so many amazing articles, interviews, emails and contributions from deeply inspired people to the extent that I’m almost bewildered. It’s just so wonderful! I love getting launched into new realms of discovery, freedom and empowerment – not just for me, but for our collective consciousness.

It all begins with each of us letting go into new awakenings in our lives which in turn affects the entire cosmic field and further illuminates and empowers the new realm we’re seeing birthed.

Realizing where our attention and intention go is of utmost importance. The last thing we want to do is reaffirm the intent of the controllers, yet we are prone to doing that in fixating on their nefarious machinations, even in our efforts to expose and stop this march against humanity. Far be it from the truth of our  overall intention, but we can unwittingly reinforce their ugly parasitic vibe and bring on their end result by helping to articulate and visualize it. Like the contained and manipulated legal and political realms, it’s again the push me, pull me futile game of the matrix. All an energetic scam.

  • The Awakening Rolls On

    It’s time we fully woke up to this ploy. Ours is to take the initiative in wondrous awakened ways to realize, at all times, our given divine birthright and live accordingly. The hourglass for this paradigm does not have many grains of sand left. It’s time we detached and departed from their veiled realm of deceit in every way possible as it crumbles into oblivion.

    Fully awakening is really the core of why we’re here. Each human soul is here to find its true purpose and direction. The matrix is a snare, a negative distraction, a challenge to our very spiritual existence. How we handle this challenge is ours to deal with.

    It’s fundamentally very pragmatic. Taking charge of our lives means detaching from participation in anything illusory and hence entrapping. It can be “believing” lies of the media, serving their system for financial gain, drinking in their sewage whether it be news or entertainment, or fearing, and thus worshipping, binding governmental and financial contracts simply by participating in them.

    Either we play along with the game of fear and survival instincts directing us as they’ve designed, or we go with our hearts and what we have learned and are learning to be true. It’s pretty clear once you’re detached from the disinformation. A real key is seeing what’s coming at us as fact or fabricated fiction, which lends importance to a degree of alternative information. But even there we must be selective and discerning.

    Enter the Exit –  What’s in a Name?

    It wasn’t until I shifted into my core identity to who I truly was that I became fully liberated. Suddenly I was free to write, act and live to my fullest potential. It’s a process and takes some doing, disconnecting from attachments that reinforce the old programming. I have yet to fully make the break with all of my enslaving documentation as outlined in but I’m down to precious little and the principle is the same. The rest will follow.

    The empowerment that awaits each of us as we become who we truly are, name change or not, is what this is all about. If it works for you fine. It’s not essential nor the focal point except to illustrate the literally binding “contract” we’ve been born into.

    I find it interesting that in social media so many people use pseudonyms. This is partially why. It provides a level of liberation. It doesn’t mean someone has made a drastic detachment in their life but it exemplifies a dynamic – operating from a new sense of self and identity without all the baggage of who we once were. This isn’t always good as we know, as many use this very irresponsibly to make disparaging remarks and take pot shots at their target of the day. The system does this all the time to disguise and hide behind their many masks.

    The other end of the spectrum is this exciting Babylon Is Fallen phenomenon, actually fully breaking the contract you were stapled with at birth, like an electronic store alarm tag that follows you through life. But even this is not the full issue of conscious awakening, nor does this type of detachment even work unless you’re awakened first. This is clearly outlined in the losethename  materials, as so many are looking for quick fixes or get out of jail free cards for purely selfish and self serving motives.

    That’s a far cry from the essence of what we’re addressing here. Nor is it the freeman or sovereign concept of working via different forms of law. This is about being completely divorced from the whole enchilada.

    The real underlying dynamic is operating from a place of total freedom which can only happen with a conscious awakening that births the process. At that point we continue to evolve in awareness. The pragmatics of what to do next become increasingly evident and it’s off to the races we go! Only it’s not a race, but more like being launched like an unstoppable, free-range, anti-gravity spaceship!

    Don’t Reinforce the Negative Meme

    This is something I’m becoming more and more aware of and on guard about. Energy flows where attention goes we know is true. Then why the obsessive fascination with what the dark lords and their minions are doing? I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t be aware of it or stick our heads in the sand, but there is clearly a time to back off and make sure we’re maintaining our spiritual footing. And more than that, not participating in their intention and negative energy field.

