The Hidden World of Faerie

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“Come fairies! Take me out of this dull world,? For I would ride with you? Upon the wind and dance ? Upon the mountains like a flame.” – W.B. Yeats

Time is speeding up, the sand in the hourglass of our lives is flowing, and our everyday existence is a challenge, a struggle in one way or the other. In our reckless and relentless pursuit of materialism, we have become slaves to sense bound thinking and have lost touch with the etheric world which vitalizes all of nature. We are divorcees, estranged from the magical, wondrous realms we experienced as children.

As we grow into adult hood and take on the conformity and allure of modern life, we tend to believe that the enchanted meetings and marvellous moments of our childhood were just an illusion—the creation of an infantile state of mind.

The loss of this awareness is beautifully illustrated by the poet Wordsworth: ‘But yet I know, where’er I go, that there hath past away a glory from the earth…..Whither it is fled the visionary gleam? Where is it now, the glory and the dream?

  • Multiple realities

    There is no such thing as ‘empty space’ per se. No matter where we are, at home, the pub, the office, the chair that I am sitting in typing these words, we share our space with other dimensions, other states of being, that vibrate outside of our awareness. Because we are not hard wired into their ‘channel’, for us they do not exist….but some of them through sympathetic resonance are aware of us.

    We don’t have a clue that anything is there in ‘empty space’, that is, until we are alerted by their presence; a fleeting glimpse of movement on the periphery of our vision, or the feeling that something is with us in the room… and watching. A creeping chill at the back of our neck, or the sudden disappearance of an item that we’re using, only to have it reappear in a place that we know we didn’t put it.

    All tribal cultures have stories of ‘little people’, and other beings that live in the air, water, rocks and trees. These otherworld entities have many names and are usually feared by indigenous earth based people. Sage, sweet grass, cedar and other high frequency plants are burned in an effort to dispel negative ‘spirits’ from homes and other dwellings.

    The Fey

    There have been hundreds of thousands of pages written about the ‘fey’, the faeries of our folklore and traditions. Their form, characteristics, lineage and tribes have been described—and yet they remain as elusive as the breeze, but most people have a general idea of what a faerie looks like.

    In my experience, elementals have no bodies as such; they are electromagnetic wave patterns and can appear to human perception in any form they like, but normally one that is immediately recognisable and familiar to the viewer.

    If an Earth spirit wishes to capture our attention, it will appear as a dwarf with his axe, or a gnome sporting a red cap, or as in Lakota country, a little man with braids, wearing red paint and dressed in buckskin. Each of the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space have their own elementals attached to their frequency, and these formless beings can be benign or malevolent depending on our personal resonance and our agenda for approaching them.

    All elemental and faerie beings are creatures of resonance—and when our   thoughts and feelings harmonise with their resonation, they are attracted to our energetic fields. We can entertain angels, demons and everything in between the two polarities—it’s up to us.

    The etheric, elemental realm vitalises all of nature and for those of us who seek a living wholeness in our lives, we can with the help of the elemental kingdom achieve it. No longer will we be divorced from the mystical realm we knew as children and by the vision splendid, we will be led from loneliness of spirit into the greater whole. But we have to make an effort and seek out the hidden realm. If you have a garden that’s a wonderful place to start, you can adopt a tree in the nearest park, or buy a potted plant.

    Without the living forces of nature nothing would grow, and Lakota people show appreciation and gratitude for the elemental realms by the offering of food and drink, just as we Celts have our ring and cup marks carved in stones as vehicles to feed the faeries.

    So if you have the inclination, and you want to let the elementals know you appreciate them, make a food offering once a day.  Put a little bit of tea or coffee, whatever it is you’re drinking and a little bit of food outside for the folk of the Hidden World of Faerie.

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