The Hurtful Darkness

tree of darknessSoren Dreier, Guest
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In order not to cluster up, matter has to move. Whether it is dark or light matter, the movement can be troublesome and painful since, as goes for the dark matter, we often let it out when we feel safe enough in our friendships and even more, in our intimate relationships.

The darkness can expand and so can the light and we are, as souls, certainly in the crossfire of these awesome powers. The whole point is to release the old so the new can step in, and this is were we let it out and often straight in the faces of the people we love the most; those who have placed their trust in us.

Delicate, delicate. Since actually: The Light can hurt as well, because we have to surrender to it and it can blind our eyes into the feel of too much ‘self-importance’ with no room for others really, not being able to listen, always telling the world the right solutions, always advising without being asked.

This is where we can hurt the persons that we love the most; partner, friends, family, whomever. We don’t hurt people in this process that we are not emotionally attached to, simply because they don’t know us that well and because we share a room of intimacy with the people we have closest to us, and this as intimate as it ever gets.

  • When we go into these deep pains or reprogramming of what basically are our emotional and spiritual immune systems, we become fragile. It’s important to realize that ‘fragile’ and ‘warrior’ is no contradiction. When we set out to be spiritual warriors we should be well aware of both our fragility and our tremendous strength.

    The fragility is a life saver, preventing us from going into battles where we would be overrun by underestimating what or whom we’re fighting on the outside. Whatever we’re fighting on the outside is often a mirror of what we’re also fighting on the inside. Out of that fighting comes our altering of perceived reality. While this goes on, we release the dark matter of the past, maybe yesterday’s dark matter or dark matter since childhood.

    That matter can only go one place and that one place is: Out, when being transformed.

    The matter that has to move in is the light matter, ‘light’ understood as either spiritual light or new perceptions of reality, which doesn’t have to have a spiritual ambiance. It can be very rational and concrete. But people will often feel a spiritual sense to it: the Change… the internal shift, or however we prefer to label it.

    Spirituality kicks in, when the deception of 3D reality crumbles simply because there is no 3D left to trust and one has to go into higher D´s of perception.

    That is why the Shift, the Awakening, hold a promise for the spiritual awakening of billions. And that is why we see really nasty ‘old testament’ types fishing in the souls, only to trap them in new fake realities of ‘God’ and how ‘He’ wants it, since the best fishing spots apparently are in troubled waters. Lets not go there.

    It’s a danger, since when we are on that road, we create a void by getting rid of old patterns and we often have to wait a bit before the higher frequency steps in. There are a lot of scavengers roaming to fill that void, so maybe secure the perimeters. It is so delicate, so pristine, and somehow also holy to do these transformations and danger lurks in ghoulish forms to offer false redemption and salvation.

    New-found spirituality, even if we feel we are spiritually settled, is a very delicate process and it needs to grow on its own, according to the needs of that specific soul. It does not need to be taken hostage by Dark Religion and New Age easy fixes for everything. That’s a whole other ‘Hurtful Darkness’ but its external and there’s absolutely no reason to internalize it. That is the point where Light steps in and overshines our light and amplifies it.

    When the Light steps in, some will tell a lot of their ‘pains’ to absolutely everybody who will lend an ear, but that is not due to the deep, deep darkness that has to move, that is more seeing one self as very interesting. It’s the ‘I’m so important – I have a lot of issues Matrix’.

    The last time I dealt with relationship issues, I focused on the coordinates of sensuality/sexuality.Something we apparently don’t speak that much of, while it still is a very important issue in the lives of many who are waking up in the more or less uncharted territories of the changes that we all so long for.

    As we conquer these new territories, and recognize that in order to change anything in this world we have to change our perception of our self, there often is collateral damage. Since when we see ‘The Light’ whether it’s a spiritual light or the understanding that we basically are deceived on a daily basis by government and corporate lies, we have to reprogram ourselves and lay out a new blueprint of conducting ourselves and certainly lay out a new blueprint in how to escape the Matrix as much as possible in our daily lives.

    Our burden baskets get heavier and we don’t want to carry them anymore, so we need to take the pebbles or rocks out and have a good look at them and then throw them away because we can’t carry that false weight.

    Some choose to travel the road alone, freeing themselves of romantic relationships. Everybody does what they like, and if it’s in recognition of the ‘hurtful darkness’, alone might seem like a rational decision.

    Some choose to stay in the soft genuine intimacy of a romantic relationship and that can be very painful, since when we are in the process of transformation and altering our inner life, we will change and our partner needs also to embrace that change in us. Communication is the key, and a lot of people don’t really want to communicate when they are detaching old belief systems and finding new coordinates to proceed by. They often need ‘the mind’ alone as they push the dark stuff out.

    So it can seem like two different movements: The need for going inside and clearing things up in solitude, and the need of one’s partner or close friends to recognize what is going on.

    The hurtful darkness often shows itself by a tremendous inner pain, some will refer to as ‘the dark night of the soul’.

    The dark night of the soul is a process and I agree, but it is not entirely what I’m pointing to. The dark night of the soul is: ‘Letting go’ or ‘I surrender’ and cast off my ego. It’s a deep and profound spiritual experience and it often takes days or weeks and is best done in solitude. A Christian esoteric picture of that is Jesus taking the 40 days in the desert. Desert is a picture of a place with no water and water is symbolic of no emotions. So that is detachment from this world and all of its manifestations.

    People get so scared in this process, since: ‘They were all about love’ and now they can’t find the love. Because they have to transform inside and in order to do that properly and thoroughly, they will let go and maybe not understand what is going on a deeper spiritual level WHILE its going on, but after, when they come out of it, they are epiphany struck and ‘togetherness’ with the celestial is forever beyond any reasonable doubt established.

    Whether to be humble about that, or to scream it out from the mountain top, or go into the hurtful darkness, is purely up to the soul who has this experience and the souls who are intimate with that person.

    The key is to understand what is happening and embrace it and your loved ones while they transform dark matter into light…, trust in the outcome and welcome the warrior from his lowest point.

    He or she needs that, being well aware of the toll it took on all while it was going on.

    Forgiveness, is a divine healer.

    Allowing these processes is equally important.

    © 2014 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission

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