How Do You Plan To Change The World?

Purpose Fairy

“Greatness arises not from what you do externally, but from what you dare internally.”

You hear people all the time saying that they want to change the world, that they want to have a big impact in the world and of course, I think it’s amazing and all of us should think this way, but saying and doing there are two different things.

Sometimes I feel like we want to change the whole world, but not ourselves, and not how we treat those close to us, because that’s how you actually start changing the world. You start with yourself, and then you continue with those around you, and the influence you will have on them, it will later expand on those around them… and little by little will manage to change the world.

  • It’s beautiful to have this big bold vision, but if within you there is turmoil and anxiety, if within you there is anger and frustration, that is exactly what you will pass on to others, and if you are focusing too much “on the world” and how to change it at once, you will actually miss the big picture, and you will never understand what changing the world really means, and how changing the world can actually be done.

    If you are disrespectful with those close to you, whether they are big or small from your perspective and if you, and if you don’t project on them that which you want to offer to the whole world, you will never achieve your goal.

    How you treat anybody is how you will treat everybody, and if you don’t expand your love, your kindness and your generosity on the janitor, the waiter that is serving your dinner in your favorite restaurant, on the person who is cleaning your house, on the beggar from across the street, you will never really be able to expand your generosity on the whole world.

    You change the world by changing yourself, by starting with how you look at this process, and you will change the world by changing the way you treat yourself and ever person you interact on a daily basses. That’s how you change the world.

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