How to Develop Immunity Against Psychic Vampires

Energy VampiresFrank Giokas, Contributor
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Have you ever felt drained by someone? Where an interaction causes you to feel like you are being robbed of your life energy? The source could be someone close to your heart or a brief encounter with a passing stranger or acquaintance: friend, co-worker, family member, shop owner, landlord, even someone sitting next to you on a bus. If you leave an energetic meeting feeling tired, depleted and out of alignment with your self – you have been the victim of a psychic attack. Another being has either consciously or subconsciously stolen your energy through the encounter.

In today’s world, these individuals are known as psychic vampires – feeding off the energy of others just as the “big screen” vampires steal blood from unwitting victims. There are tell tale signs of psychic attack and through personal awareness and prevention methods, one can ensure that personally affirmed energy is protected and honored through the course of any interaction in our modern human experience.

Psychic drain is a daily occurrence for most human beings. Interestingly, it is a common result of interactions with the people closest to you. Whether the person engaging in energetic robbery is aware of the harm they are causing or not – they are performing a disservice by putting you in the compromised situation of personal detachment in order to fulfill their energetic needs. The “high” reward they gain from their practice does not come from a gentle and loving place. It is a manipulative and greedy methodology – offering quick, attainable results. It requires no sacred, inner work or sustainable path in which to manifest powerful life affirming energy. Our connection to God energy is our divine right as human beings, but acquisition through unbalanced means is an invasion on many levels – psychically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  • If you are in the midst of an exchange which turns toxic, whether through conversation, email, written or mental interaction – even thinking on a person whom you associate as negative – it can bring you to a depleted energetic state. The tell tale signs of psychic attack begin as subtle emotional feeling and manifest as physical trauma. Symptoms include feeling tired, depressed, groggy, anxious, enraged, out of body, like someone punched you in the gut, physical pain (limbs, internal organs), headaches, loss of taste, dry mouth, nausea, loss of control, spirit and self. If you start an interaction feeling generally balanced and leave feeling any of the above symptoms, you have been a victim of psychic attack.

    There are two tried and true methods to prevent attack in these instances. The first is to excuse oneself from the interaction entirely. Removing oneself physically, psychically and emotionally cuts the energetic chord and drain taking place. Take respite from the encounter, ground and re-affirm your power by meditating or performing breathing exercises. Any form of positive energy work will re-connect you with your core. The second method lies wholly with the psychic vampire. Attacks can come to a screeching halt if they take conscious action in order to alleviate this tendency through their own self reflection and mindful awareness. In turn they will show more care within conscious human interaction, leading inevitably to more sustainable methods of deriving divine, life affirming energy in personally inspired ways.

    Energy vampirism is an act of desperation, control, selfishness and confusion. But it is also a cry for help. Many simply do not know how to routinely attain source energy by positively inspired means. For these individuals, psychic attack is their go-to source. It is an indicator that changes need to be made in order to learn how to manifest energy in transformative and healthy everyday practice. How does one attain such enlightenment? Simply put – by honoring one’s own power and connection to source energy. Do things which make you feel wellness and clarity. Go to nature, meditation, yoga, enjoy calming activity, practice better nutrition, breath work. When something is of innate high frequency vibration, you will know. And you will pull power and life force to your being as result. Choosing divinely inspired activity offers a wellspring of infinite, pure and sustainable life affirming energy. It has been divinely engineered for every living thing in this way.

    Psychic attacks have become acutely common in our modern world. The energy that our indigenous self once found in nature by becoming one with creation and through our own deeply personal journey for ascension are being exchanged daily for harsh, aggressive and controlling means to acquire this necessary life affirming gift. Whether consciously derived or not, psychic drain is a common energetic attainment practice for most human beings. Energy itself is not to blame, as it knows no good or bad – it just is. It is the human being’s choice of how we direct and acquire energy which defines our experience. How did masses in modern humanity go from being one with their divinely engrained model of sustainable, infinitely abundant energy allowance understanding – to a culture of energy sucking vampires?

    The answer, as always, lies in nature and creation. Energy is life and its attainment is necessary for survival – just like water or breath. Humans have both a physical and energetic body inherent in their creation, and both have innate needs and requirements. The energy body is our naturally derived wellspring of connection to God source. It is unified by all and very personal and vital to our experience as human beings. Ancient shamanic cultures the world over have been in agreement for 40,000 years that holes and imbalance within the energy body are what invite disease. It is by repairing our energy body that we can attain healing and true alignment with our physical manifestations. Meditation, joy, truth, and respectful connectivity all add naturally derived vigor to our energy bodies and in turn, physical experience. Sustainable, available and pure – these are the hallmarks of source energy. It is abundantly infinite, all we need to participate is tune in and allow it to flow.

