How Shamanic Journeying Can Help You Make Wiser Decisions

Mary Rivas, Guest Writer
Waking Times

Throughout history, shamans have taught that the answers we seek in life can be found within. Shamans discovered that through a practice called “shamanic journeying” we can reach higher states of consciousness and journey within to retrieve knowledge that can help us in our daily lives. Whether we need help with finding the right job, or romantic partner or making smart financial decisions, journeying can provide guidance for us.

What is a shamanic journey and how can it help you?

The shamanic journey is a technique for reaching the deeper mind states of theta and delta to get answers, insights and understanding about questions that are deeply important to us. The Journey is a meditative type state, but it’s not really “meditation” as meditation is commonly practiced today.

Common meditation practices require the participant to sit still or lie still, and the participant is passive. A shamanic journey, in contrast, does not require that the participant sit or lie in a certain position. With practice, journeying can be done while you walk or run, for example. Also, it is an active form of meditative practice where the participant actively seeks answers and insights.

The shamanic journey helps us to cross the bridge between our ordinary state of awareness to the deeper realms of our inner world. We all have this “bridge” within is. The sub-conscious mind serves as a link to the spiritual realm.

  • The objective of journeying is to avoid getting stuck on the bridge, as is common with traditional meditation. You want to cross this bridge rather than stay on it. And, once you do, you need to be active rather than passive. That is, you journey to interact with your higher self or spirit helpers, such as power animals or human teachers. During the journey, you ask for guidance, ideas, insights and answers to questions that are heartfelt.

    When we enter the deeper mind states of theta and delta, we can more easily perceive communications, such as hunches, ideas, images and feelings of knowingness. A shamanic journey, in some ways, is similar to dreaming, but in journeying you are fully conscious and an active participant.

    Traditionally, drum beats were used in shamanic journeying to induce deeper mind states, such as theta.  Journeying can also be done without drum beats.  Today, you can find audio recordings that teach journeying with and without the use of drums.

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    Mary Rivas is the founder of, which was created to teach people about basic shamanic techniques and mind power secrets.  Mary is the author of The Warrior Spirit: How To Use Mind Powers & Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and Much More! She is also the creator of The Journey, a guided audio for journeying.

    She has a degree in psychology and attended graduate school in clinical psychology. For over ten years, she has immersed herself in shamanism and ancient wisdom.

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