How Can I Know Who I Am, When I Am All This?

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“How can I know who I am, when I am all this?” he said, sweeping the surroundings with a gesture of his head. Don Juan Matus, Journey to Ixtlan

Early man, and seers like don Juan, conceived of their reality as multi-dimensional. They knew they held within themselves the very same elements as their surroundings. They knew they were connected with the stones, rain, wind, trees, plants, animals, stars and merged their consciousness with nature.  They communicated with nature and lived by the wisdom of the Spirit that moves through all things.

The ancients saw their universe as multiple, with consciousness existing in myriad of layers, unseen to the eye of the average man; seen only with the inner eye of the seer.

  • Contrast this with our dominant belief in a ‘one-dimensional’ world view. We are taught the concept of ‘one’ way of being and ‘one’ reality existing at a time. This gives rise to separation from our surroundings and each other, to narrowing our vast talents into a socially accepted groove, to thinking in limited ways–to perceiving life in linear ways…

    We can integrate spiritual truths into our daily life to expand our ways of thinking and empower ourselves.  In my audiobook, The Warrior Spirit, I explain how we tend to limit ourselves with linear ways of thinking when it comes to financial goals.

    A common trap, for example, is to think and feel that you will be happy only after you achieve your financial goals. This is a narrow-minded view that limits your power to manifest your heart-felt desires.  That way of thinking implies that events have to follow in a certain order–first the financial success then the effect (happiness). The truth is it works both ways. Reality is non-linear. By being happy first, you can actually speed up the process of achieving your financial goals.

    Another way we limit ourselves is by living predominantly in a beta mind state.  Most people spend virtually all of their waking hours in this brain frequency state.  The beta mind state restricts you to logical, linear and either/or thinking.

    Beyond beta is the sub-conscious mind.  Your sub-conscious mind serves as a bridge between the physical mind and the vast domains that are beyond it.  In The Warrior Spirit, I explain the various layers of our sub-conscious mind–our “Spiritual Mind”– and how the different mind states are a map to the world of Spirit.

    Your “spiritual mind” absolutely can help you in your daily life.  It communicates with you through insights, symbols and other non-verbal ways.  It also helps you in infinite ways to manifest your heart-felt goals.  Your spiritual mind can help you attract the right people and resources, for example.

    The average person squanders enormous energy in pursuit of goals.  Fears, regrets, shame and disappointments injure our spirit and drain us of our power by depleting us energetically.  We absolutely need energy to not only achieve our personal goals but to evolve spiritually.  We need to preserve and use our energy to discover just how powerful we really are.

    Teachers, like Don Juan, taught that we are more than we think we are!  We must expand beyond our socialized self, our ego or self-importance that is not our only self’, but merely one part of the vastness of who we are.

    The teachings of Don Juan inspired me to create The Warrior Spirit.  I am in deep gratitude that I’ve been able to pass on the knowledge that I’ve acquired from him and other sages who teach paths to personal freedom.

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