How Do I Make The Most of My Intuition?

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Have you ever walked into a room and known immediately which of the strangers in it you would like or dislike once you got to know them?

Have you ever ignored the latest ‘health craze’ or health advice regarding medicine, diet, or supplementation because it didn’t feel right to you—and you later found out that it really wasn’t good for your particular body?

Have you ever avoided a place or situation even though logic was telling you not to—and you found out later that it would have been a dangerous or uncomfortable venture for you?

If so, you have made great use of your intuition! Congratulations for allowing it, acknowledging it, and trusting it. However, if you are like many gifted, talented, and awakening individuals, you may marvel at how intuition has served you, but you also wonder why intuition doesn’t seem to make itself known more often, more clearly, or as frequently as you would like.

  • Intuition or “your gut feeling” is actually your ability to tune into frequencies: the frequencies of the people around you, of what you ingest, of your environment, and of an emotion or scenario. Some people are innately “tuned into” a larger spectrum of frequencies, almost like a radio, and naturally pick up more “stations.”  Those frequencies give them remarkable information about people, as well as about situations in the past, present, and future.

    Despite incredible efforts and progress, science tells us that there are still frequencies out there that we are not yet capable of identifying, measuring, and understanding. Therefore, most scientists and other researchers believe that not every human at this very moment is genetically and environmentally equipped to receive every station or frequency clearly. However, we are certainly ALL capable of making the most of our own individual capacities to “tune in.” So, here are some ways to appreciate the intuition that you have, develop your “intuition muscle” further, and use it to make the most of this human experience.

    Step 1:  Tuning Into Your Intuition
    1. REMIND yourself that we have been socialized and conditioned to filter and even ignore our intuition, especially how it is expressed through our body’s sensations. These sensations actually tell us how we are feeling, what we are needing, what others around us are experiencing, what the weather may be, and even what the planet and cosmos may be doing.
    2. STEP BACK and OBSERVE your body as a vessel. As objectively as possible, simply notice the emotions and physical sensations that flow in and out of you at various points in your day.
    3. TAKE NOTES so that over time you see more clearly which frequencies your body is truly picking up, when you pick them up, and how regularly you respond to them. By taking notes, you will see patterns more clearly and learn how to distinguish what originates in your own system from that which you are picking up from others or from the world around you. You will also be fortifying your body’s “library” of frequencies to reference  and  help you recognize whenever you encounter the same or similar ones in the future.
    Step 2: Trusting Your Body and Instincts
    1. Once you’ve taken notes and taken notice of when and how your system responds, CONFIRM what RESONATES with YOU–not what works for others or what others tell you should work for you.
    2. RESPECT and ADDRESS CRAVINGS, especially if you crave a food or spice, a certain environment (country, city, water, nature, etc.), climate or temperature, sport or activity, hobby, theory or modality. There is a reason and/or function for it. The craving signals something you are missing or needing in order to thrive optimally in that moment or even long-term.
    3. LISTEN TO and TRUST the signals in your body, and your body will unleash more and more valuable and understandable information, and do so much more frequently.
    Step 3: Flexing Your Intuition Muscle
    1. PRACTICE on OTHERS because it benefits you both! Ever notice that you feel like a guru when asked to give advice to others, but often don’t seem to take or trust that advice in your own life? The same sort of second-guessing or over-filtering happens with intuition as well. So, in order to flex your intuition muscle, practice being someone else’s frequency/intuition guru.
    2. When you MEET someone, TOUCH someone’s hand, or TALK with someone, NOTICE what you feel and the thoughts or ideas that dart in and out of your head very quickly—especially when those thoughts are random or don’t coincide with the setting or with that person’s body language.
    3. At some point either immediately or in the future, ASK that person (appropriately and sensitively, of course!) about what you were sensing, experiencing, or thinking. You are likely to find that you were picking up their frequencies—their thoughts, feelings, and even future energy. You will have gotten practice, and they will have gotten a valuable sense of connection.
    4. PAY ATTENTION to the content, timing, and sensations in DREAMS or even ASTRAL TRAVEL. Dreams or projection/travel are key ways for you to receive and develop intuitive messages, information, or “downloads” both from within yourself and from energies or entities beyond this world.
    Step 4: Raising Your Own Frequency Levels to Enhance Intuition
    1. SURROUND YOURSELF or BE IN CONTACT with others of higher frequency. As athletes know, the most effective way to really improve your own level of performance is to be around others who are where you hope to be too.
    2.  ENGAGE in the activities or IMMERSE yourself in the environments that make you feel best and “in your zone.” Whether it’s in water, nature, watching a movie, reading a book, working out, etc., spend time in your place of clarity, joy, creativity, and comfort.
    3.  VISUALIZE desirable outcomes and even write or map them so that they seem more tangible and dimensional. Dwelling in possibility leads to dreams coming true!
    4. TRUST and BE GRATEFUL for the ride. Your life has been filled with synchronicities, blessings, lessons, and triumphs. Know that they have served you– even in the moments that you questioned them. KNOW that your purpose and destiny will also unfold perfectly as you keep moving and keep open to the greatness of our energetic universe.

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