Was Hurricane Harvey Artificially Intensified by Geoengineering Programs?

Terence Newton, Staff Writer
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Weather modification is one of the most public secrets of the military industrial complex. Cloud-seeding and atmospheric spraying, for example, are well-documented and backed up historical accounts, and are often discussed in mainstream media. Yet, for some reason, the issue is unbearably difficult for most people to even consider. Perhaps because it sounds so much like something out of a science-fiction movie, or perhaps because the ramifications for our environment and health are so obviously serious.

During the flooding of Houston by Hurricane Harvey, the National Weather Service announced that it had to introduce new colors to their satellite maps in order to more accurately present the magnitude of the downpour, which peaked at a stunning 50 inches. At the same time, many suggested that the storm was man-made in the sense that its intensity was caused by anthropogenic climate change, discounting the possibility of weather modification as a factor.

  • The first weather modified and weaponized hurricane caused widespread destruction in 1947 to Georgia and South Carolina. This was the effect of an experiment related to Project Cirrus, an initiative of General Electric and the U.S. Government, which was developing the technology for creating rain by seeding clouds with dry ice. One of the main scientists on the program was Bernie Vonnegut, brother of acclaimed American author Kurt Vonnegut, and details of this story are recounted in The Brothers Vonnegut – Science and Fiction in the House of Magic, by Ginger Strand.

    After seeding the storm, researchers were shocked and surprised that their experiment had worked a bit too well. The public was informed of GE’s program which was forced to be shut down to avoid lawsuits for damages incurred by the hurricane.

    “Later, they found out the reason for the rough skies. Immediately after they had seeded it, the hurricane, made a dramatic dogleg turn. Inscribing a huge 7 over the Atlantic Ocean, it turned westward and plowed back to the mainland. It was battering Savannah with eighty-to-one-hundred-mile-an-hour winds when they flew over.” ~Ginger Strand

    The major discovery of Vonnegut’s team was that clouds can be nucleated with dry ice and other materials. Once dumped into clouds from specially rigged up bombers, the dry ice causes water vapor to coalesce into raindrops, and the weight of the newly formed drops sets off a chain-reaction of rapid condensation, and rain.

    The Case for Modification of Hurricane Harvey

    Without the cooperation or support of official agencies, the whole truth will most likely always remain concealed, however, some have developed intriguing theories which indicate that Harvey was affected by man-made interference. Most notably, the theory Harvey was ‘refueled’ several times during its final days over the Texas coastline.

    As hypothesized by WeatherWar101, the hurricane appears to have been fueled by manmade sources of water vapor,  a total of three times, always in the same locations centering around the industrial oil production facilities in the Houston and coastal area. This claim hinges on satellite footage of Harvey, which is startling enough when taken at face value as a naturally occurring storm, however even more peculiar when you consider the theory that facilities on the ground may be contributing to the rapid intensification of rainfall.

    The following video shows this in detail:

    How is would it be possible to refuel a hurricane and generate trillions of gallons of rainfall? The process, according to WeatherWar101 is understood by the concept of rapid water evaporation, which is the type of evaporation which takes place  when heat is applied to water. In other words, unnatural, or man-made evaporation.

    “The key to remember is that rapid evaporation is manmade, and is not natural in any way, and these off-shore bursts are identical to on-land bursts.” [Source]

    This process is possible on a massive scale with industrial facilities designed to produce clouds and rain from installations on the ground. In fact, this is shown in the following video by BBC, in which a reporter visits a NASA facility to witness a test and the creation of rain by a machine on the ground.

    Is there equipment such as this on the ground in the oil facilities and other infrastructure components of the oil and gas industry in the area of Houston? If so, could they have been strategically employed to refuel Harvey, something which would have required deliberate planning and coordination?

    The following section of this video allegedly shows one of these types of cloud generators at work in Lamar County, TX.

    Not the Only One Crying Foul

    As Harvey was approaching landfall, Houston resident Rebecca Reisig made the following post about what she had supposedly come to know regarding the city’s preparations for the storm. Her claim was that city officials and local news were deliberately concealing the truth about the predicted severity of Harvey, putting many lives in danger. She claimed the city was expecting some 100,000 damaged homes, and she was widely criticized for making this claim, and local officials even issued a hoax warning.

    Days after Harvey, though, the White House is now saying that 100,000 homes have been damaged. Reisig was right.


    Further analysis of this event, including a more thorough look at how the national weather service operates under corporate influence, is found in the following video by Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch. Again, creating the picture that something else was influencing the outcome of Harvey, causing much more catastrophic damage than was naturally possible.

    Final Thoughts

    The storm was absolutely historic in the amount of rainfall it produced. Given the reality that there are inarguably technology and programs capable of intensifying a hurricane, is it possible that Hurricane Harvey was intentionally modified to increase the amount of damage and destruction?

    In a time of universal government deceit, the truth is more needed than ever. What do you think happened with Hurricane Harvey, natural storm, or human interference?

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