The Insane Things the 1% is Doing With the Wealth They’re Stealing From Us

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For decades, independent researchers and real investigative journalists like Bob Chapman warned us about the financial bubble that was being created by the world’s political and financial elite. It was intentional, another planned cycle of boom and bust made possible by central banking institutions in corroboration with corrupt legislators and regulators, designed to create a debt bubble that would ultimately make it (supposedly) necessary for governments to bail out ‘too big to fail’ banks. Public money was then to be given away to the most complicit private corporations, destroying the middle-class economy and widening the enormous gap between the uber-rich and the rest of us.

So far the plan has worked quite well for the ‘1%,’ and the bottom hasn’t even fully dropped out yet, meaning they have much more yet to gain the next time the banking system begins to collapse. This is the same scheme that triggered the Great Depression, allowing America’s richest businessmen to scoop up assets for pennies on the dollar, exponentially increasing their wealth at the detriment of thee masses.

  • The first major rumblings of the next major bust of this fiat-money, fractional-reserve, quantitative-easing, Ponzi scheme was in 2008, and in the years since then what has become to be known as an economic recovery is mostly seen in the ever-expanding excesses of the upper crust of our world.

    So, what are they doing with all this money they are stealing from us?

    Lavishing Themselves With Insanely Costly Gifts – Ever so often the mainstream media will report on some of the ridiculous purchases of the 1%, most notable are properties in all the finest places in the world like a billion dollar vineyard in L.A. or a $1.1 billion dollar house on the French Côte d’Azur. How about a half billion dollar private yacht or vacation stays at the world’s most expensive hotel?

    Or even $10,000 haircuts. Maybe $46.5 million paintings that look like this?


    The website Rich Kids of Instagram is a look into the party lives of the offspring of the world’s 1%, and you could spend days perusing the arrogance and soulless self-aggrandizement documented here.

    There really is no end to the amount of excessive spending made possible for the elite with such a corrupt banking scheme in place.

    Playing Games With Society and Stoking Instability – Although the mainstream media did a proper job of burying this story, billionaire George Soros was recently hacked and his personal communications revealed some insight into the games the world elite are playing with the rest of us. The documents show how he is manufacturing civil unrest by funding the organization of groups like Black Lives Matter, and assisting the destabilizing migration of millions of refugees into Europe. Other examples include the deeds of people like Bill Gates who suspiciously uses his wealth to affect global population growth.

    Preparing for Economic and Social Collapse – Prepping has now become a booming industry for the world’s wealthiest. Sales of exotic and stylish shelters known as Bourgeois Bunkers are at an all time high. The rich are buying up all of the world’s prime farmland and safe remote spaces, quietly preparing for the collapse they know is coming. Add to this the construction of bomb-proof seed banks in hidden in remote Norwegian islands.

    Preparing the Breakaway Civilization – Perhaps the most concerning expenditures of the rich are in the development of what is now referred to as the breakaway civilization. Researcher Catherine Austin Fitts speaks of it in great detail, but essentially it is the idea that the world elite is planning to depopulate the planet while building an infrastructure of robot workers to forever supply them while they live in peace forever after in a world no longer plagued by hordes of small-timers and useless eaters.

    The mysterious and shocking monument in Elbert County, Georgia, the Georgia Guidestones hints at this plan with the following dictate written in stone:

    “Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000 In Perpetual Balance With Nature”


    Final Thoughts

    In our world it is sadly true that money, real money, can buy freedom from accountability and justice. The world’s wealthiest are simply above the law at present, and until sufficient awareness arises to counter this insanity with an effective popular movement, we can expect for their riches to continue to increase, and their excesses to become increasingly gross, while the rest of us suffer while we provide them with material support.

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