Human on Earth: Notes On Mind Control

Jon Rappoport, Guest
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Beyond efforts to survive, humans have been plagued by mind control since the dawn of time on planet Earth.

Richard Jenkins, the extraordinary healer with whom I worked in the early 1960s, wrote me notes on this subject:

“In the mind, there are landscapes of struggle, scenarios of defeat. You could call them collective memories, but they’re more like self-propelled inventions. People create them as myths to explain their lives. In these impressionistic scenarios, the ancient Greeks gave birth to their gods, to Fate, to the idea of excessive pride, to the notion of downfall, to a whole host of conclusions about the limits of success…”

  • Jenkins talked a great deal about liberating his clients from these “thought-forms.”

    “All forms of this kind,” he wrote, “are composed of ‘captured energy’. The energy is of a lower nature. It feeds into the end of civilizations. Civilizations are visualized as temporary…as collapsing.”

    I found his comments particularly interesting in light of the fact that Richard worked with a number of people attached to the United Nations in New York.

    Roughly 30 years later, I worked with the brilliant hypnotherapist, Jack True. Jack had also found these scenarios in the subconscious of his patients. He worked to “neutralize” them, as he put it.

    Jack wrote:

    “When people place these scenarios/myths/archetypes in their own minds, they’re particularly vulnerable to secondary kinds of thought control and propaganda, because they’re already committed to struggle ending in defeat. This is their basic nagging glimpse of the destiny of society and the world.”

    It is through intense long-term creating, imagining, inventing that the individual begins to catch on to another way of viewing life itself; dynamic, ever-expanding, filled with the electricity of consciousness on the move…

    Then, defeat is not a possibility, is never final.

    Can you grasp this, sense this, enter this?

    Speaking from my own experience, during 78 years of this incarnation, I’ve vaulted a number of moments when ordinarily, all was lost. I refused to accept what was ordinary, stable, enclosed, grossly limited. I decided to shove in all my chips and roll the dice on the creative force I had glimpsed in others—and assert my own. Time and time again, I emerged from my own impasses. I moved higher and deeper.

    Somewhere in every one of us, there is an unquenchable fire of creation. We can deny it for a million years, but it will eventually surface and transform our lives.

    The humdrum pulse will stop. The clouds, the sky, the caves underneath the Earth cannot contain the scope of our consciousness which is writing the endless poetry of our existence, larger than any myth, larger any previous hope.

    We are far more real than real.

    We embody this fact in our eternal imaginations.

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