Integral Salvation – The Message of Sacred Plants

Artwork by Pablo Amaringo

Artwork by Pablo Amaringo

Jonathon Miller Weisberger, Contributor
Waking Times

Because our modern way of life is failing us and Mother Earth, we need to design a new operating system that will encompass everyone and everything, and guide us all back to a harmonious co-relationship with each other and with nature. There is no other choice, nothing else will work at this point, and this is precisely what the sacred plants teach, and why their message is resonating with so many in these times.

Sacred plants and especially the entheogenic plants such as Ayahuasca and Yagé, Iboga, San Pedro Cactus and Peyote, among others, ask us to reach towards an integral salvation, which means we cannot achieve salvation of our own self, but rather that we must reach towards the salvation of all nature and all life.

In order to do this, we must abandon all discriminations to all forms of life, holding no discrimination towards any form of life. No matter what form they take or don’t take, no matter what type of transformation they have undergone to get here. Whether it be from womb, from egg, from cocoon, from slime or any other type of transformation.

It is imperative that we raise our vibrational level, and be ready always to serve at whatever level is within our reach. For some, simply smiling is the best they can do, and it is necessary as it uplifts people’s energy around you. Others can take it much further. For many youth or newly graduated university students they can take it that much further, using their youthful energy to walk this path in defiance to the movements of the herd. Those with resources can apply themselves even more to being a healing salve for the world by supporting positive causes. In any of the many manifest forms that this can take, we must awaken to a universal culture of service that sees other’s joys and other’s sorrows as if they were our very own. This is how to dissolve the illusory boundary of separation between ourselves and the rest of creation.

  • We must discover and adhere to a holistic perspective, one that embodies the wisdom of the tree of life, and no longer just the tree of knowledge that values only the seen realms of existence. We complete the search for knowledge, and merge the perspective of the tree of life with a perspective that values both the unseen realms as much as it does the seen realms. In doing so, we discover that the unseen realms are vastly larger and greater than the seen, and that in reality it is the unseen realms which uphold and the seen. As the roots and all of the organisms below the soil give life to the tree, it is must be understood that spirit is what upholds matter. We must do this to reorient and broaden our perspective on our connection to the earth and it’s creatures.

    There is a lot of reconditioning necessary, and in order to arise to the place of being both witness and co-creator, one who can merge the universal forces of creation and evolution, we must toss asunder so much of the baggage that is accumulated along the path of life. We have to free ourselves of this by giving ourselves the time and space to cleanse the mind and emotional body through introspection, self-reflection and the purging of all that which does not serve us.

    This is precisely what sacred entheogenic plant medicine allow those who seek them to accomplish.

  • “Visionary plant medicine in its ceremonial context is a portal to unseen realms, one that was made known in order to help the temporal maintain its connection to the eternal.” – Jonathon Miller Weisberger, Rainforest Medicine

    The Calling of the Plants

    When you hear the plants calling, it is because you have already invited the plants to enter you life. When you answer that call and move earth and mountains to meet the sacred medicine in sacred ceremony, then you can awaken to a new way of being, a new paradigm that acknowledges and acts to realize our coming ancient future. When we commune with the plants we learn the ways in which to invoke their celestial power, and we take them in thick, heroic doses, letting go of the the falsities of our self-constructed identities, and breaking through the veil that encompasses the physical realms and binds us to the material perspective. When we do so we are making the decision to no longer be a guest on the planet, but instead to be the host and the steward of this great web of life.

    This perspective is both as new as a spring blossom and at the same time as old as the universe. It permits us to fully realize the proper way to live and awakens within us a demand to be part of a universal culture of service. With this we have the clarity to understand that helping others is also a way, the best and only way, of helping ourselves.

    Take, for example, photosynthesis. How much more generous can plants or any form of life be? They graciously receive what is given them from the sun and in return give off oxygen so that all life on planet earth can be.

    Will We Find the Thing That Heals Us Before We Kill It?

    Can we as a humanity redirect the current global predicament of imminent demise? If so, then how?

    Most certainly, awakening to a unified perspective and an integral way of life plays a crucial role. This is where sacred plant medicine and authentic ceremony rise to the occasion to save the day from disaster and disgrace, offering a hyper-accelerated opportunity for this to occur. Now more than ever before, recognition of all of the world’s great spiritual traditions are a priority, and must be reintroduced to people everywhere in a way that allows these traditions to be accepted into the modern day way of life. All of us together need to be a part of the redirection of the current push of humanity. All of us each in our own unique way.

    This is how we become co-creators of a new world, the new world we are all seeking. This is how we can bring heaven to earth and make, again, this planet the heaven that it is. Let’s look deep into our souls to understand this ancient perspective; it is nothing new, it is the way of the ancient ones, and it has never before been needed as much as now in order to go forward. This is why traditional wisdom is so crucial at this time. Our true place in this holographic universe as co-creators in this great cosmic dance is one of harmonious interconnection, a form of democratic animism, one that unites the material with the ethereal, where all humans are free from the constraints of the past and the present in order to forge a more noble future.

    Most certainly then the ultimate question becomes…Will humanity awaken to a unified perspective in these penultimate moments of human history? Will we find the thing that saves us before it’s too late?

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    This is what the plants are teaching. That we need to change the current operating system, the paradigm that allows for the plunder and wonton destruction of Mother Earth, towards one that creates harmony for all living beings. There is an extreme urgency to this, no time must be wasted.

    Will you acknowledge the protocols of reverence that the sacred plants of planet earth are working to inform us of. Will you seek their wisdom in exchange for integral salvation and take part in the reconnection?

    “The essence of the earth has risen again. It has risen inside me. It has the potential to rise inside you, as it resides within us all. And it must be unleashed, “painfully and passionately” lest things –bees; oceans; monarch butterflies; people– collapse into an unhealthy state of existence. This is the essence of sacred activism. This is the lighting of the third fire: each of us realizing that we are a force of nature first and a person second.”Gary ‘Z’ McGee

    Council Gathering

    About the Author

    Jonathon Miller Weisberger is the author or Rainforest Medicine: Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon, and the proprietor of Guaria de Osa EcoLodge in Costa Rica where he hosts sacred ceremonial gatherings with elder plant masters of the Secoya tribe of the upper Amazon basin. Jonathon is an active rainforest and marine turtle conservationist and founder of

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