Global Population Explosion Marks The End Of The Iron Age

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The KALI YUGA, also known as the Iron Age, is acknowledged by the ancients to contain the seeds of its own destruction. The Mayan Long Count Calendar reveals when and how and where these seeds will sprout and grow into a vine of planetary disintegration.

Picture a thousand dots on a radar screen which have been placed by the Universe itself. Then, imagine the challenge that is presented to connect these dots into a cohesive whole, to create a telling mosaic which accurately portrays the unfolding story, and finally to bring it into greater relief so that all are touched by the prophetic message. A proper understanding and interpretation of the Mayan Long Count calendar, which is pregnant with so much mundane meaning, allows for such portrayal.

There are an infinite number of dots on the radar screen at present. We will only address one of the three largest dots listed below, which speak directly to how we got to where we are today in 2012 as a planetary civilization. Without question, the global population explosion is the reddest flag in the whole firmament, waving vigorously in the face of all of humankind.

• Global Population Explosion

• Technospheric Breakdown

• Earth Changes

Global Population Explosion marks the end of the Iron Age

The surest sign of the end of any age is the population explosion which inevitably occurs throughout its final days. This single development, along with all the other forms of inexorable, profound and fundamental societal deterioration, always lead to the same final sequence of events. With over seven billion people currently inhabiting the planet, there is only one outcome that can be expected, and it is only a matter of when that outcome will manifest.

There are many serious and far-reaching implications associated with last October’s ‘official’ announcement that there are now over 7,000,000,000 of us here. The most obvious is how the world will continue to feed itself with an ever-decreasing output of food and the ever-increasing scarcity of fresh water? Meeting the energy needs of each individual, city, and nation is another challenge. A much less considered dilemma is how the planet will provide adequate space for every person to meet their living needs, much less have their desires fulfilled.

What are some of the unprecedented and far-reaching epochal changes which have conspired to ensure an exponential increase in the human population?

There is no more significant development than the advent of the Industrial Revolution toward the creation of very conducive circumstances for this worldwide explosion of population to take place. That single yet protracted event catalyzed countless convergent events in the form of discoveries, inventions, scientific advances and technological innovations which have contributed to the meteoric growth of the global human family.

  • Interestingly, both cause and effect in this case have effectively created a self-perpetuating feedback loop guaranteeing a spiraling out of control, on the planetary level, of both population growth and technological advancement. Hence, we see the awesome challenges created by both of these mutually reinforcing downward spirals 24/7, everywhere around the globe.

    What, pray tell, are we talking about?!

    Here’s a very telling headline (followed by a quote from the same insightful essay) which perfectly illustrates this particular seed of planetary disintegration.

    Population: The Elephant in the Room

    “The Role of Oil” [in helping to create the population explosion]

    “That something is oil. Oil first entered general use around 1900 when the global population was about 1.6 billion. Since then the population has quadrupled. When we look at oil production overlaid on the population growth curve we can see a very suggestive correspondence ….”


    The distillation of this discussion is that, as technology was further advanced to cost effectively extract vast amounts of hydrocarbons from the oil and gas reserves across the planet, life was made much easier for billions of people so that they could spend more time procreating. And procreate they have done in earnest for the past 100 plus years — from 1.6 billion in 1900 to 7 billion plus in 2012. YIKES!

    The real problems and pervasive predicament associated with this population explosion concern the following. In a world practically devoid of true spirituality, the human spirit is such that it will always turn to different ways of escaping from the adversities of mundane life. Enter the relatively new world of DRUGS and CHEMICALS which has been insidiously overlaid across the civilization since 1900.

    In his book entitled “When The Gods Play” Alain Danielou perceptively explains as follows:
    “When the gods wish to destroy a wicked tyrant, they inspire the madness in him to lose himself. Drugs are among their armaments. Their irrational and immoderate intrusion signals the imminent end of the species at the end of Kali Yuga.”

    The upshot of this particular development concerning drug and chemical use of every sort and kind is very, very important. When there is an uncontrolled proliferation of drug use in any society, the repercussions will be far-reaching and profound. Because this societal epidemic of drug use has 3 or 4 major components, it is all the more difficult to manage in any meaningful way.

    Most of us reading this essay understand what pharmaceutical drugs do to the body, the mind and the soul. Nutraceutical medications also produce their form of unintended consequences, toxic side effects and collateral damage. Likewise, most of us know what recreational drugs do to the mind, body and soul. Recreational drugs in this context refer to not only alcohol, tobacco and caffeine, but also LSD, marijuana, hashish, etc. as well as the dangerous category of synthetic drugs (amphetamines and synthetic marijuana especially) which are currently all the rage.

    One new ‘illicit’ drug popping up in European Union each week

    Chemicals represent a second major sub-theme in this discussion. The rampant proliferation of chemicals (radioactive chemicals are included in this category) being utilized or produced throughout every facet of society has created an environment which is variously toxic, polluted, contaminated, poisoned and, in some cases, rendered extremely dangerous to human and animal life.

    Chemical companies like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Dupont, ExxonMobil, BASF and many others are responsible for this glut of unbridled chemical dissemination. It has already translated to a global healthcare catastrophe which is defined by newly emerging syndromes and strange diseases, intractable health problems and inscrutable medical conditions.

    The HUGE Consequences of the Drug and Chemical Culture

    Two major radical developments have been brought about by this new reality. The common man has fallen into a stupor of sorts as most residents of the planet have simply gone to sleep. The profesional class (e.g. doctors, lawyers, scientists, politicians, religious figures, businessmen, etc.) have become totally deluded and taken full advantage of the prevailing situation.

    This state if affairs has (as it will continue to) devolved into a predicament whereby humankind has lost its ability to competently utilize the human faculty of reason. Likewise, the human race as a whole has become incapable of applying common sense. What else can be said about the future of a civilization which has descended to such depths of psychological delusion, societal deterioration and resulting despair?!