    Some may wonder – how in the world can a person steal my energy like they steal a car radio? Every thought is a living construct. Everything you see, touch, feel, think or believe – has vibration and exists. Energy is present in everything. Car radio = personal thought. Even if an idea only exists in your head, never shared – it still has energetic form and has been shared with the universe by value of your inner creation of it. And it is just as alive as you are. As such, these thought forms can be robbed – your mood, ideas, feelings – can all be taken advantage of very easily.

    Human beings by their deepest truth are not here to do harm. However, humans can attract negative attachments which – by way of holes and tears in the energy body – can allow for unseen parasites to take hold. In turn, these beings feed off your power, as they too are living creations and require energetic sustenance for survival much the same as you. Energetic parasitism can create mental and physical disease for the human, leading them down a road of toxic manipulation and control by the whim of something they cannot see. Over time, by continually supplying the unseen attachment with what they energetically desire, the human host will ultimately equate the needs of its parasite met as personally fulfilling for their own being. The host will in turn seek out low vibratory, negative characteristics or experiences in themselves and others in order to feed their energetic attachment and in the process, “feel alive.”

    Like a musician or painter who feels they must suffer for their art, for example. In most instances, they are being controlled by unseen forces who are controlling them to do, say and create things which allow for harmful energy manifestation and un-sustainable feeding cycles. These beings will stay attached to a host, jumping from one to another – so long as the emotional food their diet requires is met. The best way to avoid interaction of this kind is to vibrate at high states of being where your energy body cannot create the junk food required for the sustenance of an energetic parasite. In turn, the unseen being will lose interest in you, and move onward to their next energetic host who they can willingly manipulate, rob and control.

    Human parasites function in the same way, driven to this state by negative patterns and attachments. And they will feed on a victim via psychic attack until their host no longer produces the food that sustains them by way of getting you angry, responding to put downs and all around negative energy. Have you ever changed your thinking to focus on personal growth and inner spirit only to find that you “lose” certain negatively charged friends and family members along your path of awakening and self realization? This is part of the reason why. These people no longer serve you, as you cannot supply what they were used to receiving from your being any longer. Remember – those close to you are the most common culprits of psychic attack.

    Vampires, negative entities, spirit drain … does this sound a lot like the “myth” models currently being explored in movies, TV and books? Cultural programming takes real elements of our internal experience and emotional responses and puts them in the conscious thought form of a film or book series in order to control our subconscious perception of the vibration. These induced vibrations drive culture and its imagery. We see this recently with the influx of vampire based movies, TV shows and books. Why does everything need to involve vampires nowadays? And how do each of these unoriginal adaptations on the same theme thrive and amass wealth?

    Mainstream programmers seek to quench and steer the subconscious desires of their audience – an audience who at this stage in human development is strongly vibrating with the frequency of negative spirit attachments and psychic vampirism. While vampire tales and paranormal attachments are not new ideas, we are seeing their manifestations more and more on the big screen of our third dimensional life. What does this say about modern humanity?

    Psychic vampirism is a frequency that entertainment executives are currently locked into because human culture is tuned into them. In turn, they try to satiate this impulse by releasing the physical vampire image and its dramatic realization ad nauseam. Hollywood process takes issues from real life, exudes magic into them and puts them out en masse in order to control how the public is made aware of the concept. The underlying reality here is that human beings are in extreme need of energy in the world of 2015 due to imbalances within themselves and the world in which they live and create.  In return – culture gives us its interpretation of it on the big screen of third dimensional life. The root cause, however, lies deep in the human experience.

    We are living in a diseased modern culture and humans are dying for energy in order to revive and feel alive! It is a cry for help. Humans are starving for energy. The rise in incidence of psychic attack proves they will do anything to supply their needs. Human beings are confused as to where to turn to sustain their continuously depleted energetic bodies. Psychic attack is a disease that can be simply healed with conscious attunement to higher planes of vibration within the self. Humanity must overcome the widespread vampiric model currently in practice and re-align with sustainable energy practices each and every day.

    There is one tried and true method for defending oneself against any level of psychic attack: align with high vibrations like love, inner strength and honoring your eternal spirit. With this garlic – no vampire stands a chance. But you must first get to know and ascertain these powerful gifts for yourself – know and experience them, their vibration and their reality. With these gifts – you are never alone in this world. And they will lead you on a path of personal growth, wonderment, blessing and an infinite wellspring of loving and sustainable power.

    Much love on your journey.

    About the Author

    Frank Giokas is a native of the northeastern US. He spent half of his 35 years playing in bands, touring and creating music. His interests include metaphysical study, energy work, healing modalities, local organic farming and conscious living. He currently resides in rural VT with his loving partner. Recent years have shown him a path as caretaker for his long time companion while she battles with late stage Lyme Disease. She is his main source of inspiration. Currently facing this challenging moment in life, Frank would appreciate any possible for support to assist in her expensive medical struggle with Lyme disease. If you feel inspired, please contribute to or share in this desperate fundraiser by clicking here. Your assistance is received with most humble gratitude.

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