How to Overcome an Unhealthy Mentality

Andre Evans
Waking Times

In today’s world, public opinion is largely shaped by external influences and ideals that have the unique ability to shape a person’s mindset, aspirations, goals and motivations. What’s more, you may not even realize that these factors are influencing your decisions — or even that they exist.

Through creative advertising, marketing, and faulty grassroots propositioning, corporations and other organizations are now shoving ideas down your throat. In fact, this process projects false images of what the world is supposed to be like. Sometimes these are simple opinions on trivial matters like what to wear, or what trendy brands are currently pushed on the consumer.

Other times, it could be seriously affecting your health. Let’s examine fast food, for example. Big industry giants like McDonald’s launch million dollar campaigns to ‘re-educate’ consumers about their food and its serious health destroying properties. With flashy banner ads of people smiling while consuming their GMO-laden salads, McDonald’s is planting a subconscious seed in the minds of passing individuals.

  • However, these are often intermitted with deeper, philosophical ideals that begin to unconsciously shape the opinions of those who receive them. These ideals often target core human values like the inherent desire to maintain the health of your body and mind. Instead, heavy toxification is encouraged in the name of profit and gain. Ultimately the individual is led to believe that vanity and whatever feels ‘good’ in the moment are the qualities that define success and happiness, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

    The assault comes in countless forms, particularly through most types of media including television, movies and music. These forces combine with a potent tranquilizing effect administered through physical and mental degradation (think of high-fructose corn syrup in processed foods, which has been shown to decrease brain function).

    In a fast paced lifestyle, most people lack the time or energy to properly look after their health. Living in a constant state of repetitive work and responsibility wears a person down, and therefore their health may suffer. Because in this case they are often malnourished and worn out, they will lack the ability to respond to mentally challenging philosophy or opinion shaping views that they may otherwise pay no heed.

    This is also largely amplified by the introduction of psychotropic drugs, acting as powerful mind altering agents. Since these drugs are handed out so liberally, and a large percentage of Americans are known to use them, its no wonder many people have trouble thinking for themselves these days. Much of the vain idealism in today’s movies and music also promotes substance abuse and a lack of self control. Effectively, its now trendy to lack discretion or concern for your well being or others, but rather to seek out pleasures at any cost necessary.

    Ultimately, a cocktail of physically and mentally debilitating effects permeate our daily lives. These powers combine to form a unique challenge to the individual and their willpower that has scarcely been seen before. Being independent of these workings, as well as having the ability to think for yourself is therefore of utmost importance, and will become more and more significant as the propaganda intensifies.

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