Hypertension, Mass Hysteria and the Imaginarium

Frayed RopeZen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

Welcome to dystopia – where anything goes as long as it’s according to plan. Not a natural one, but a fabricated design. This obviously staged and protracted hysteria in Paris is the latest of a long line of manufactured events intended to throw humanity into complete disorientation and vulnerablity.

This is what social engineering is all about, creating an atmosphere where whatever meme or intentioned mechanism they wish to introduce into the ongoing narrative is most readily received.

It has long been known that a state of anxiety and fear is most conducive to human entrainment. Manipulators have used this for eons when exercising their control systems on populations. Today in this full spectrum war on humanity they use the term “strategy of tension” in the geopolitical realm. This is the modus operandi of intelligence agencies as exemplified in the infamousOperation Gladio set in place in Europe following WW2,  provocateurs of which have since been behind virtually every supposed terror attack dating back to the 40’s in order to keep Europe destabilized.

This is now a global phenomenon because it apparently works so well.

Paris is just such an attack. The ensuing war propaganda and mandated weapons budget increases tell you exactly who is behind these attacks, along with the state crackdowns on citizens that also accompany each of these operations. 9/11 is the most glaring example, and is apparently the template they’ve since followed due to its enormous effectiveness. The Paris operation mimicked it almost to a T.

  • Wearing Down the Human Psyche

    Media madness overload is once again suffocating the airwaves, and it has a very profound effect. This is why they have to prop up and reaffirm this massive scare tactic by filling the streets with military assets, images of which are plastered around the world. Curfews and extreme control measures are concurrently set in place to further buttress this meme.

    This gives it all a sense of tactile reality and massively reinforces the so-called reality they’ve imposed.

    What happens with these crushing onslaughts of propaganda and shows of force over time is a kind of mental and psychological weariness and even breakdown, causing further acquiescence to the maneuvers of the state. This is why those who haven’t been armed ahead of time with how these minions operate become even more adamant that all of this manufactured nonsense is real and that the wars and controls are justified, despite that fact of it being staged is so glaringly obvious to the informed.

    Hyped News and Migration Madness

    Add to this the so-called onslaught of middle eastern migrants, supposedly infiltrated by mad murderers capable of such carnage as the Paris event. The US, of course, is further hyping this hysteria in every way possible, including saying ISIS is targeting a myriad of US cities with even tactical nuclear weapons. And for some unknown reason, armed and guarded military bases are being “robbed” of their weapons and materials while others are simply “lost”.

    Really? How people can fall for all of this escapes me.

    But how’s all of this going to sit with people? All the while economies continue to tumble, people are having very real income issues as the globalists’ minions tighten the screws, and markets are in a supposed near crash status, all while the looming threat of World War 3 rattles regularly in the news.

    One thing we need to learn to do is to never take the news at face value. Never. How many migrants really are flooding into Europe, or even the US? Not to minimize this massive agenda to further destabilize every nation they can, but how do we really know what is really transpiring?

    Just look at how much war “news” is found to be completely unfounded. And how many elements of these many false flag attacks turned out to be completely fabricated, with no evidence to back up their wildly sensational claims, never mind the many phony crisis actors they’ve put into the mix.

    We have to be very careful what we take in as fact, as once we do that we’re susceptible to draw opinions and conclusions that may be off base and even playing into the hysteria programming. This is exactly what we witness happening to the general public, but remember there are many levels they work on.

    It helps greatly to take a step back and observe all of this objectively and in a detached manner. After all, we are now living in a full on Orwellian state, in case you haven’t noticed.


    Most people of the world are nowhere near any of this confusion going on. It’s a reality they take on from their television set and transpose to their own world. Governments around the world do the same, mimicking the moves of the larger more powerful nation states despite not experiencing the same issues and challenges.

    This of course creates just the climate they want and makes the social environment much more conducive for the programs they wish to institute.

    One only needs to look at Hollywood for the power of reality creation. Language is affected, dress styles change, ethics and morals are thrown completely off kilter,  consumerism is directed, daily lives are altered by new fears and imposed concerns –  the list is long. Governments and their propaganda arm called the mass media are exactly the same. It’s a known fact that the CIA and other hidden influences have infiltrated both Hollywood and the government for many decades influencing if not directing most of what we consume as both news and entertainment.

    As CIA Director (1981-1987) William Casey famously said:

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    Let that sink in. People have tried to debunk this and other telling quotes of late but this has been thoroughly validated. (Link)

    In other words, everything we’re being told is a lie, in one shape or form or another. If the so-called facts aren’t bogus, the context is twisted. If there is some truth to something, it’s being used to soften people up for the lie. Propaganda is the art of manipulation and they work hard at it.

    The whirled we’re being told exists is nothing more than an imaginarium, a tale told by idiot would-be controllers who play with humanity like mice in a pen. The underlying problem, as well as potential solution, is that we are the ones who make it real by believing it.

    Get Conscious and Shake It Off

    It is this bad out there. But only in their projected world. Most people are caring individuals trying to do their best in life, loving their families and being good friends and neighbors. Where you’ll find society seriously degraded is in areas where the mind pollution has taken root and they’re mimicking the parasitic and selfish behaviors they’re picking up from the various forms of polluted media and infiltrated education.

    America is not the world, nor the standard to live up to for everyone on this planet. Most can see the contamination and abject degradation and destructive nature of the American way of life. It’s clear to many that they’ve been corralled into it over a long period of time and have now become what they’ve consumed.

    As the adage goes, “You are what you eat.” That goes for consuming propaganda as well.

    It’s time people woke up to this insanity. It’s happening, but it’s a process. The would be controllers are making plenty of mistakes and seriously bungling almost all of these operations if people would look at the real facts. But we need to get that information out there where more can easily find it as much as possible. Keep hitting local media outlets with solid well researched information, surely there are some inside that have the cajones to finally stick their necks out with the truth. We have to find them.

    Meanwhile, stay clear of all this – clear headed and clear hearted. Don’t let them pollute you with this toxic fear porn and ensuing manipulation.

    The world they’re attempting to make us manifest is up to us to either believe, or shirk.

    When we do see it for the imaginarium that it is, it has absolutely no power over us.

    Much love, Zen

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