How Do You Transform Your Life? Tap Into Your Soul Energy

Shri Nimishananda
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Soul is not bound by time or space because it is beyond birth and death. It has always existed and will always continue to exist. It is only the body that has a fixed life span, subject to age and death. The body is always changing, but soul, never. It is ever the same. Body, mind and senses are mortal and limited, but soul is immortal and infinite. It is pure, infinite Cosmic Consciousness.

However, we can feel soul presence through meditation. Meditation overcomes mind and makes us feel the soul’s subtlety by removing all mental impurities and karmic effects so that the mind becomes soft, pure and subtle. We start receiving and retaining energy of soul that flows from it during meditation. Make the mind subtle by purifying it to get into the mode of meditation. The subtler the mind, the easier it is to meditate.

Make meditation an integral part of your life so that it becomes a habit. Meditation enforces and reinforces faith, belief and trust in us and you can tap the power of soul, as we understand and rediscover inner strength. We would be able to enforce and reinforce the materialistic, divine and spiritual aspects of our life always.

To start communing with soul, remove shortcomings that are impeding progress. We have to define what is the quality of life we want. The questions we have to ask are:

How will I transform my life?

What are the factors likely to hinder my progress for peace and uplift?

Firstly, tune in to the lives and achievements of great and enlightened beings, scientists and achievers. Doing so, we will be participating in their lives whether they belong to past or present. We will shed our raw energy and imbibe their refined, spiritual and creative energy. This way, we will understand that we are always in the cosmic grid, interconnected with each other. This cosmic grid is called Divine Will.

When you link your life through meditation to Divine Will, you realise the shortcomings of your mind clearly. Knowing these shortcomings, our seers and sages, who were adept in the science of soul, sought the help of Divine Will for solving the problem of the fickle mind. Meditation brings out the power of intuition and creativity from deep within us.

  • After meditation, we feel so light, confident, calm and peaceful. The energy we receive from meditation completely recharges and rejuvenates us because it gives us a greater sense of focus, receptivity and creativity to get into long periods of concentration.

    Meditation enables us to connect to Divine Will called the pure, infinite Cosmic Consciousness that is the very source of the cosmos which is the boundless energy pulsating in every atom of creation.

    Light of meditation activates life-giving force called ‘breath.’ With meditation, our breath becomes extraordinary in us. Activating our breath, even simple, mundane and commonplace things trigger wonderful flashes of creativity through intuition. We suddenly see an extraordinary aspect in ordinary incidents or situations. For instance, Isaac Newton had a brainwave when an apple fell on his head from a tree.

    Though many had experienced this before him, they never wondered why apples on trees did not go shooting upward into the sky instead of falling down to the ground. This flash of heightened awareness, intuition that Newton experienced at that moment led to his propounding the Laws of Gravity.

    When Archimedes saw water being displaced from his bathtub as he got into it, he discovered and defined Laws of Buoyancy. Both scientists looked at ordinary occurrences and situations from an extraordinary angle, which brought about a paradigm shift in not just their thinking but of the world.This led to wonderful discoveries that are the basis of innumerable inventions. There are billions of mysteries in the cosmos waiting to be discovered in all realms of life. The light of meditation unveils the mysteries of life, our creativity and spiritual inner treasures.

    By Shri Nimishananda “Between you and me meditation made simple”

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