Health Benefits of Chlorella – The Disease Fighting Powers

Elizabeth Renter
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It’s green, grows in the fresh waters of Australia and Southeast Asia, and it may be one of the most nutritionally valuable food sources out there. What I’m talking about is chlorella; and due to the many health benefits of chlorella, it has gained incredible popularity over the past few years.

Health Benefits of Chlorella

Usually taken in a capsule or put in smoothies and other recipes as a powder, this green algae is being credited with all sorts of health benefits. From reducing body fat to helping ward off metabolic syndrome, this little green algae is powerful far beyond its unassuming appearance.

It’s tiny—about three to eight micrometers in diameter. After being harvested from fresh water ponds it has to be dried and crushed, and right now there are many supplement and natural foods companies getting in on the chlorella action.

So, what’s so great about it? It’s hard to know where to start since there are so many health benefits of chlorella, but this healthful algae is said to have twice as much protein as spinach and nine essential amino acids. It has 38 times more protein than soybeans and 55 times more than rice. In addition to this—it’s packed with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin K1 and Magnesium.

  • In people with cancer, there has been promising research to show that chlorella fights infections. In a study of brain tumors and chlorella, Prof. Randall Merchant of the Neurosurgery and Anatomy at Virginia Commonwealth University said, “It didn’t make brain tumors go away or shrink, so it didn’t cure the cancer, but it did help the patients by boosting their immune system so that they resisted opportunistic infections.”

    The health benefits of chlorella also include the boosting of the digestive system – improving the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome – among other things. It increases the body’s production of good bacteria in the gut, and that it works to absorb toxins in the intestines. It also encourages more regular bowel movements, moving food through the digestive system and clearing out the intestines to prevent the re-absorption of toxins.

    As for hypertension—chlorella lowered blood pressure in about 50% of cases and also lowered serum cholesterol – making a great addition to the many home remedies for high blood pressure.

    Chlorella also reduces the symptoms of diseases like fibromyalgia, colitis, and metabolic syndrome.

    In other words—it definitely earns the designation as a “super food”.

    So what can you do with it?

    You can take it as a supplement or eat it whole. Different brand names of chlorella capsules and tablets can be found online through numerous health stores and through your local health food grocers. You can also buy it in a powder form to add to smoothies and other recipes for quick digestion.

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