    To see what’s going on we can peruse headlines on many terrific alternative reporting sites. It’s important to keep track of. But we must concentrate on solutions, personal first and societal second, as well as lucid exposures of what’s truly going on and how to navigate these times.

    Ultimately it’s all about the intention. Whether we tune into theirs intentionally or by habit, or learn to discern and dissolve their lies whereupon they can be either outright discarded or alchemically transmuted back into the language of love and empowerment.

    Find Your Conscious Footing and Operate from There

    It’s a process. We have to keep evolving and not get caught in the wash, rinse, repeat cycle. At any level. Some of these traps, pitfalls and hindrances are not easy to identify but they eventually become clear. Then we need to jump the next hurdle and not stop. It takes commitment to truth and is not always easy. It requires change. Constant change and a willingness to go with it.

    While some of these changes may appear drastic at first, many are not always big things either.

    That’s what makes it fun, finding our way and helping each other through the maze. Dissolving the lies before our eyes takes practice but mostly it’s a way of life, a place to operate from. Anything that tries to move us into a place of shifting sands and soul sucking vortices of deceit and time and energy sapping becomes much easier to discern and hence avoid. Their war on the human mind and body is so intense for this very reason, to screw up our receptivity and draw us into another part of the sticky web of lies.

    What they’re finding out though is it ultimately doesn’t work! When we operate from that place of infinite, eternal footing we are untouchable and unstoppable.

    Quelling the Voice of Doubt

    We all hear it. “Who are you to say that?” “Who are you to do that?” The worst ones are in our heads, but people are often dumb enough to actually voice them for you! It’s actually good to confront these types as it can only strengthen your convictions, assuming you don’t listen and back down from the true voice of conviction.

    But let’s face it, it’s that barrage of truth denial and even reversal that we’re up against in this unenlightened and heavily manipulated world. Worse yet is the truth omissions. When the obvious goes unsaid it can be the most devastating to individuals as well as society. That’s why I like to dissect and see through these false portrayals we’re given and fill in the blanks as best I can. Truth is so incredibly powerful it just stands on its own. There’s no ego attached to it, no fake identity or innuendo. It just is, and open hearts and minds will recognize it and rejoice in it.

    Don’t listen to those negative voices. Don’t dwell on them. Recognize them for what they are and go on your merry way. The only way anything can have power over us is if we entertain it. That negative vibration is an entropic infection of the most debilitating sort. That’s why dwelling on the negativity of this furious self immolation of these parasitic thugs attempting to co-opt the entire planet is so important to avoid.

    It only plays into their game. Starve the beast and get away from it while it violently consumes itself in its final rage. We don’t have to stand there and go down with. Split, in any way you can separate yourself. Revelations 18:4 is a powerful verse that has always resonated with me and kept me living outside the system and the US for decades following the first stage of my awakening and can be applied directly to this culmination we’re witnessing:

    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    Some good advice, whoever said it.


    What are we participating in? How much of this beast from some hellish realm are we still serving and feeding with our energy, time and intention? That question is ever before me as I continue in my personal journey. The wonderful thing is there are so many of us, and we’re finding each other!

    That has got to be freaking them out…and I don’t need physical proof to know that although there’s plenty out there if you need it.

    Dark forces rage against the light, but they can’t put it out. And as we gather in momentum and conscious understanding and living free from their matrix of deceit and continue to break our contracts with them, the light is burning this beast like sunlight hitting a vampire.

    Drop the chains and shine on!

    Why not? What’s holding you back from the next step? It’s time to get serious about breaking free and start making a real difference. That’s the challenge – for all of us. So why not just do it? Start with one thing at a time. The idiotic psychopathic so-called “rulers” have cornered humanity and ironically eliminated the options to do otherwise. Is this Universe giving us encouragement to make the next grade? I’m inclined to think so.

    Encourage yourself – do something radical today and see your real liberated self in action. It’s a blast!

    Then take it from there!

    We are unstoppable. It’s only ourselves that can get in the way, that stinking fear and pride.

    Time to let it go. Meet you there!

    Love always, Zen
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