Impressions of Inferiority and the Divine Feminine

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Darkness brought us alive. Deep, rich, restorative darkness; filled with infinite potentiality, fertility, beauty, information of the ages… the magnificent pattern of it All. Beloved darkness. And we turn our face away from the word ‘darkness’ and from the thought of darkness. The light is what we value, the light is what we need, we need tomorrow morning, there is no light in darkness, or so we believe. But yes, there is light in the undervalued darkness.

We all know the yin/yang  symbol… the dark in which the light is embedded, and the light in which the dark is embedded. These are the dualities of the natural world, spoken of by everyone from scientists and philosophers to nutritionists and cooks, and certainly martial artists. The indivisible whole in constant movement, and yet, they say, too much of one can weaken and consume the other.

Can we agree that after thousands of years of expansion of yang in the form of patriarchy, darkness has become not only undervalued but greatly feared, and light in its preponderance is seldom enlightening but woven with deception, which is its own form of darkness.

Let’s look at the pure energies – darkness: love, light: truth. Imagine these polarities in harmony, balanced within ourselves and all things. Heaven on earth comes forth. But we are not in heaven. We are in disharmony and imbalance, and both polarities are corrupted. The natural world is suffering, and we know it and feel it. We try to create little pockets of heaven… heaven in the bedroom, heaven in the home, heaven in our creations, heaven in the community. We try because we remember… there is a way it should be.

As we envision the return to balance, what is it that we envision returning? Is it the light within the dark… the divine love within the yin, expanding, revealing, healing? Is it consciousness passing the barriers and entering the divine dark void? Is it the light of truth unraveling the dark matrix of deception?

  • I want them all, but slowly, lest we poor humans lose our sanity.

    Let’s look first at what we have been conditioned to undervalue as darkness. I’ll share with you some beliefs that were impressed upon my own mind, and these are with regard to the woman. She is the negative polarity, the deceptive, the hidden, the darkness. She makes herself beautiful and draws the man into her, thereby weakening him. She is necessary and valuable, so tend to her, but be aware. Your task with her, is to bring her into the position of helping you attain your goals. She can be an enjoyable companion, a reflection of your light, but remember always to maintain your position, otherwise her magnetic pull can control you and can make you ‘soft’.

    Did you enjoy that paragraph? Obviously no flow of energies between polarities there, and it’s uncomfortable to read. Uncomfortable to believe as well. We’re going after wisdom… a word that was left out of the paragraph, but not left out of the woman. So let’s bear a little discomfort for the sake of wisdom, and let it settle in.

    I’m ready to move on to another conditioning that we see throughout the earth and far back into the patriarchy… the undervaluing of humans with dark skin pigmentation.

    Where in hell did the caste system come from? Who or what imposed racism? Where did the ‘impression’ come from that darker pigmented people are more dense and slow, more inclined to physical labors, lacking civilization? It certainly didn’t come from truth. Even the brief weighing in our minds of the condition of Europe when the Moors brought science and mathematics, metallurgy, astronomy, agriculture, medicine, cleanliness, architecture and philosophy should tell us that something has gone wrong in the realm of reason. Perhaps racism came as a means of diminishing elder wisdom, as I suspect elder wisdom would not have allowed the polarities to fall so far out of balance.

    We’re looking at the dark and the light, and our ‘impressions of inferiority’. Let’s return again to the fact that these dualities exist within every human: both the male and female of all races embody these polarities. So this is not yang-bashing (or underhanded white man bashing). There is yang in me, and why would I bash that light? I want balance… I want us to be able to envision and create heaven on earth, and I don’t believe we can leap there, dragging error with us.

    Reverence for the duality, and understanding of the polarities and the constant flow of energies between them… most people haven’t thought about it or questioned it much. I know I didn’t for a good long time… I just accepted what I heard and tried to sort from that batch. Sorting from that batch gets you nothing but struggle to escape enslavement, and longing for light and liberation.

    When we look at what is accepted, we are shown a system drip-feeding us religion-based ideas frosted with political correctness, constraining us within prejudiced systems, titillating us with perverse appetites, offering us new ‘genius’ problem-solving inventions, making us argumentative and confused. And what is This? This is the darkness of deception… the human subconscious is filled with the pain of it. And it is quite different from the divine darkness I might say.

    We confront an upside down and inside out conditioning that can be looked into and corrected, but ever so lovingly and wisely and truthfully. Full blast would not be kind, nor would it result in accuracy.

    Let’s try looking at the duality from another angle… ‘feeling: yin’ and ‘intellect: yang’. We like to think of the intellect as the master of facts and reason. I like that – it’s a pleasure to know facts and to use reason. But intellectualism, aka the mind in love with itself… not only is it boring, it’s dangerous.

    Here’s an example: I just listened to an interview with the esteemed genius Michio Kaku. He talked about how with the right computers and technology we ‘wonderfully’ are going to be able to upload digitized memories into our brain and/or take a memory erase pill to rid ourselves of traumatic memories. And most astounding of all, he says, we’ll be able to put on headphones and through technology our brains will be able to communicate with each other, conveying thoughts, feelings and images.

    Dear Michio… you have gone too far down the ‘yang insane’ road. Stop thinking. We already are able to communicate thoughts, feelings and images telepathically, and we don’t need headphones and computers. It’s done in the ‘still’ mind, the heart/mind. Quite likely it has been done for a long time… it and much more along with it. With regard to traumatic memories, love/light works there too, along with some courage… no memory erase pill needed.

    This past week is what has brought me into these thoughts about darkness. It is a difficult subject, differentiating between the divine principle of the natural world, and the darkness of the human subconscious. The divine principle has been turned into confusion, disharmony and imbalance, and as we seek to return to balance, we encounter the darkness of the human subconscious.

    When it comes to the personal subconscious, it is best to take it in bits, lest we get caught in the cycle of repetition and obsession and add darkness to darkness. We shine the light there to resolve personal experience, take what we need for our healing, and then let it go. With regard to the collective human subconscious, we shine the light there in bits as well, lest we get caught in the cycle and add to it. Don’t hate the darkness, and don’t fear it.

    For the past week I’ve been talking with two young men who experienced abuse at the hands of their mother and father, and deception at the hands of their entire family. So much darkness… so much that was hidden. It is enough to make the grandmother energy moan, and weep, and pray for all of the children.

    The uncovering was painful for them, and it will continue to be for a time, as they find ways to incorporate their memories and somehow turn this experience into strength and wisdom. It is a forgiving self, loving self, trusting self process. I can’t say that there is a forgiving others involved, at least at this point; only a handing themselves and their energy back to them. And then moving on to put some victory into life experience… some light.

    We are the light of the world… all of us are… and we shine in different places. Recognizing imbalance is not a new thing, but there is more to be found as we continue to evolve. Here we have the return of the divine feminine: we talk about love… this is She returning. And the divine masculine – truth – how could spiritual evolution occur without that? Love and truth: herein is an exchange of energies between polarities; no weakening on either side… simply an ever moving flow. We all embody these polarities, and in our relationships we experience these polarities. Such is heaven.

    Imbalance cannot come into the new world, so what must we do? I’d say… rescue and restore. And then soldier on! Do your thing!

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