The Humble Touch of Hopeful Hearts

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I don’t get when people take down hope, on the account of being ‘Awakened’.
I get it if ‘Awaken’ isn’t tied in or trying to be tied in with spirituality and that might cut it for some.

A mind deducting all the nasty moves of the matrix, without having a spiritual perspective, which would basically just mean that the mind is in it, the heart isn’t.

A spiritual perspective without distortion is to accept that spirituality is an individual affair, which often takes place in hallways of fellow peers, witch we eventually have to leave in order to find our own spirituality. Ourselves.
Not what everybody else thinks we should feel, mean, and cheer, blindly following the mainstream awakening. That is not the hallmark of the awakening – following cheering blindly.

The hallmark of awakening is becoming Self – beyond the seduction of the roads most traveled.

The scenic route, we design for ourselves as we go. Casting away old patterns of Belief, but always exchanging them with higher frequencies of beliefs… beliefs that don’t stick and beliefs that we personally can vouch for because we have had the experience of them working for us. I believe that is called : Evolution.

  • Every time a person puts an idea out there, that person expresses a belief. The lightness of that belief would be your ability to challenge it without anyone excommunicating you, thinking you’re asleep, and what have we.

    We have to believe in ‘I’ – in order to maneuver this world. And we have to let that ‘I’ be interested in investigating the Beliefs of this world.

    Hope is beyond a Belief.
    Hope was brought to us in the cradle as a divine birth gift. Hoping for love. Hoping for life.
    Hope is merely a pristine gift of the heart and we share our hearts. Don’t we?

    I got an email last week that made me go: OH, sad sad.

    It said: “If this is life, am I better off with death?”

    I get that some use that as an ‘effectual – behavior’.

    Effectual behavior is used by some in order to control others. It basically means that one knows which buttons to push in order to control their target. A classic example of the mother saying to the child: “When we go into this supermarket, spare yourself kid, you’re not getting any candy.” When they reach the cashier, the kid would know how to throw a fit in order to get that candy anyway. It’s up to the adults to break this behavior in order to not be controlled, and don’t break it with punishment. Break it with action.

    This was not an email out of effectual behavior; it was a cry for help.

    So how do we break this despair? By giving: hope. Not hope for the reason of hope – that could be false hope and just be fuel poured on a depression that already announced its arrival, not helping a bit.

    So if anybody needs to take down hope, hoping to spread the idea and implant the Belief of hope being worthless, they would be better off and in a much safer place if they went for the false hope.

    The response to that email was to give hope: The only tool in the toolbox at such a low-key moment in a beautiful person’s life.

    Hope is a life-wire when you’re drowning in your own despair. If you don’t know that, well, maybe you haven’t been to those dark realms of the soul.

    Everybody fancies this Leonard Cohen quote: “There’s a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in.” Yup – Hope gets in and touches the soul and we rise up.

    Hope and action: Hope is why we set out, targeting a specific outcome maybe. We can’t control the outcome of anything, since that is not hope. That is trying to control the result of our actions.

    Further down the spiritual path it is better to set out for action and see where the chips might fall. Then we’re not in control, leaving – not in a new age fatalist way – the outcome to whatever God we have, if any.
    If you’re spiritually grown up you don’t need ‘Him’ but ‘It’. The celestial. You start to co-work with the synchronicity of things not tied in to a specific outcome.

    And the cool thing is that even that has a spiritual flip side to it, since if there is something that you would really like a specific outcome to: Put all your mind and heart in it and you will have it that way.

    That’s very much the hidden metaphysics of getting your way, when it’s really important to you and not to spread that power of mind and heart too much around. It is the Undistorted Power of Attention.

    There’s a current in that sea of longing and that current is Hope driven. It might be a gentle current – it might be strong. If it’s too strong watch out it doesn’t absorb you into ‘Stand-alone’ Ego longings (False hopes), but examine what the soul really wants.

    If what I hope succeeds, will I be happy then?

    If the answer is yes, use the fuel of hope to go get it.

    The masses hope for redemption – forget it – it won’t come.
    The masses hope for freedom – forget it – it won’t come.
    The masses hope for salvation – forget it – it won’t come.
    ….by itself.

    Leave the masses on the fuel of hope for your soul.
    You will get what your soul wants… and not your ego. Being awake: I don’t fancy that word much since mainstream ‘awakeness’ has turned it into a joke of negativity, that is tired of laughing.

    Leaving is a double edged sword.

    One edge of the sword will cut you when you leave the crowd, the protection of the tribe. We have a primal fear of that and we all individually have to face it. It is very individual and the suffering is most real and private. On that journey there are others who have not gone into a system of external Beliefs – they can inspire us.

    If we do it’s a waste of time and we become part of that chanting for the ‘trailblazing’ head thinker of whatever movement. That is why I often say: Troubled waters hold the best fishing spots for souls adrift. Swim the other way please. It’s a trap.

    Leaving is going upstream most of the time, and the benefits of going upstream are not: ‘I´m feeling disempowered’. No: Going upstream makes the spiritual muscle stronger, and you don’t fall into a preacher’s trap.

    The other edge of that sword won’t cut you.

    It will be your most sacred weapon of cutting through the crap of this world, both spiritually and mundane (The Matrix).

    Claim that sword and use it wisely.

    Hope and action:

    This is an old tale and maybe you know it, it will speak for itself.

    The monsoon came and the village was almost flooded. A man prayed for God to save him from drowning. Soon the village was flooded and the man went up the hillside. A boat came by and the men on it shouted: “Hey, watch out, you could be drowning, want to come on board?”

    The man said: “No, I prayed to God and he will save me.” And the man went further up the mountain.

    Even up there it soon got flooded. A helicopter flew over and they shouted to the man: “Hey you will be drowning soon, here’s a rope.”

    The man shouted back: “I prayed to God he will save me.”

    The man drowned together with the mountaintop.

    Coming in to heaven he was really angry. He went to God and said: “Why didn’t you save me?”

    God said: “What do you mean? I sent a boat and a helicopter and you refused, so sorry mate, not my fault.”

    Hope and action will get you safe to: Self.

    Hope-less-ness will not, since that is where we set out from.

    © 2015 Soren Dreier – Full repost only with permission

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