    Since the karmic laws of cause and effect are always in force throughout the earth realm, the most likely outcomes for this entire plane of existence are being incessantly reinforced with a vengeance. As global tipping points are being reached and points of no return exceeded, we see a veritable cascading of uncontrollable events which are pushing panic buttons within every sphere of life.

    Question: How does the planet realistically accommodate 7 billion egos, each with its own desires and its own needs, both real and perceived? Likewise, how does the same planet accommodate all of the dreams and delusions, aspirations and false hopes of the same 7 billion?

    The Big Apple is actually a Super-Big Blight

    Do you want see a picture of what happens to a plot of land when a bunch of egos take the form of architecture? Look at New York City. While many love the Big Apple, to those from whom reason has not fled it represents an ongoing, unmitigated, environmental disaster area of truly epic proportions. Now multiply this urban train wreck a thousand times to understand how this model of planetary destruction has been duplicated wherever there’s a crane operator available.

    When it comes to assessing the primary political, economic and social co-factors which are most responsible for taking down the planet, the phenomenon known as the CORPORATION will clearly be identified as public enemy # 1. That’s because personhood was granted to the corporate entity known as INC. Doing so conferred extraordinary powers upon a conscienceless business construct, which allowed it to act with impunity by hiding behind the shield of limited liability. When these corporations are run by human beings with out-of-control egos, we only have to look across the landscape, seascape and airscape to view the inevitable damage and irreversible harm done to Mother Earth.

    How have those at the pinnacle of the global economic/financial control matrix succeeded in franchising this fixed monopoly game of destruction so efficiently across the planet? Their are some simple equations in this formula for planetary destruction:

    (i) Put a TV (aka weapon of mass deception) in every home and office, bank and business, airport and restaurant, daycare center and doctor’s office.

    (ii) Stoke the flames of consumerism until it becomes the new religion so that the Consumer Society is worshiped and the Almighty Dollar is enthroned.

    (iii) Utilize the appropriate carrots and sticks – with maximum effect – within every relevant institution and system to keep the consumers playing PACMAN

    Voila … we have now transformed the surface of Planet Earth into a virtual computer video game … which may soon become uninhabitable.

    Capsized Costa Concordia (twice the tonnage of the Titanic) off the Italian Coast

    Technospheric Breakdown augurs the end of an age

    The BP Gulf oil spill disaster and Fukushima nuclear catastrophe perfectly exemplify what can go wrong when technospheric breakdown begin to manifest as the Perfect Storm.

    This topic requires its own dedicated white paper; however, we feel the following essay is fully explanatory of all the main and critical points for those who are uninitiated in this subject.

    Why is the world rushing headlong into environmental armageddon?

    After reading the aforementioned article, it’s now easy to see what happens when you mix a population explosion with technospheric breakdown. Think of Tokyo – just downwind of Fukushima – or consider Sao Paolo in Brazil or Mumbai, Calcutta, and Delhi on the Indian subcontinent. Of course, NYC, LA and NOLA also come to mind for what can go very wrong in the urban jungles of America.

    Here’s another essay which nicely portrays the collision of technological advancement with Mother Earth and sustainable living for her many residents.

    Cosmic Convergence Accelerates Epochal Change On Planet Earth

    Upcoming Earth Changes will be as unpredictable and they will be earth-shattering

    The following article was recently published which nicely dramatized the huge changes sweeping over the planet.

    Positive Lightning Strike, Tornado and Earthquake Swarms

    Clearly, the earth changes — meteorological, geo-physical, oceanic and atmospheric — are becoming more pronounced by the day, month and year. Things are literally heating up, cracking up, bubbling up and turning up when we least expect it. Given the period of Solar Maxixmum in which we find ourselves, as well as the potential for unprecedented intensity of this regularly occurring solar cycle, we ought to anticipate only more of the same.

  • Rather than explore this major co-factor in greater detail, we would recommend an effort to better understand the underlying dynamics of this predicted global phenomenon. The following essay ought to provide additional insights and revelations about what is truly around the cosmic corner:

    An Open Letter to the 2012 Prophets

    In some of the traditions of Eastern spirituality and cosmology the following understanding is commonly held by many:

    In the beginning, when there was only the VOID, God said, “I am One, let Me become many.” And so He did. And the primordial spanda took place which we refer to as the Big Bang. It wasn’t too long before he started experiencing his Creation through the bodies and souls of a multitude of human beings.

    As each race of humanity grows and evolves in the schoolroom of Planet Earth, it always reaches at which humanity can no longer continue to make good use of this earth plane to learn the lessons of life. It becomes increasingly difficult for each human being to slog through the day and therefore the practice of true spirituality begins to wane. Eventually a point is reached whereby the number of human beings exceeds a critical threshold, which always occurs with the simultaneous degradation of the planetary environment. Especially when so many children are born into such a deteriorating and depraved environment, do we see the Divine hand more conspicuously in mundane events.

    As the moment of truth approaches, the Almighty experiences the exact reverse of what brought Creation into existence. His thought and will align once again and God says, “I am many, Let Me become one.” And so He does. All the major epochs have ended in such a fashion that it is clear that there is divine purpose underlying the periodic and regular catastrophism which is reflected by the geological records.

    This cosmic convergence plays out at the end of both long and short cycles of time. The same evolutionary dynamic occurs at the end of the 4 million plus year-long maha-yuga, as it does at the end of much shorter cycles of time like the 6000 year Kali Yuga. No matter what the year, or time of day, or place and circumstances in which we may find ourselves, the closing of an era always unfolds with the same divine perfection.

    This article originally at Cosmic Convergence Research Group.

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